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  1. Strachwitz666

    I Can Already See Whiners Screaming OP And Nerf It

    Looks like it should have missiles
  2. Strachwitz666

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    Tier structure seems to be based more on historical timeline and in that ships did get "better" so IMO WoWs tier structure makes more sense than anything. Using a Historic timeline you don't see 'Dreadnoughts" fighting "Battleships"(that often). Or a 1905 CA fighting a 1945 CA
  3. Strachwitz666

    Player Stats.. what they tell you and what they DON"T

    Oh no , here we go, Put the Atago on Midway for 4 turns and you win the game. BTDT LOL . Nah, win rate ? changes from ship to ship and as you play that ship, Other stats ? Yea, maybe some tactics there, but honestly the one thing I really know about this game is the younger guys should own this game, boils down to reflexes , hand to eye coordination, you should be swingin multiple hits and cits a salvo at a WASD target while going WASD crazy yourself. Ah to be 15 again and have my old Asteroid reflexes, I could retiree a millionaire by 18 playing god knows how many "video games " now., I used to be able to hip shoot quarters in the air. But alas , here it be 40 years later in this game , some days I hit some days I miss, my teenage self would be laughing at me, actually the teenagers now probably(certainly) more more polite than younger me would be about "skill" and stats. i would shoot survivors in the water back then
  4. Hmmm, I try to crush Atlanta's with a bat when I see them because in my younger days a few of them touched me. It is not the same level of hate I have for the Khabarovskies, but it gets there and they are much fun to hit with a bat when you see them.
  5. Strachwitz666

    Anchors Away Tour Stop 7: USS Alabama Oct. 12th!

    I'll try to be there if my Health allows, I am from the Gulf Coast , I live about 130 miles away from Mobile but my hometown in Ocean Springs MS is only 60 miles from Mobile, and that is town to see, it has a nice area downtown that is like the French Quarter of the 1970's-artsy, artsy shops , great food, nightlife, live bands , 20-40 crowd, only real coast beach a few blocks away, no crime. Know a good hotel that is only 50-60 a night where most are $150-200. Biloxi is across the bridge and full of casino's/hotels/attractions if you are into that sort of thing. And the is Ft Massachusetts out in the sound, reached by tour boat(all day affair), forget when those tours stop for the "winter" , when you can turn your AC off and temps drop below 60-70 LOL Note: Mobile also has all the Civil war forts down south of it. Ft Morgan is interesting. Though Vicksburg(about 200 miles from Mobile) is better as it has the USS Cairo, only Ironclad in existence except that monitor in South America. In the past been lobbying to have the USS Tecumseh raised, but them fools Cussler and Cameron won't listen to me. Have not seen the Alabama since before Hurricane Katrina, should not be too hot in October, but still WARM,yada , yada Gulf shores, yea, condo, beach always an option , October though kind of late for beachin it, not jungle hot then though PS dont say much about Ocean Springs, it is a great place, don't need a lot of "furiners" spoiling it. Or Hurricanes Chris
  6. Strachwitz666

    Are going up to high tiers (9 and 10) worth it

    AIUI, Tier 9 is the most expensive tier for post-battle maintenance costs , don't ask me why. Or actually they do it to make you pay to get to T10 . Really have to have premium time to venture that far. Premium time and T8 is about where people break even. About the only ways to know you won't lose monety at T8-9-10, is to have premium time , a ship with a permanent camo , and always fly the -10% cost flag. try to accumulate those wherever you can, and don't use them below T8(and of course don't play dumb/die early). Definitely consider what permanent camos you have for T-8-T9-T 10 either the starting point -mid point or ending point for a run to 10. I'd be real comfortable in whatever T8 ship you have before venturing to T9 in the next ship in the line, and that way since you have already fought so many T10 battles with the T8 ship , getting the T9 in the line should seem "easier" fighting all the same T10 juggernauts you have been fighting. On the side at when you got a ship at T8 and want to finish the line ,think about you're gonna need 20 million at the end of your T8-T9 run to buy a T10 and not be "broke". Personally , T8 is where it is at, especially with a perm camo, because you can swing in all the campaigns and not lose credits(premi time of course too) , some of the campaigns pay off in permna camo's look for them, and as well in all these container//token / ect bonus prize payouts. I'd stay away from buying any premium ships, or buying premi camos, waste of money, win them, but buying premi time is basically mandatoryat T8 and +. or you'll go broke, just learning high tier random combat. Now there's always co-op, scenarios and special battle to make credits , I dont have the time to play alot of them to finance random high tier battles but that is another way otherwise you're looking at $12-$15 a month to play. Note buying premium ship is nice as you can fight on the cheap and advance captains fast for that navies' ship, but costs $. Winning/or getting a premium ship in acontest or campaign or whatever gets you the same option. At 977 battles I'd say your about due one if you have not won/got one or two already T9-10, ? worth it? can be , just to use the better ships yourself and there might be some you'll like , but you see/fight all them at 8. In your case I would say the US BB line would be a better option than UK CA's ATM or go try some other lines concurrently and get in the 8's, (and to the B hulls and better mods) of those,
  7. Strachwitz666

    Don’t nerf IFHE so bad

    If they do this, they should have a free reset day or two for captains skills. Are they going to do that?
  8. Strachwitz666

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    It went exactly as planned, they made an flat very sweet knock off "New Coke" , so they could alter the formula for "Original Coke" using phosphoric acid and high fructose corn syrup (both cheaper ingredients), instead of the Original" formula of using citric acid and sugar . The new Classic taste far closer to the original than "New Coke" so many people thought they had actually switched back, they actually did not. "Classic Coke" was/ is not "Original Coke" And Coke has not been the same since, without sugar and especially Citric acid , Coke taste like crap , can't make a good Rum and Coke any more. And great treat of Peanuts and Coke is long gone. All so they could make an extra fraction of a cent profit per bottle. another instance of GREED and deceptive product packing/labeling/advertising/marketing --------------------------------------------------------------------- As to them nerfing premium ships, they can't because of EU fraud laws. This has been discussed in the past, ad infinitum, particularly when the USS Saipan was introduced , which caused the original issues about CV's , as they could no longer adjust CV rules if it affected the "value" of the USS Saipan.
  9. Strachwitz666

    Horrible Jean Bart match

    Bow on , kinda idiot proof that way. the secondaries even seem to do good that way too. I only know these things form fighting JB's , have not advanced that far. Has high AA so staying bow on is not and issue for having(had) to worry about torpedo bombers
  10. Strachwitz666

    Acasta — British Tier V destroyer.

    Acasta is a Vampyre with 8 single launching torpedoes, if that dont scare people you are doing things wrong. She a little monster just like the Vampyre , just not quite as little Given T5 you don't see radar, the smoke while small in size/lenght and short in duration is (was) Plane immunity ,quick to reload, numerous charges and nice to shell the hell out of people for a little while. The lack of a speed boost no big deal as she goes fast (i suggest always fly a speed flag to make up for it) and that constant speed is kind of nice to aiming her floaty shells raining down on the same target. Sorta strange when you have to back out your range reticle to 15 mils to shoot/lead at targets. LOL. She can play near islands or open water. Think I fxp'd to B hull immediately(becuase A hull has few hp)and maybe the the b firecontrol as well to start , but in 15 games , I was looking at T6 Icarus so the "fun" went quick, good ships go by quick, and I had a 10pt capt which always helps, though might be unfair (sorta) at T5 against line playing starter's captains, I remember getting alot of rank 1 and 2/high finishings in battles
  11. No, It is " Burning is TOO good for them
  12. Ghee, what has happened in the world? You never played "Towel Wars" or "Bandana Wars"? You wet the tip you pop people with, and if you really want to play hard, you put a bb in the seam. That can send people to get stiched up, if would porlly work to cut down a tree (given time) , and a whole lot of towels-BB's wear out the seams quick.
  13. Strachwitz666

    All your AA is freezing up my game....

    Was have some frame freezing yesterday in my last battle, purely surface ships no CV's. Have not played today to see if it still around
  14. Strachwitz666

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    So minus 10% to dispersion. So is this like a straight "sigma"(if i understand how it works) increase. like say 1.8 to effectively 1.98(2) ? These ships will be super accurate
  15. Strachwitz666

    Submarines are ruining this game...

    The subs were actually not as bad as I thought they would be , when they did the Halloween battles with them last year. It was interesting mildly fun and it worked. However they are up against putting depth and ocean floor contours on the regular battle maps, ships actually drawing drafts to get stuck near islands, shalllows/shoals, ships sinking/wrecks in shallows, asw weapons ,asw search (sonar), underwater flight of shells and bombs, horrendous speed differences and Big G knows what else. I don think they can put all these things in regular random battle map setting. And the in the end I think Subs are too slow for WOWs surface battles, and if they are just merely underwater, semi-mobile , torp launchers it will just encourage more pausity in play - camping, hiding, not moving forward.