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  1. Dictonary

    Brag a little...How many "Kraken"s do you have?

    I have 12 Krakens
  2. Dictonary

    Why do you call Yamato "Yammy"?

    The Yamato Hotel.
  3. Dictonary

    Caption the profile image above you.

    A rare species of Enthusiastic Germans.
  4. Dictonary

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Speaks Latin.
  5. Dictonary

    Colorado CO Skills

    If the Colorado ever gets into mid to brawling range. Honestly, AR isn't required for a Colorado but later on, you will want to get it. Expert Marksman will allow for your guns to turn faster and thus, get the enemy in your cross hairs faster. Albeit, Colorado doesn't have terrible turret traverse when compared to her peers. And Vigilance is iffy as you can preemptively maneuver so that you are not sailing in a straight line which will make it harder for torps to hit you. Honestly, I avoid situations where torpedoes are inevitable. But of course, Superintendent is iffy as well.
  6. I will try for Rank 5 this time. So as I pray, Unlimited Salt Works!
  7. Dictonary

    Warships fascination with Submarines

    It is to troll the playerbase.
  8. Agreed, it will be a trainwreck. But at least it is one I can handle.
  9. Yes if I remember correctly.
  10. You can attempt to get the distance by calculating the intensity of the ship's sound minus the ambient sound of the ocean to get a rough estimate. Emphasis on rough estimate. This can be done as the closer a ship, the louder it will sound. Problem is, there isn't much of a base line to go off of.
  11. Dictonary

    More Axis operations

    I would love to see the Channel Dash as an operation. Mainly due to the image of a couple Royal Navy destroyers and the RAF attempting to give chase to a German Battleship.
  12. Because some ships emit less sound than others. Sometimes active is required to detect the enemy. Take for example Kilo-class submarines. They are notorious for their silent running capabilities.
  13. It is a last resort.
  14. Dictonary

    ST 7.9: London port, RN arc, new currency

    We defeated the pirates and we shall defeat the Kriegsmarine in time. It is inevitable.
  15. Dictonary

    Caption the profile image above you.

    A USN BB