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  1. 1. Salem. For the aforementioned reasons plus two other things. First American AP. Great ricochet angles and no one expects a Salem to fire AP. Second, the heal. It is Holy. 2. Hard to say but Saint Louis. Just great overall. 3. Yuugumo. Torpedo Reload Booster and small detection range. Need I say more? 4. Vampire. I had some of my best games in it so I have a bias for it. 5. Yamato. First Tier 10. Overmatch. Honorable Mention: Emerald. You didn’t see that coming. No one expects an Emerald to be significant or even good so they tend to ignore it. Just don’t rely on smoke. And don’t be a sitting duck.
  2. Not really. Many of the times are set in stone and are usually located in the afternoon since that is prime time. Players are humans and they need to sleep. Try from 4 pm to 7 pm, those times should give you a decent chance of seeing a Pumpkin. In addition, many players will opt to play Tier 10s or mid tier games between brackets.
  3. Dictonary

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    Is there data on average damage?
  4. The Corgi Fleet events were set up by NikoPower, a former admin for the forums. The reason why it was the Corgi Fleet: NikoPower’s profile picture was a corgi. The Pirate Bounties and now the Pumpkin Smash Bounty are spiritual continuations of NikoPower’s legacy.
  5. Dictonary

    This is Ridiculous

    What I am concerned about is how the secondaries came into play. So you were ostensibly broadside to a Georgia at a range at least 7.5 km away to maybe 10 km. That is seriously a bad idea. I find US BBs to be squishy compared to many BBs. And even though it is harder to citadel one now compared to the past when their citadels rose above the waterline like a sore thumb, USN BBs still are vulnerable to citadels. Especially when broadside. But if I may ask, was the Georgia bow-in or broadside as well? If it was somehow bow in while you exposed your broadside, that would explain a lot. If it was broadside then... What happened?
  6. Dictonary

    Can you be better? I bet you can.

    Okay, I do agree with most of these points but with some small exceptions. 1. True. A good DD tends to dictate the entire match. BBs need DDs to spot targets, (most) DDs need to cap, perform area denial through launching torpedoes, kill enemy DDs if applicable, get a camping enemy out of their comfort zone via flanking, et cetera. Suffice to say, DDs have a ridiculously important role in matches and often, the team that doesn’t lose its DDs in the first couple minutes has an advantage. 2. True. I have to wonder how do I get away with flanking with a Salem, often exposing my broadside to the enemy fleet while said enemy fleet is shooting at some Kurfurst or Kremlin that charged in. Try to sink the ship that is dealing consistent damage and burning your teammates alive first. Granted, many cruiser players may already have a plan to dodge your shells. This can be countered with adjustments to aiming and plus, the more concentrated the player is at dodging, the less attention they pay to shooting. 3. Sometimes true. I often try to get all of my guns shooting to maximize my damage but to compensate I usually change the speed and the course of my ship to make it harder for the enemy to hit my ship. The thing is, firing a broadside at the right time is okay but please, don’t sail in a straight line, even when you are shooting. I also have a problem with bow tanking BBs, as they are a relatively stationary target and thus, easy to hit with HE and other stuff. 4. There are exceptions, namely long range cruisers that can kite extremely well. And of those, Henri IV is the gold standard of those kind of cruisers. Who cares about who shoots first if you can just dodge anything the enemy throws at you. I would rephrase this to: refrain from shooting BBs first when you are in a cruiser that is not in a position to either dodge enemy shell or get into cover. 5. True. If you are a cruiser, fire AP at any broadside target unless they are a DD or your AP won’t do anything against BB armor (Ex: 152 mm). But if I may, if you are shooting at a broadside BB, don’t shoot at the BB’s armor belt. Shoot slightly above said armor belt as sometimes, your AP shells may shatter against the BB’s armor belt. 6. True. Designating a target for your team to focus on may make your teammates inclined to shoot at said target, although this is far from foolproof. At least you will be able to warn an ally of an approaching enemy just in case said ally doesn’t have the best map awareness skills. 7. Ignore chat for the most part. It is usually full of salt. 8. True. Especially with ships that specialize in kiting, expect and compensate for their dodging. 9. Would have saved me a lot of time if I knew this before. Thanks. 10. The Training Room is a good place to test out things that can’t be tested out in randoms like certain mechanics. Seeing them at work may help you understand the game more. Albeit, I rarely use the Training Room so take my words with a pinch of salt. But that is just my opinion on this kind of advice. I would love to see more of this kind of advice on the forums. After all, ten thousand threads about complaining for the sake of complaining gets tiring.
  7. Dictonary

    why is auto pilot so bad?

    At least it is better than the autopilot intrepreting a hard turn as “reverse in this direction”. But yeah, the autopilot is still drunk as ever. It as if you have to accommodate for the shortfallings of such a system which sort of contradicts the point of having an autopilot in the first place.
  8. Dictonary

    Black Friday Ships

    So there are two Arkansas in the game...
  9. Dictonary

    Black Friday Ships

    That’s interesting. I thought that the name ship of that class of ships would be the one represented in the game by default but looks like I was wrong.
  10. Thanks for the summary.
  11. Dictonary

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    That thin citadel armor got me thinking about Smolensk since the latter’s citadel armor is so thin that high caliber shells “overpen” it. (Since fuse time isn’t fast enough) So if Warspite’s shells can’t fuse in time, can the same strategy be used when dealing with other ships? Plus, you might want to mention Yahagi is a Tier 5 in the review proper.
  12. Dictonary

    This is why I get fed up....

    That was for completeing a couple of missions. The easiest Tier 8 to get at the time... And I didn’t get it because I was too lazy.
  13. Dictonary

    This is why I get fed up....

    Yeah check.
  14. Dictonary

    This is why I get fed up....

    Okay... I am now thoroughly confused since a Hunt for the Bismarck container should not have a Bismarck in its reward pool. I know the Unsinkable Sam containers do have the Bismarck but it gives both a Historical camo and an Unsinkable Sam camo.
  15. Dictonary

    This is why I get fed up....

    Okay, that’s weird. What camos did you get with the Bismarck?