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  1. so waiting for answer





    1. hardtodie


      All you have to do is read the history of the ship to realize the mass in WORLD of WARSHIPS 

      DOES NOT even come close to the real ship in terms of speed,reload times, and so on.


    2. Strachwitz666


      Apologies, I had to quit the game  for several months because of WoWs damnable weekly downloads eating all my rather small monthly  bandwidth allowance , but I got a better ISP hookup now


      will try to piece together what topic your reply is about as I simply don't recall 

    3. Strachwitz666


      OK, I think I understand this . Still not sure which ship .  Fiji? Not a big real historic stat man anymore , 40 years ago sure , now I just play(played) this game just for the FPS bit. As long as the ships have the right number of guns, etc, the rest is beyond me.

      Gonna take me a couple weeks to get back in the game,  if I do. I got credits and "doubloons" but this game I have walked away from before , for many reasons over the past few years.


      Regards, to you, Chris