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  1. KfirGuy

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    This. Best way to do this IMO is you give the ship a heal. Now you have a 10-torp Fletcher (Benson torps) with better AA and a Heal (1 charge base). That could be unique enough that people would bite but still be balanceable.... I guess you could give it the French DD damage saturation scheme instead...
  2. KfirGuy

    Where is Hayate?

    Thank you for answering :) I’m definitely familiar with what it “is” in terms of gameplay in WOWS, at least in broad strokes I was asking a more existential question of whether or not Hayate had any basis in a real design study or Whether it is a complete Wargaming invention
  3. KfirGuy

    Where is Hayate?

    Can someone explain to me what Hayate is, exactly? Was it some sort of IJN design study? Is it a complete fabrication by Wargaming? If it’s total vapor-ware I think I’ll spend my FXP elsewhere...
  4. This is why mods can be a tricky proposition. The ships are not for sale or purchasable, it’s just the extended tech tree mod allowing you to see them.
  5. Did anyone actually get ships from this year’s Santa Crates without getting the Super Container roll/graphic? I got well over 2 dozen ships from Santa Crates, and every single one of them showed as a Super Container. I cannot believe that they were all duplicate rolls that became Supers. Are we sure that there were any ship rolls that weren’t Supers this year?
  6. The other question is will they even model it for ships that have not been released as of when the Camo was made available? Could that not also limit future usefulness of the camo? Is there a precedent for this type of camo before, where it has to first be linked to a ship?
  7. KfirGuy

    Nobody expects the kii in rank

    Took mine out and came up against a player in a Vladivostok, which he stated was his only tier VIII. I correctly surmised that he wouldn’t know about Kii’s torpedos. He knows about them now :)
  8. KfirGuy

    DD counter BB...snicker guffaw hahaha

    I’ve been jumping around a few different ships, but I have 3 wins and no losses in my Le Terrible against a Lo Yang, a Tirpitz, and an Atago. The Atago wound up being the closest and hardest match due to a series of idiotic Collisions with islands on my part, but I don’t think he was prepared for the rate at which I could citadel him with reload booster and AP. The boom and zoom with torps worked well on the Tirpitz, picked up an early cap, pestered him with HE, and then once I had favorable positioning, went in for the torps. With their speed, it’s super hard to dodge, and he has no Hydro to see them coming. I’m sure I’ll play it some more before I rank out. The Lo Yang waited for me to get within spotting range of him, smoked up, and hoped to gun me down while using his Hydro. I just promptly speed boosted out of his range, waited it out, and then came back to treat him to MBRB. His lack of a detonation flag hastened the end of the match 😬 I think a DD can work... barring the enemy bringing a Carrier.
  9. KfirGuy

    WG messing with Tirpitz for Ranked 1v1

    Are you sure you’re eating Citadels? Tirpitz will take full pens for days, which can easily be 25K + on a single salvo
  10. KfirGuy

    New USS Arizona

    This is a common misconception. While she retains the right to fly a flag over memorial in perpetuity, it was absolute decommissioned and struck from the register. It’s USS Constitution which remains in commission to this day.
  11. KfirGuy

    2019 Secret Santa !

    No worries my friend, cheers for the 1,000 doubloons :)
  12. KfirGuy

    2019 Secret Santa !

    Y’all skipped me 😢
  13. KfirGuy

    2019 Secret Santa !

    Merry Christmas, USS Yorktown Captain! Gift sent 😉
  14. Ships of the Zara class lacked torpedos in real life, you are absolutely correct. For continuity of the ships in the line having them, WG gave them torpedos, as I believe they may have been initially designed with them, before they were removed for (weight?) reasons
  15. KfirGuy

    Some confirmation on the Puerto Rico grind

    I think the other problem is to consider is what people mean by “Complete 3 directives”. Complete them when? To get enough points you’ll likely need to complete them the SAME day they become available in order to accrue enough points by the end. Check your math over and over again, otherwise you might be out 24,000 doubloons for naught.