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    I'm A US NAVY Vet from 2002-2009. Play a lot of RTS and Turn based Strategy. Read a lot of books, and spend most of my time raising my 2 kids and working.

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  1. Vendow

    Premium review Abruzzi

    Dude this is great feedback. Since I figured out how to play her I’m doing much better with it. She is currently my favourite T7
  2. Vendow

    Premium review Abruzzi

    I too have felt the lack of hype for the greatest naval power of the Mediterranean. I figured maybe they could have done better here.
  3. Vendow

    Premium review Abruzzi

    I have a 55+ ww in the duca de toaster. Lol. So does everyone agree I should do that boat next? Should be a fun game just like this last one.
  4. Vendow

    Premium review Abruzzi

    I find I’m doing 80k or so average now but I needed to learn where to play her on the map to do those numbers.
  5. Vendow

    Premium review Abruzzi

    I have the same ww but I’m learning how to play her and finally having fun.
  6. Vendow

    Premium review Abruzzi

    Yes 14 points is important
  7. Let’s talk. Watch my review and let’s discuss the Abruzzi.
  8. Vendow

    World of Warships with Vendow

    Ok here is the reboot or update to my channel. There is some de Julio kraken action going on while I discuss where I’ve been for months. Hope you’ll enjoy.
  9. Vendow

    World of Warships with Vendow

    Sorry I’ve been gone. Real life had me working 6 days a week then I hurt my back. I’m getting ready to launch some more videos so stay tuned.