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  1. Dictonary

    Fixated on Tier 7 Ranked

    Is a New Orleans viable, because it’s all I got for now.
  2. Dictonary

    Directive 4 is ironically called: HERE COMES FUN!

    “Here comes the Money!”
  3. 1. I said AA was off. If the AA is on, then you would get detected much earlier than you should. 2. Shima has an air detection range of ~2.7 km. Which is why you can let the enemy planes pass you while they find another target. 3. Don’t rush in. Then you will definitely get spotted by a CV. After all, the game shows when a ship, ostensibly a DD, is capping. 4. Don’t hang around the same spot for too long. 5. When being attacked, slow your speed and turn when the rocket planes start their attack, so the planes overshoot. Prop mod is preferred. Buys yourself some time to smoke up or retreat towards a friendly. And yes, I have tested this and yes it does work.
  4. IJN Torp DDs have one saving grace, their low detection range. At full Concealment spec, the Shima’s Air Concealment range is much lower than its AA range. Just disable your AA and make sure that you don’t rush the cap immediately, and watch as the planes fly past oblivious to your prescence.
  5. Dictonary

    Pick in order of preference

    Des Memes
  6. Yeah. Maybe it could be an alternate statistics GUI where you can toggle between the current setup and a more detailed one in game.
  7. Or how many ships were detonated by torpedoes.
  8. Dictonary

    Question about CVs

    The first CV Line introduced were the Americans and the Japanese CVs were released during Closed Beta.
  9. Dictonary

    CV counterplay was already in WoWs. They removed it.

    Exactly. Although I admit that WG is better at balancing than some companies, it still needs a lot of work. I also do understand that balancing is hard but, perhaps more community feedback in the earlier stages of that CV Rework would have improved the quality of it. After all, Supertesters and Community Contributors aren’t an accurate representation of the majority of the WoWS community as many aren’t as up front or as bold as them. Most are just common folk just like you and me.
  10. Dictonary

    CV counterplay was already in WoWs. They removed it.

    CVs sorta got worse after the IJN CV line was introduced in CBT. Before that, CVs were actually pretty good and Cleveland was the equivalent of what the Smolensk was. But back then, there was only USN CVs which were balanced. And after that, WG had the trouble of “How do we balance IJN CVs and USN CVs?” The main difference at the time was that USN has less aircraft but with more HP but IJN had more aircraft but with less HP. And now we have AP bombs, different drop patterns and rockets... Balancing also has to do with simplification and adding more gimmicks is the opposite of that. It adds more complexity to a problem that WG neglected. As for counter-play. That was as dependent on the CV player’s skill as it is now. Despite the fact that now you can’t get deplaned. A squadron with 2 aircraft is about as good as dead in anything above Tier 4. Good CV players will always dominate the match and it is no different back then compared to now. Frankly, just give us the old way of selecting which squadron to focus down instead of this sector reinforcement thing. Have it so that the number of flak explosions increases in the direction of the attack vector of the approaching enemy aircraft and increase the the continuous damage inflicted by AA for that squadron. And for CVs, I would increase the dispersion significantly when a squadron has to adjust for aim. Meaning one shot and if you mess up, you mess up and have to go at it again. So you have to make your strikes count. I would love to see the old RTS CVs but that is too much to ask for.
  11. Dictonary

    Best time & day to play WOWS

    During the night or mornings of the weekdays and the night and early morning for weekends. Usually the ratio of dedicated players to not dedicated players is higher. If you want to challenge yourself a little bit.
  12. When a ship is so OP that everyone tries to get it... Even if they don’t know how to use it.
  13. I have a Shoukaku. Your argument is invalid. I usually get away with shenanigans I pull off in Shimakaze only because it has the best air concealment for a Tier X DD. So when the aircraft obliviously passes by 4 kilometers away heading towards the other cap convinced that a DD isn’t there, that is when I advance. But much of that advantage is removed when playing against a good CV player. A bad or average CV player won’t be much trouble but an aware CV player with 58%+ win rate will matter in the battle. Although it isn’t as bad as it was before, a single miscalculation against these CV players will likely end up with a bunch of explosive sticks in your hull.
  14. Let me ask you. Have you ever attempted to close in on an enemy CV, dodging all of their rocket planes and what else comes at you? DDs are arguably the most multi-role ships in WoWS, having to spot, cap, perform area denial, DPS if you are a Japanese Gunboat DD, French or Russian, et cetera. Although there are ways to mitigate the damage dealt by a CV like turning off AA (especially as a Shimakaze), smoking up, and changing position rapidly and unpredictably. But against a good CV player, all of that is rendered mute unless you are the DD God, which I am certainly not.