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  1. No need to spend $. Kagero - Invisible and Little -BIG Monster
  2. Wrong Answers Only: 02

    Richelieu maybe Dunkerque . I can't tell them apart
  3. EEK! I've been exposed , yea , I be one of them real socialists, Tiger I cannon size and all that ;)
  4. Well , I haven't got to the Gearing yet. And several other lines are not finished. But so far and it already is my most played ship. Kagero Cry'in won't help you, pray'in won't do you no good-
  5. The only problem with drinking is running out of stuff to drink. And to fix that, it is best to have somebody making a run to the store before it happens.
  6. Well at least you did buy not one of them $650 ship collections by accident or something.
  7. Wrong Answers Only: 03

    The flag at the back was a common ruse , definitely not French. Judging by the two visible flags off the Bridge superstructure, It is either a Confederate ship or Swiss Navy.
  8. year of the cv

    Well all planes can be used to spot/scout ships and enemy planes and spot for gunfire , while they do their own roles. Fighters are good in that they can do spotting and loiter at the same time. DB's can(or perhaps should) loiter too when keeping DD's spotted for gunfire. or continuing to search for an unspotted and delaying their return after dropping bombs. And planes can and do deny areas by default from enemy DD's just by being there. Maybe it is just that I rarely used strafe , I played CV's and planes mostly looking at the map screen. After the removal of US AS loadouts I quit CV's. Maybe it is just that the only time "strafe" was ever done in real life was the Russians using it against the Finns and they lost 200:1 in part because of using such a tactic. The Germans used lines of missile firing fighters against bombers late in the war and sometimes used rough "lines" of cannon firing fighters (out of range of bomber defenses) . But strafing simply did not happen in naval aerial warfare IRL. So I don't see it as a realistic abstraction. And again, IMO, I think the CV warfare game would have worked fine without it in the first place, but my point is/was moot with the removal of US AS loadouts. And you're right in that the balance issues are/were an a priori problem.
  9. Might I suggest this sentence to be changed this to. " "Some of these should overlap the tech tree ships also being released in 2019." The way it is written it took me three reads to realize you did not want all 25 premiums drawn from the listing of French Destroyers (9 ships) Dutch Cruisers (10 ships -- brand new tech tree) British Aircraft Carriers (7 ships) Italian Battleships (8 ships, supplementing a fictional (?) cruiser-release in late 2018) Sounds silly maybe, but it looks like it may have thrown some other people off too, judging by some of the replies as to the context of picking next year's premium ships
  10. Have not got all the way but so far with the BB's. The Bretange was a troll with amazingly accurate guns for T4, slightly shorter range than other BB's but once you got a little close about 10-11 KM IIRC, that thing could hurt people(other BB's) bad and quick The Normandie was a DD killing monster, definitely a short range cap and knife fighter. Vicious secondaries 6km on top of good accurate short range cannons again(not quite as accurate as Bretagne, .1 sigma diff maybe ? . Fast, Had bad concealment though, so stealth approaches were "iffy" but when they worked, looked forward to sailing into and seeing a capping DD, going," I wonder if they realize how "spirally inclined planed" they are ATM" ? The Lyon flings tons of shells and on the days RNG is with you, you can troll the entire enemy team while blasting multiple ships . All good armor and all scary close in. Power creep city AFAAIAC so far CA's ? LOL more power creep- Dugy, Emil, good, La Glass really good, Algeria good (slight let down though IMO) considering how the 3 before go. Charles Martel? B hull improved, Great ship, accurate (kind of accuracy where even when you know you missed right when you fire a salvo ,one shell will disperse off and still hit the target , and usually starts a fire as well LOL) , But normally you're just raining multiple shells per salvo on target and fires. If a ship is in gun range you will hit it. The speed of the Martel makes people miss besides being so maneuverable you can dodge alot. Look forward to the BB Richelieu, AFAICT, she has some pretty stupidly accurate guns as well like the CA's , fairly proof bowon too, IDK about St Louis CA have not seen many of them.
  11. year of the cv

    Not a mention of scouting and spotting with planes, and that is a big issue. Seriously affects DD play. There is also the issue that CV's have to work like other ships when it comes to XP and free XP and getting the next CV in line. Really though CV's are still going to have to have the ability to do MAJOR damage and sink multiple ships because the XP system for CV's will still have to mirror how other ships stack damage points/XP's . Which means CV's will have to be able to get Kraken level games because all other ships get them along with the attendant XP /DB as well. Planes have to be controlled while they are in the air, because many targets get uncovered while planes are in the air or just over time. CV's cannot have "unguided missile" airplanes, as you might as well have a BB with 40km guns sitting in the back, waiting for somebody else to spot a target, that dont work either , and it looks like that what people are talking about here by not even talking about all the spotting ramifications airplanes cause in the game. IMO They refused to acknowledge they could fix CV's by removing strafe. All these other things are going in the wrong direction. They are scared to death. They lose CV's, they lose AA ships, losing AA ships means almost all WWII(built after 1940) ships as most were built with AA warfare in mind. I am thinking the game is doomed and am looking for a another game to eat up time and $. They really need multi squadron CV's and a realistic appraisal of CV abilities to have a realistic naval warfare game beyond much after WWI.
  12. A GUIDE for citiadel ships

    On the flip-side of where to shoot at a ship. You really need a ship with accurate guns and even then RNG can spirally incline plane you or not. On good days with a good ship it can be fun. I would suggest a listing on the most accurate ships per tier. Got to go but I will post a few suggestions. T8BB Monarch is good. T7 CA New Orleans is good. late for a Dr appointment.
  13. Why would I want to play a destroyer?

    Why? Somebody's got to do it. Why? Battles load faster. You basically lead the team , the fewer DD's there are. (It is a chitty team that does not support its one/two DD's and/or take advantage of that initial spotting, sadly there are a lot of them and those hurt DD's far more than RADAR) . Playing DD's is a challenge, it is also a "freedom". There is also the satisfaction you get when you win/carry the team from the start.
  14. Should I Quit the Line

    Go slow. SHima is a big let-down. I wouldn't buy it . (as I did and sold it after a few games) . That 17 million can go a long way elsewhere. Kag and Yugo really good boats.
  15. Lessons of 1915 for the modern day

    Actually that is what they did. The "civilian" minesweepers could not sweep the mines because of Turkish mobile guns and those guys didn't want to risk getting shot/sunk, so those civ MSW ship retreated when fired upon or when they just saw fire/splashes nearby. So they tried to get the mobile Turk guns, so the civs wouldn't run, that failed. So then the British just put a few naval officers and sailors on those civilian minesweeper ships and the mines were swept in short order with minimal casualties (1-2 boats 10-20 casualties out of 20 or so minesweeper ships IIRC). Making the Channel/Strait cleared for attack which the RN did the next day , however they ran out of daylight , so they put off further bombardment till the next day. And it was that interceding night of the first day to second day when a small Turkish ship unseen/secretly laid one string of 20 mines, that the British/French blundered into the next day, losing 2 battleships (and 2? damaged IIRC). Leading them to think they could never clear the strait of all/sufficient mine danger, so making an amphibious invasion was necessary. That was what I pointed out in my first post, It was not a problem of seeping the defensive minefield or that the minefield was under fire. The British quickly cleared that when they decided to expend an effort doing so. But it was one new , unseen string , that stopped the British naval attack, the covered minefields had been dealt with. Stranger still was that new secret string was actually outside the marked lanes the BB's were suppose to use , but one went outside of the buoy, hitting a mine then another went to that ones aid hitting another. And then confusion reign accounting for rest(i could be off about damaged ships I am not going to go check, read enough and forgot enough about this battle 20+ years ago LOL)