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  1. No Clan Interface

    Dear Wargaming, World of Warships has no clan interface like those of WOT and WOWP. We realize that it can be difficult when you have to stop from taking in all that money but we're sure you can manage to accommodate your paying premium members and while you guys are at it can you tell me why I'm being charged for a replaced consumable that hadn't use, I know that this was an honest oversight at first but because enough wasn't made of it and because some people have it that good where they don't have to worry about the expense nothings been done to correct this. It's bad enough that you can't purchase smoke and every time I earn a container (at least two and 3 a day) I never have received so much as a can of smoke and they aren't given much at all for rewards. Time in cue is still to long.
  2. Guns won't lock and fire

    I have over 300 battles in on the test server and we're only playing from tier 8 to 10, and this happened on the test server and has nothing to do with what I have or have't purchased. And yeah like Oh WOW, I am a noob and I play the test server for many reasons and number one is to gain needed experience and game mechanics without getting in a negative hole I can't get out of on my main account so thanks for your input. I thought that this was the forum for the test server feedback and the reason for the post was to see if it was human error some thing I was or wasn't doing or game mechanics. I'm not that kind of person that's going to jump in a premium ship and destroy myself and any chance of becoming a decent player so I have started from tier one and I am presently working on my first tier seven CA.I'm going to try zooming out and not using the binoculars the next time I get in to a similar situation. Thanks to all for the feedback.
  3. Guns won't lock and fire

    I was playing a game with the BB Yamato and I'm side by side and in a close quarters knife fight with the Yamato of the enemy team and there is also another Yamato off the port side of her so I'm actually engaged in a fight with both. I locked secondaries on the closer Yamato which I'll call Yamato one since Yamato two was screened by Yamato one I didn't have a clear shot. as we closed the distance and are now beginning to pass along side each other my main guns would not F#$&ING lock on the target , so there I am, main guns loaded and I can't for the life of my ship or my team fire a salvo with my main guns. I'm getting barraged by both the main and secondary batteries of both ships, and I can't return fire but they can continue to barrage me. Why was I catching all of the flak and unable to fire back. The distance between us was half a kilometer so I wasn't too close to either of them, my cross hairs just wouldn't lock , what do I have to do, stop!! as in dead in the water and become a sitting duck, as it was I got detonated and my guns never were able to fire and over 45 seconds or more had passed since the guns had reloaded and, nothing. Has this happened to anyone else please let me know.
  4. Feedback

    That's one of the most obvious and needed upgrades. I would also like to see no more than 3 fires burning at any one time, it's just a bit over the top when you have a ship burning out of control and you've used the DC consumable just a minute or so before. How is it anyway that a steel ship burn like that in the first place unless it's below decks, either shorten the time between the use of the DC consumable or limit the amount of fires at any given time to 3 and no more. That would be more realistic, if there were a ship burning out of control as I've seen in game it would surely detonate before long.
  5. During the present WOWS public test I've been seeing more and more one time broadsides for game ending strikes by Bots. It wouldn't be so bad if the there human counterparts were experiencing the same results. This latest incident happened when the Montana at 1/3 HP was facing off against the Amagi at a bit more than 1/2 HP, what happened next is what I've often called bad luck but this is happening all the time now. The Amagi fired a broadside at point blank range, about 1/4 Kilometer off the Montana's starboard side the result was minimal damage if any, Now I know from my own experience that you can citadel the Montana because I've destroyed her with to broadsides myself and that was from a distance of 5 to 6 kilometers. The strike from the Amagi was point blank between the first and second main gun turrets, the second salvo hit just under the first main gun turret and again minimal damage, now it was Monty,s turn she unleashed a vicious broadside that destroyed the Amagi taking all of her HP, game over. If this happened and the tables were reversed ship wise it would have the same outcome, bot team wins. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how often. I know this wasn't happening with the public test before this and I haven't come across this on the main server during Co op battles.