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  1. Dictonary

    AG-17, Ex-USS Wyoming

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/june-missions-2019/ Here you go. Where they have combined Dunkirk, D-Day and Midway into a series of missions. The D-Day one starts on June 7.
  2. Dictonary

    AG-17, Ex-USS Wyoming

    And there actually is something that WoWS is going to do to commemorate D-Day, albeit 1 day late.
  3. Dictonary

    AG-17, Ex-USS Wyoming

    Unfortunately as shown by BladedPhoenix that is false. Now let me ask you, would sitting around firing at bunkers for 10 minutes be fun?
  4. Dictonary

    AG-17, Ex-USS Wyoming

    The Chesapeake Bay may not be the best idea since there are a lot of forts located at two chokepoints between Fort Story and Fort Lee Custis & Fort Monroe and Fort Wool. But I would try to implement a counterattack on the defensive side trying to break out from NS Norfolk with enemy PT boats being the first thing you see (think Dunkirk). A secondary objective would be to defend the various airfields in Hampton Roads until they are prepared which may act similarly to what happened with the Dynamo operation although I don’t know how to accomplish that. Another would be the forts and possibly destroying any landing craft. And then destroy the enemy carriers would be another. The last would be that AG-17 survives. AG-17 would be escorted as the break out of the first chokepoint, being intercepted by PT boats. Once that is done, stop the ships bombarding the forts and the airfields, continuing to destroy landing craft. Then break out of the last chokepoint to destroy the main fleet and possibly the enemy carriers. But that is just my two cents.
  5. Houston was a Northampton-class.
  6. Dictonary

    It's time to fix Radar and Sonar

    Not very many. I know Chapayev can but I don’t know about others. And if the cruiser isn’t in the right position or if the DD reaches an area where it is safe, that is a radar wasted. Plus, since most will have to be behind an island, their positions can be figured out by looking at the minimap. As a destroyer, always make sure you have an escape route so you don’t get trapped by radar cruisers.
  7. Dictonary

    It's time to fix Radar and Sonar

    Wargaming gave up on that a long time ago.
  8. I have seen really good CV players on my team and on the enemy and one time, the carrier on my team carried (pun intended) us despite our rentals not knowing how to aim. We thanked him later. But, I have also been on the receiving end and when there was a good CV player on the enemy team, we straight up lost. Albeit, they have always avoided me since I usually use a Salem and can use sector reinforcement well enough as a deterrent. So from my experience, the role of a carrier is three-fold in Ranked. The first is to deny enemy DDs the cap via airstrikes. The second if accomplishable is to protect destroyers from radar cruisers by diverting the radar cruiser’s attention via bombing airstrike. Don’t use torpedo bombers. They just disintegrate into ten thousand pieces. Like seriously. A CV tried to use torpedo bombers and rockets against me 6 times in a row. Their planes always disappeared. The third is to provide spotting for allies especially in the initial stage (so you know where the enemy is headed). Although CVs can’t directly contribute to contesting caps, they can influence it which is all they have to do.
  9. Dictonary

    What is the best Musashi build?

    I third _1204_’s build as I use that exact build on my Yamato. Should work with Musashi.
  10. Dictonary

    Rentals in Ranked – Just WOW

    Yeah, that would be fine especially for ships that need every reduction of detection range they can get (Moskva). Considering the experience gap, the rentals need it. Although, this mechanic may have been implemented to encourage player who already have Tier 10s to use their own ships but, if that was the intention then it failed since some are using rentals either to diversify their skill set or just for the memes. Mainly the latter.
  11. Dictonary

    Rentals in Ranked – Just WOW

    Nope. It is a downgrade since they don’t have camo. Otherwise, they are the same stat wise with other Tier Xs except for the possibility of the rentals being unable to have legendary mods. I haven’t checked. The only thing that would be nice is if rentals could get camo but that is it. If more is added some players might abuse the mechanic.
  12. Dictonary

    Da Memes!

    I can’t say much about Des Moines but I can say depending on your playstyle, Salem’s superheal can come in handy if you make a mistake or if you need to take a risk. I believe Salem’s heal can heal 33% of citadel damage which is higher than most, making citadels a little less punishing for Salem. Granted, I did put a radar modification on Salem which partially makes up for her shorter radar range (8.5 km) by extending the duration for a total of 30 seconds. However, the radar is more situational than Des Moines as you usually don’t want waltz your way within 8.5 kilometers of a destroyer. Rather, the radar is more defensive and can be used to deter DDs from capping. Granted, Salem does not have a legendary module which means a lot more staying behind islands for Salem. Another thing, I find Salem’s turret rotation to be rather slow compared to other cruisers so try to plan your positions ahead of time to minimize the time you will have to rotate those turrets. In addition, your heals won’t save you forever as the more citadel damage you take, the less effective the heal gets. So is the super heal worse or better than a better radar? I can’t say. I haven’t played Des Moines nor am I anywhere close to getting it. But that super heal has saved me countless times.
  13. Well that takes it to a whole new level. But yeah, it is feast or famine with rental Yamatos or Moskvas. You either get one that has an idea about how to play their ship, or you get the horrible ones. But yeah, I have noticed a trend of rental Moskvas exposing their broadsides and being blapped by a battleship in the first couple minutes.
  14. Dictonary

    How to Deal with Streaks

    For me. I had a... I lost count losing streak in my Yamato and my Henri IV. Quit for the day and decided to use Salem for the first time. Somehow worked and finally rose above 15 to get to 10. Honestly for streaks, take a break then come back with another ship. Usually works for me.
  15. Dictonary

    Kreml? Kremlin? Was the name a typo?

    Rather fitting isn’t it?