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  1. So over penetration is what we have here. AP torps? don't mention that too loud, British DD's are going to need something
  2. IDK, I used Cleveland's AP and never accomplish anything. I tried it several times. So I gave up , Then a couple days ago I got in a shoot out at about 10 KM with another Cleveland and he was shooting AP , and I was shooting HE at him. I tell you I felt sorry for him that whole exchange. He went bubble bubble sink sink.
  3. I have been trying to tell people it is a two dimensional game and there is no "draft" . That the code runs as deep water torpedoes go through DD's not under them because the game is 2d. The fact they are going through sinking/sunk DD's only shows it again. Now how hills work? you gotme The question is , is it an easy fix or not? Something tells me it is not as easy as it may seem, in the game code dept.
  4. Cleveland's AP rounds are spit-balls. That is the reason to always fire HE with a Cleveland.
  5. Model glue and firecrackers. I have sunk many ships that way.
  6. I had that happen once(ship locked in a battle might have been for 12 -18 hours) and it reset when the day changed,( When I logged in the next day, it was fixed). if that don't fix it send in a ticket.
  7. The earlier poster mentioned Akizuki (a T8 gunship) when we are all pretty sure he meant Akatsuki, the rather mediocre T7 mainline IJN DD., which would have a problem with the T5 Kami R. Pretty sure the AKIsuki would tear up a Kami R given a short glance in about 5 seconds as it shoots 2 rounds every .75 seconds even with no mods (from the stats). I was joking about the name mistake.
  8. Deep water torpedoes? No, they simply "pass though" DD's, they don't go under them , as far as the game program is concerned. "Draft" being that dreaded third dimension, again does not exist LOL Note: not having seen them myself, I dont know if they hit cruisers or pass thoughthem as well. I will say they do use 3 dimensions to a great extent in modeling ship models and shell hits , they have to , But that modeling just extends to ships and the "boxy" recreations of them and the sheel fire. Still very admirable what they accomplished there , and again amazing at the sheer computational "stuff" going on in that
  9. Right, It would take a whole ton of "math /computer power" to move a ship across the "sea", while running realistic AA gun arcs for each ship and each gun in a true 3 dimensional simulation. Then planes at varying altitudes? and do that over the net? wow or crashy game LOL They lost me at graphics calculators , those little machines made my brain obsolete.
  10. Slant range is how far a AA gun can hit an airplane at altitude. In the game an AA gun that can shoot 5KM ,can shoot an airplane at an infinite height as long as the ground distance is 5km. Planes in this game do not fly at different altitudes, simply because different altitudes do not exist in the game. Ergo , no third dimesion. Effective ceiling is how high a AA gun can shoot effectively , In game all AA guns can shoot 'UP" to an infinite distance. Because there is no "up" . Also in game a 30 cal mg can fire as high as a 5" cannon , that should not happen either, The end result, is ships in this game do not have AA" bubbles" , it could be said they(ships and their AA guns) have AA "cylinders" if you think of the altitude as infinite,, but what they really have is a circle and the Z axis(altitude) always equals one(would actually be 0), or for a cylinder model it is "undefined" , forget how the math/spatial geometry would work there. (I think that is how the program equation would state it, been many years since I thought much of such things) Now where is gets "weird" is how the game does , shell arcs and things like dive-bomber drops ,and how all that works. that would take a graphics developer /professional game designer to tell you , I don't know. And you would probably need to know alot about game programming just to understand those dudes. It really is quite amazing to think of all the math equations running to make this game work.
  11. so waiting for answer





  12. I take it you might not understand that "slant range" and "effective ceiling" (two AA gunnery terms) do not exist in this game and what the implications are(in a mathematical sense) that they do not.
  13. Also: "underwater" does not exist in this game nor does depth of water. All that demands 3 dimensions , this game is actually not 3 dimensional. That's about as rational,logical, and mathematical(if you understand what those words mean) as you can get, to why subs are not in the game. The game only has 2 dimensions.
  14. No it is just WG will not touch speed of ships. A 5kt ship is unworkable. At that point you might as well have players playing "forts" , becuase that is about effectively the speed of a sub underwater in this game. Also: "underwater" does not exist in this game nor does depth of water. All that demands 3 dimensions , this game is actually not 3 dimensional.
  15. ah ,missed that