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  1. Mister_Frag1812

    Naval Legends: Bespokoyny – Trailer

    Buggery on the high seas ?
  2. Mister_Frag1812

    Carrier Clash! The Battle of Santa Cruz

    Yet again only USN ships seen being hit or on fire, wasn't this battle fought by the USN and IJN?
  3. Mister_Frag1812

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    It isn't the ship that decides a battle, just by observing the insane influx of (I'm going to be nice ) unskilled gamers that have flooded the game since this virus hit will show you how your match maker has failed us. You should be running the the algorithm based on the player, you already have the stats on each player so what could be easier the hard work is done. This game needs to be re-evaluated based on present time, ships matter only in the hands of a player that knows how to use them. I can't tell you how many times the game starts and the lemming rush to either flank ensues, but wait aren't there two flanks, or there's a total lack of communication and that to is another reason to re-evaluate because at the present time only 3 man divisions have comms why not all 12? I recognize all the wonderful improvements that the developers have made, the game is great but certain areas of it need attention and improvement. You see no matter how much I suck at the game I still shouldn't be going on 6,7 and even 8 game losing streaks and that just kills me and my desire to play the game it's a devastating feeling.
  4. Mister_Frag1812

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you WG :b, and stay safe and ensconced, maintain social distance and always remember to wash your hands well.
  5. would have been nice to have had this information a day or even 12 hours ago cause now I am fked.

    1. Kizarvexis


      All these start and stop times were in the patch notes and event notes back before 9.1 dropped. I even made a PSA on Feb 10th. The articles were copied into the game client. Your not reading the patch info is squarely on you.

    2. Mister_Frag1812


      you're probably right

  6. I just tried to open the directive to do exactly that and guess what? it's not opening !!! No heads up no nothing just stand by.


    1. Snargfargle


      You are right, so much for my 200 doubloons.

  7. Mister_Frag1812

    When does 0.9.2 release?

    I just tried opening the directive to get a few more tokens and it's closed (stand by for new instructions ) and the update isn't until Wednesday. So why are we locked out with 48 hours left until the update. NA has been getting crapon ever since we didn't fall for the Puerto Rico (early April fools joke?) by the way have they ever told the community who actually earned it (Puerto Rico) without having to buy boosters to finish it? Has anyone else had the insignia backrounds go missing? all of mine ( I had everyone of them ) are gone. I put a ticket in and and they asked for a screen shot. Who takes screen shots of their emblems or insignia backrounds and why should we have to. Does this mean I have to take screen shots of my ship carousel to prove that I actually own my ships? If a few go missing, Is guess the burden of proof is left to me to provide but how do I prove this and who would lie about craplike this. WG give back my backrounds, I guess they can do whatever the fook they want. It's no wonder why so many folks just stopped playing.