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  1. Is there going to be a Seven Year Patch for this anniversary?
  2. Punisher_One

    Yes another MM rant

    I just don't understand a game that can track countless pieces of statistical data in your profile and yet the MM for the game can't take any of this into account for a balanced match other than the ship class and tier. It just seems lazy for the purpose of getting you into a game how much faster? Does anybody really know how long it would take to form a match with say similar win rates or some other performance value? My foil hat side thinks the company psychologist has shown them this would lower the bottom line somehow by removing frustration and therefor the motivation to get (buy) the next thing that will help you win. It's getting almost as bad as WOT for the fun value.
  3. Punisher_One

    What makes me buy premium ships?

    Dang it, where’s my sword, I had it a minute ago.
  4. Punisher_One

    now Canadian can stop moaning about HCMS Haida

    Grammar and conveying a thought are a dying skillset.
  5. Punisher_One

    Getting Frustrated

    Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement. I will try to apply these suggestion to keep the game enjoyable. I will try to concentrate on lower to mid tier for now. I have higher ships and could free xp into Tier 10s but I do not want to be a detriment to a team just because I can get them. See you out there.
  6. Punisher_One

    Getting Frustrated

    I really want to love this game. I’ve invested time and money in it (along with WOT) to make it a little easier. I love the ships, the functions of the ships and the maps we play on. I know WG has put a lot of effort into this. But for the life of me I can’t understand how lopsided these matches have become. I usually play Tier 5-7 and sometimes an 8 (rarely). How does it end up that two of the enemy are sunk and my entire team is sunk? I never seem to end up in a match where it’s close, only stomps and I end up with the boot marks. I don’t know what to do to make it more fun. I know you can’t control the other players ignorance of fighting their ships or recognizing an objective but why does it seem the more capable players end up on the other side. I’m not good enough to carry but evidently no one else on my team is able to either. I quit playing WOT because it turned into 5-minute stomps and I really don’t want to quit playing this game also. I’m just at a loss of what to do. I play Co-op for some satisfaction and to improve my playing skills, but I’d rather be playing in Random games. I know one side must lose but why are they always blowouts. Random games are more challenging, except when my team seem to be like Bots, lol. How do you guys make it fun when there are so many frustrating elements?
  7. Because it's the human race and locating logic is hard.