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  1. The US Navy has a problem

    "To this observer, I say no. In the case of the Fitzgerald , in the hours preceding the collision, the CO was not called in 13 of the 14 close passages with other ships, even though his standing orders specified that he must be. In the case of John S. McCain , no one on board the ship was sufficiently familiar with the newly installed helm control console. Even if a “master helmsman” had been on watch at the time of collision, there is no reason to expect that he would have been any more familiar with the new system than the remainder of the crew, since the Navy had cut the funding to train the ship’s sailors in the new system, prior to installation. I see no criminal intent or miisconduct." I can pretty much agree with this. Though I got to say if McCain Capt knew had a helm console NOBODY was familiar with , he should have strenously opposed not having qualified/certified people for that. That s of seems as bad as a taking a car on the road that has no steering wheel. Especially if going into a high traffic shipping channel/area while being the invisible man at night. Besides the obvious knowing that there are a lot of third world freighters/boats out there with crews and captains that are infamous for "hazardous/DGAF driving". It is " amusing" to see a 20 ton tuna boat not give proper right way to a 20000 ton AMMO(AK) ship.
  2. IJN DD status

    IDK, I have no respect for anybody or any tier driving my Kagero, everything is a target. Battles now are just a matter of seeing how many ships I'll sink this game and usually win. T4-5 IJn DD's weren't too fun. but all the 6-8's rock. Yugumo is taking some time to figure out. Kagero took about 20 games then about 20 of work and the last 20-40 have been killer. Haven't tried the gunship yet (Akisuki) saving that treat for post Yugumo or if Yugumo don't start to show something. Seems like a downgrade from Kag.
  3. Salem (Des Moines Class, most advanced , powerful , gun and last "cruiser" ever built T4? You have got to be kidding. What is next T3 Shinano ?
  4. Loss of Balance Between CVs

    AS Ranger was not a bad build. You could win with it. Maybe not pile up the strike damage figures when you faced an incompetent , but an AS Ranger could fight anyone and had a good chance of winning the battle. I was somewhere around 65-70% wtr running AS Ranger. Some what less with AS Indy. Had to go that route because even the stock builds of those two could not win against a Good Saipan or Rhyjo or Hiryu(at best break even) and was a losing proposition the AS versions of those 3. There was NO reason to take away the AS builds of US CV's , there was every reason to add a fighter to strike. Only reason the US AS package was taken away was to sell premiums Saipans , and perhaps adding the factors of an anti-US bias/people complaining about losing to US AS strike packages and fools who simply could not operate US AS fighter and win using them, because of a claimed lack of damage and more who just assumed that was the case. troubkl eis AS packages don't win by doing damage, they won by spotting and air-superiority. Who cares, don't play US CV's past Bogue and don't buy Saipan. I was happy I saw Ranger when it could win any battle, even against the best.
  5. If you had an AA spec ship you should have been near other ships where your AA really helps and also their AA covers you . "Kill ball". But Yea, you're in a fast French cruiser(which is at odds with AA spec anything Unless that is what you do) . Yea again, you sunk three ships , out -"there" blasting the enemy9 and prolly calling attention to your self and hoping your AA spec will see you through , it won't, . don't know what more to say, If you had a "not as good CV diver " in a "not as good CV" can't really expect to win, AA spec or not. Oh yea- " there was no 'mutual AA' as is the lol argument that CV players love to use to refute the fact these ships are flat out disgustingly effing BROKEN" . You got to make mutual AA. And yea it works, and yea I used to be a CV driver.
  6. Loss of Balance Between CVs

    Saipan 45 DOLLARS cha ching!
  7. Ouch. Ft Polk. Fun place, they pick a good spot for the jungle warfare center, besides Panama. Blew a horsefly away at 1500 meters with a 105mm APDS-TPT fired out of an M1 tank there. Best $1100 the army ever spent.
  8. You know you have a good team when...

    Yea," It is not who is best , but who is worst that determines the winner."- numerous generals' and football coaches' saying
  9. Hope your family has broke enough laws and gotten away with it to get ultra-rich, and inherit it. Otherwise , don't get caught yourself.
  10. Luckiest Advent Super container ever

    100 VL flags(at least an OK prize) and a frigging engine mod ONE!!!!!! not 3 , not 2, ONE!!!! that is just whizzing in a player's face IMO. SAD
  11. Ranked Is A Waste of Time

    Really want Rank 15 for the 5% flag. IMO, the rest? Not worth the trudge
  12. By accident yesterday , I came up with a "good" name for the Pensacola, the "Pansicola". IJDK AAnyway, just got the XP and researched the "Pensacola" a couple days ago, scared to buy the thing , from all the bad PR , plus not sure about if the soon split would make that a "profitable". move. Plus, plus, like many ships I have figured out, Cleveland right about the time I have the XP for next tier ship. I think I am DEATH now driving a Cleveland, I certainly aint/haven't been worried about losing past 10 games or so in my Cleve land, and would be disappointed to fall so far . Plus with this new split , both ships will be in a new situation. I await the split . when is it? thought it was suppose to happen with the new year.
  13. Tier 8 sucks

    Well really , you just discovered that the Bismarck is an overrated ship. Has "ping-pong" cannons and the shells go everywhich way but straight many times. Really is only good as a short range brawler about under 10KM IMO, and those ping pongs will still miss alot at that range, her secondaries also are notable part of her short range ability. The Amagi is a far better T8 BB, and I have no trouble taking her into a T10 battle. Just got to be careful and realize she is at a firepower but a particularly range disadvantage compared to the bigboys of T10. The Biz's problems remind me of the Nagato's problems but the Nagato doesn't see the ships the Biz sees. Also the Biz as a shortrange brawler doesn't compare to the Tirpizt she has no torps. Can't comment on any US or UK T8's BB's , don't have them and no premiums either.
  14. OK well then thank you. I am currently at Rank 16 and given there is only about 5-6 hours left in the day and/or 8-9 till hour server flips here. I don't think anyone could accomplish this , short of winning 15 battles in a row or going about 18-3 at worst in ranked tonight, then BUYING a T10 ship and doing this . NOPE , don't see it LOL No bug at least. didn't know there was a super league , But i did get on a roll -last 3 ranked battles, 2 -1st and 1 -2nd place finish so maybe that did it, Challenge was not there before then. This topic can be closed. No Bug
  15. As titled I have a new personal challenge with a completion date of 12.30-12.30. And it is be in top 2 of a ranked Battle Yet the criteria is - Must be a Tier X ship Ranked battles currently are Tier 8 , Is there some "super league/ranked battle thing going I do not know about, or is the criteria actually for a T 8 ship or what ? I have no T10 ship to see if that opens up anything. And the challenge is just for today. I am confused . I don't know if playing more ranked to get number 1 or 2 spot will get me anything and only got a few hours to do this challenge or is this a bogus bug ?