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  1. Dictonary

    Yet Another AA Post

    Well, there’s Steering Gears Modification 2. However, that mod only comes into play when: 1. When Concealment System Modification 1 can’t quite make your ship as stealthy as you would like it to be. 2. When your ship or/and playstyle is specced for kiting. Even then, J do admit using Steering over Concealment is situational and generally, Concealment is a safe choice. And well, I don’t think I have to go into detail for carriers.
  2. Dictonary

    Is this the Golden Age of Cruisers?

    Honestly, I lose track because I mainly play as cruisers. Even when I play as DDs, radar is more of a minor inconvenience. For reference I play IJN Torp DDs and French DDs. The former I always ensure that I have an escape plan and the former… I just go guns blazing and pop Engine Boost. So I am not the person to ask about radars. Although I will admit, a radar Edinburgh did catch me off guard.
  3. Dictonary

    Is this the Golden Age of Cruisers?

    Honestly, that is more to do with the fact that most Edinburgh captains use smoke instead of radar. There are a couple tier 8 cruisers with radar; Baltimore, Cleveland, Chapayev and Tallinn that I know off the top of my head. There’s also Belfast ‘43 but I almost never encounter them. There’s a reason why radar Minos tend to be extremely scary, especially in a division. Chances are, they don’t need to use the smoke as a crutch and know exactly how to use their ship in the most effective way possible.
  4. You have Zieten to blame for summoning me once more. Because frankly, that ship would likely have a problem with rolling unless that superstructure was made out of aluminium and even then the ship seems too short, albeit true to the blueprints. 

    Also note as a disclaimer, the image belongs to the Dreadnought Project. 


  5. Honestly, I would’ve preferred a superstructure like the one Deutschland had but modernized… Not this Graf Spee-like tombstone superstructure monstrosity that isn’t even repeated in other ships in the same line. And plus, does the ship look a bit too top heavy to anyone?
  6. Dictonary

    Command Center Opening Event & New Ships

    That forward superstructure is just… Chonk.
  7. Dictonary

    Fixated on Tier 7 Ranked

    Is a New Orleans viable, because it’s all I got for now.
  8. Dictonary

    Directive 4 is ironically called: HERE COMES FUN!

    “Here comes the Money!”
  9. 1. I said AA was off. If the AA is on, then you would get detected much earlier than you should. 2. Shima has an air detection range of ~2.7 km. Which is why you can let the enemy planes pass you while they find another target. 3. Don’t rush in. Then you will definitely get spotted by a CV. After all, the game shows when a ship, ostensibly a DD, is capping. 4. Don’t hang around the same spot for too long. 5. When being attacked, slow your speed and turn when the rocket planes start their attack, so the planes overshoot. Prop mod is preferred. Buys yourself some time to smoke up or retreat towards a friendly. And yes, I have tested this and yes it does work.
  10. IJN Torp DDs have one saving grace, their low detection range. At full Concealment spec, the Shima’s Air Concealment range is much lower than its AA range. Just disable your AA and make sure that you don’t rush the cap immediately, and watch as the planes fly past oblivious to your prescence.
  11. Dictonary

    Pick in order of preference

    Des Memes
  12. Yeah. Maybe it could be an alternate statistics GUI where you can toggle between the current setup and a more detailed one in game.
  13. Or how many ships were detonated by torpedoes.