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  1. Nah , The Rio De Janeiro would run with rumours of Brazilian ships
  2. Hmm, I would not know why. USNS Card being a former escort carrier based on a merchant ship, and then reconfigured to an aircraft transport cargo ship., would still have the large space/void of a CV (the hanger deck) turned in to one or several large holds, creating a extreme catastrophic flooding potential as well as having not much in the way of sub- compartmentalization to keep/maintain enough reserve buoyancy given much damage. Compounded by her not having the huge crew of Navy sailors that even a small escort carrier had, rather the small crew of merchant marine sailors and attached civilian mechanics typical to a Sea-lift command vessel. This smaller civilian crew also surely had far less watch stand numbers and ship security (marines/port guards). As said , I don't know why someone on the inside would be reticent to discus the Card's "sinking". As I understand it the small civilian crew and some port agents quickly reacted and minimized the flooding and damage , even though the 2 bombs were exploded with no warning in the dead of night at anchor. In the Card's sinking, the damage control /crew reaction was excellent . Port security seems to have been lacking. Not knocking the success of the VC attack, but in the aspect of the "sinking" seems sorta overwrought as her being a "carrier", when she was a USNS AKV(civ cargo ship) rather than a USS-CVE(commissioned carrier/warship). Granted her bow did touch bottom, but her main deck and looks like even hanger deck stayed dry. I guess if she was a "carrier" then might as well say she "grounded at anchor " rather than "sunk" LOL . Here are pictures , (google search) might find better in Nav Doc (?) I forget the name . "sunk" and "not sunk"
  3. You have identified not only your problem but also the only solution to it ,in that same sentence. LOL It is the basis of WoWs in a nutshell, and why the game has not folded and is around at all . Really the only way to have positive credit income past Tier 5 or so is to have a premi account/time going. Even if you have a premium ships , at mid and higher tiers you basically still have to have premi time to have more than a trickle of positive income per battle and that would probably not be enough to buy any new next tier line ships, w/o doing ALOT of battles (offhand guess at least 100+ ,at mid's worse higher) The maintenance cost per battle at higher tiers simply demands premium time. You have bad/mediocre games in even in a premium T7 or higher ship w/o premi time going, you will lose credits and at T8 + that can be alot of credits for a bad game. WoWs aint really PtW (maybe by buying premium ships it partially is), but past about T6 it is definitely PtP if you want to advance. , IMO , and the PtP aspect is buying premium time.
  4. GZ might not be sold before CV rework

    Is not the problem with fighters , "strafe" ? You're losing me with "ship type" here
  5. GZ might not be sold before CV rework

    It will be funny if they realize the only way to make CV's work is to remove strafe, and perhaps manual bombing too. They do anything else , they are just stepping in dog-doo further IMO. They can't sit on this CV thing till next year. They have to do something before that, and the Graf Zeppelin is a big part, for this reason I think. The people that collect all ships (unconcerned with $) are the biggest whales in this game. I dont know how many there are or how many Graf Zeppelins were sold (20-30?), but those big whales who did not get her becuase of all the "stuff" that was being said at the time and the short sell period, there are many of them that are just MAD and their continuing Irritation to be out such a gem and waiting on it . Some of them people will just quit , I dont think WG wants to lose those customers . Now numbers and percentages they already know, but even losing a few "big" customers bad for business and has secondary effects . Can't sit on the giant CV problem for a year and the Graf problem. I remember when they said the CV issues/rework/whatever would be fixed by Nov 17 ! They are running on borrowed time with some people about CV's , me included.
  6. Well if they had taken Midway. (Almost an impossibility I know) , they would have had unsupportable base, and the guys left on the island would have starved to death(actually run out of water) in short order. Midway has no water source. Besides being an everyday bombing range for every carrier and long range bomber from Hawaiians. There really is no way the Japanese could not have seen (merely by looking at a map) that they could support a base on Midway and use it as a jumping off point for further ops. They had to have seen how occupying Wake Island Island was and US CV's had already been bombing Wake by then and Midway being 1000-2000 miles further than even Wake would have been a more difficult increase in supporting than Wake was , besides being only 900-1000 miles from Oahu IIRC Personally I 'll give Yamamoto the benefit of the doubt, the attack on Midway was finally given the green light to appease the High War Council and the Army to save face, after the Emperor being threatened by the Doolittle Raid , so the Navy would not become more subordinate to the Army in the High Council. It also was in line for further Japanese plans of taking Oahu His (Yamamoto) idea was just to beat the US CV's /USN and after that they could have taken Midway at their leisure(not really but I can see that being Yamamoto's strategy) considering the long term plan of taking Oahu . Gambler he was, and that 6 months of "running wild" was up in May. So Midway was an "all chips in " bet , minus the laxity and already showing how weak the IJN was because they did not(could not) get the Shukaku and Zuikaku restored from Coral Sea because they did not have the pilots or the planes to replace the losses , cuased from their horrible logistics organization which could not fix Shokaku nor put 1 full air group on Zuikaku , before the 1st Airfleet sailed. (IIRC-they finally got an air group together for Zuikaku and she sail to support the Aleutians operations some 2-3 weeks IIRC after Midway ( later Jun early July I forget) there are some records saying she was ready just a few days after Midway , but she didn't leave Japanese waters until later , so my insight/theory the is those readiness reports claiming Zuikaku could sail with a full air group a couple days after the Midway disaster, were "fudged". I have debated with some serious historians over this , hasn't been settled as of this date. (I am currently out of the real serious history forums and debates found at Combined Fleet and earlier at Axis History)- Health and memory issues have taken their toll :( But back to Yamamoto's plan, IMO he not only wrote off the landing force but his CV force as well!, It was his hope that when the US CV's showed up and engaged the 1st air fleet , everything would be tied to near Midway, and he could swoop in with BATTLESHIPS and win the decisive battle. I really don't think he expected Nagumo to win , only hold the fort till Yamamoto , like Halsey at Leyte Gulf , settled the issue with cannon fire . LOL Even Yamoto had too much Black Shoe in him, perhaps more than even Nagumo, who though old , had more experience commanding carriers in battle by Midway than anyone in the world at the time. Believe that was the entire plan in Yamamoto's mind, though I have not much knowledge of the details of the wargames and debates about the battle plan among Yamamoto and Navy Staff on the Yamato (flagship) . I understand that the Japanese wargamed Midway and lost several times( the carrierbattle) and Yamamoto finally just silenced them. I do't know if they took it to the Combined Fleet showing up , while there was a "hot" invasion going along with a US/IJN CV battle going. And Yamamoto did attempt to carry this though even with the loss of the Cv's , but Spurance backed off , and no way the IJN BB's and mainfleet could catch the US Cv forces. Whew! more than I have type about WWII in a long while. I suggest Nagumo' s AAR found here https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/j/japanese-story-of-the-battle-of-midway.html But it does not mentions the BB usage plan and I suggest http://www.pacificwar.org.au/Midway/ScopeofMidwayOp.html for the big picture timeline of Japanese plans to take Midway and later the Hawaiian island, though it does not get into tatical details either. and the noted professor Stephans who wrote a pretty good book of the Japanese prospective https://www.amazon.com/Hawaii-Under-Rising-Sun-Conquest/dp/0824825500 has to taken with a grain of salt IMO. While he is/was super knowledgeable and actually research Japanese source documents more than any non-Japanese, he seems to have went really "native" to the Japanese in his perspective in some of his work. Stay away from Gordon Prange, or seriously eat a pound of salt beforehand, he was a MacArthur zealot, and then filled with lies by Fuchida, and then most his non government work/books are actually the perspective of two editors, who filtered his postwar lectures/notes and published works in his name after he was dead. If you want some real stuff of Pearl Harbor/Midway/Pacific War try Toland and Costello and of course Tully/Parshall , Lundstrom
  7. I have to note , after reading following posts and seeing you are new , One thing not considered, when starting, stay away from premium ships below Teir 6, at the lowest 5 , You don't need them especially when using premium time (buy in 1 month increments unless your schedule precludes that). Here is why Tier6 is usually where you can do alot of the daily - weekly missions and challenges, T5 can get a good bit, but 6 is better IMO. T4 only get a few so T4 or less you'll have to play other ships to pass missions and such much of the time. It all boils down to how many 15-20 minute battles you want/can do, a day.. On the high end buying a T7 ship when you don't know what you are doing, is definitely as high as you want to go, but a T7 ship by default can accomplish just about any daily ,weekly, missions or challenges, as far as Tier requisites go. Now, some missions are ship class specific, and having only 1 premium will preclude overlapping those other class missions Last -Don't buy a T8-T10 premium(like theIJN BB Kii) until you know what you are doing and are at least fair at the game. Same with buying multiple premiums too, wait till you know the game before sinking a lot of money. As to actual premium ships I'd say beginner premi choices , Scharnhorst best at T7, followed by Graf Spee at T6 and Gulio Caesar at T5. Don't go higher or lower. perhaps there might be other good choices but IDK about any others that I have seen in action or forgetting. I'd buy premi time first ,before premi ship, since that works for every ship
  8. As mentioned buy premium time. not only cr , but the more XP every battle , is where it is really at from a ship grinding POV. Yes, premi ships Gulio and Scharn , good boats it seems, I might suggest the Graf Spee too, that ship is a regular fun Swiss Army Knife and makes cr's good with premi time. For the IJN BB's or DD's you don't need any premi ships, I would suggest just Premi time. Most line IJN BB's and DD's are good boats at their teirs and what they run into. Not familiar with new Kii BB. You are missing out quiting at Zuiho in IJN CV"s , suffer though her(with premi time it is short) , becuase Rhuyjo is where the IJN CV's shine and start their permanent WG enforced dominance, and they dont lose it, since they deballed Ranger and its AS loadout. As mention none of your proposed premium ship buys is good ,as/ or they are high skill boats to be good, except for that Harakaze, which IMO given the reg tier IJN DD's that perform as good, is simply not required. or justifiable. At T4+ there simply are no bad IJN DD's , they are all good, though I thought Akatsuki was mediocre and think Akizuki is a very specialized situational gunship. The real boring and "not too good at its tier or anywhere" IJN DD is Shimakaze, after you drive around with Kag and Yugo like Billy Joe bad-[edited]stealth ninja killer , the no TRB slow reloading Shima is a let-down, for what should be a reward ship at T10. They have nerfed her(becuase how ijn torps work) and her guns are same as T8 and T9, and the zillion radar ships hurt her more than either Kag or Yugo, which can handle the new battle-scene better IMO. With premi time in normal course of things , you'll hit a 10pt capt at T6 IIRC.on IJN's DD, So, no premi ships for IJN needed for DD's or BB's , and get Rhyujo.
  9. Own ship explosion sound

    You need to wait till you have a full HP detonation. " You'll probably be able to sue for hearing loss then. I detonated a full hp Prinz Eugen a while back, right after the new effects happened (shooting with an Amagi at like 18.5 km), guy said it knocked him out his chair.
  10. Crazy myths you believed or still believe in

    Can't sleep and just checking on a topic and saw this- here goes I believed there were little people inside the TV doing what was on the screen, backtracking I could put me about 3-4 years old thinking this. Santa Claus made it till I turned 5 or 6 . I still don't kill ladybugs in the house (old Norse) and throw salt over my shoulder when spilled. Wary about women on ships. Oh yea, big one still- Gremlins exist, mostly on vehicles, especially military vehicles, but can exist elsewhere , and they don't like light. And if you put light on where they are usually by fixing what they are screwing up , they run elsewhere. So if you know you have one, if you can just get them screwing up some thing unimportant (tailllight), leave them alone , so they don't run and mess up something important like the engine. < True story there- had a tailight out on my M60 tank , did not fix it, ordered by Lt. to fix tail light , ignored him because that was how/where I got the Gremlin cornered on my tank , weeks go by, Lt notices again tail-light still broke, I told him why (because Gremlin is there and happy and not "trucking" up anything serious. Lt pops gasket and orders me to fix tail light and stands there watching me do so (I had spare bulbs the whole time) . Next morning we have an have alert AND THE DAM TANK won't start. Can't tell one of them fools chit. Today, I have two chevy trucks , they both have electric Gremlins. Lore from US WWII soldiers /and pilots named the electric gremlin Ohm. There are names for several others depending on what part, vehicle, system they screw up, but I don't recall them, and I really don't think Gremlins have names and are not that specialized . I got a Gremlin in one bathroom toilet who only messed up the toilet if the tank lid cover was on , if the lid is left off the toilet runs perfect. So the lid remains off of it now.
  11. Which is it? I looked at it as, Why is it one and not the other? It would (and will) take a book to do that. Very difficult to explain multiple contemporaneous issues about an intel op (the US baiting the Japanese into Midway)in the past, and even then there would not be a "smoking gun", just a lot of multi-sourced deductive reasoning so there would still be skepticism. Not only skepticism, but flat out hate, as when you start going into intel ops by one race against another in a time of war.... Probably some of the biggest reasons why I haven't gone back and found that diamond, too much work involved for too little gain. Won't change anything, and few people get rich being historians , plus I am too old be worried about being rich anyway. LOL. Call it a cop out,. I'll send you something more private if I decide to pursue it one day.
  12. I don't think you follow. Also presidents , like leaders of all huge countries are not so in power or monolithic or micro-managing super geniuses. There were/are thousands working all the time on such endeavors , the leaders had nothing to do with , and at best might have been handed a piece of paper reminding them to say this, or just such thing said orally to remove any chance paper trail out-side of of the black-ops Top-secret enclaves where this stuff is thought up and plans developed What I think it was ,was an counter- intel operation , which was cooked up and Roosevelt was just made a part of it to ensure the Japanese might notice it and "add" it to their suspicions. The Allies (particularly from British influence) were notorious for running these kinds of things. Some of the cloak and dagger stuff , had very public exposure on purpose, and some of the really exotic ones we know of because it was so out there(the frozen Major off Spain), but most intel ops of WWII remain secret today (good tricks never get told , good secrets never get old) . Big problem with "fake intel" ops/deceptions/counter-intel etc., besides getting the enemy to believe them(and not all enemies will believe the same thing), is getting them to "hear" it in the first place. I don't think Roosevelt's Shangri-La comment was "off-hand" , not after running across that "obscure" call-sign listing, or merely coincidental either . I think the question was staged and his response was staged, and he may well have had no or little clue as to details at all ,or even cared.
  13. My theory is that the USN noted how the Japanese used all their carriers in a single group and baited them to MIdway. They did do by using the Doolittle raid , which the Japanese assumed was accomplished by "shuttling" bombers from an island to land on a carrier(refuel) and then continue on to Japan. Midway being the furthest Island and along the presumed Shuttle route fit that bill. The "trap" was loaded by Roosevelt , who when asked where the bombers came from , He said "Shangri-la". Which is a utopian city n a book Roosevelt liked and was made into a film as well "lost Horizon" this is noted in countless books . He liked the book so much he named "Camp David" , the president's official retreat Shangri-La. However here is the hook and you wont see there anywhere and is my theory. The word "Shang-La" was once used as a code word in the yearly US Pacific naval exercise for guess where? Midway , The Japanese monitored and watched all USN exercises all through the 1930's and surely they would have heard this and noted it. I believe FDR's gaff to reporters was intentional and not mere chance. The USN had figured out how the Japanese thought and their usage of their 6 fleet carriers in a single group ( I called it a glass sword , years(well about 2 IIRC) before the great book Shattered Sword came out LOL) and the USN then figured out how they could bait the IJN to send the 1st Air Fleet into perfectly set up ambush. The US had the Japanese psyche and tactics and orchestrated all this though the Doolittle Raid to Midway. Coral Sea should have been the recognize warning to the IJN that their commo system was compromised and turned back from Midway. Anyway :stupid me , did not note the exact location of this Call sign listing including Midway , or for what year that Fleet-EX/FLEX was . I considered that I found something no-one had , and like a old prospector finding a huge diamond or something , only committed the location to memory , which I have now forgotten. Think I bookmarked the page , and I really to need expend some effort in finding that page and listing again pretty sure it was in the large archives of the USNI the Naval Institute and the FLEX was 1938-1940. Silly me- lost a diamond of military history and the map to it, the likes of Lundstrom ,Costello, Parshall ,Tully, or even Morrison would be proud.
  14. Doubloons

    There is a drop-down menu under your name in game. First line is "purchase premium"- it is done with doubloons, Best to buy in 30 day increments -(2500) IMO
  15. Nagumo had nothing to do with the failure at Midway or the whole bogus "3rd Wave" bull about Pearl Harbor. All of that was from Pilot Fuchida's lies and disparagement of Nagumo, which seems to have been quite "personal" on top of the Brown shoe/Black shoe officer issues which affects all Navies.