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  1. FlakKnight

    Cossack or Le Terrible worth buying?

    30ish second reduction in torp reload and big buff to turret traverse I think.
  2. FlakKnight

    Refunding Jean Bart ; Need Advice

    Can you even purchase the JB a second time? It's listed as a special qty 1 if I recall correctly. I don't know if getting a refund resets that on the back end...
  3. FlakKnight

    Saw that the Conq is getting a citadel.

    I feel like this change is going to be either silly and useless or crippling depending how they implement it. The fact that they are nerfing the least played BB before fixing IFHE is odd, as that is going to necessitate a lot of adjustments including ship survivability. Right now Conq melts away in the current meta unless it sits back which isn't fun or productive due to the accuracy in most games. The superheal is nice but being a BB that can't commit to tanking for the team places you in awkward positions as a flanker who can't shoot much once that heal is on cooldown due to lacking the AP delete potential of the Republique. Then you add a viable citadel and the general concealment nerf it just further exacerbates the problem. I only really have fun with the Conq when I'm playing battlecruiser with surprise AP at mid range, but IFHE, worse concealment and now a higher cit will continue to push a longer range HE playstyle even more, which is exactly the complaint everyone has against the noob Conq players in the first place. Sure, you'll be killed off sitting broadside easier at range but noobs will adapt in the easiest way possible (remember they are like water) by bow tanking which is what they all do in the Yamato.
  4. FlakKnight

    Cossack or Le Terrible worth buying?

    Cossack is receiving nice buffs in 7.11, it will fit in with Lightning nicely.
  5. I would like the devs to look at these types of events and reconfigure them for fixed tiers. You can have the leader boards for vanity if you want, if you remove the incentive to bot to infinity then it will truly become the most committed or best players again. At least then the botting is purely a WG problem of cheating for free stuff and doesn't impact other players in events.
  6. FlakKnight

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    JB is great fun, MBRB allows you to simply wreck things. Also the 30% off anniversary coupon works on it, which makes it roughly $55.
  7. FlakKnight

    DM vs Worcester

    Also, at closer ranges you can break Worc turrets with AP super quickly in a DM. Even knocking out one means the Worc has to decide to keep angled and just due a bit slower or show broadside to try and get rear guns on you and get vaporized instantly.
  8. FlakKnight

    We need a Unique German Commander

    Ok but no one bats an eye when Rommel is in a WW2 era RTS game, is he the only "good Nazi" allowed to merely be historically represented? The literal Nazi ships are already in game, named as they were, including certain ones that killed plenty of British sailors. At the end of the day there are plenty of WW1 German naval figures without the "stain" of the Nazis as well.
  9. FlakKnight

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    I dislike these changes. I think shortening YY radar range a bit and extending its duration would work. Make it able to radar to chase out smoke and islands (with support). The problem right now seems to be the stealth radar range buffer, not the radar itself.
  10. FlakKnight

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    The armchair economists and iconoclasts are getting a bit wild. To be upfront, I don't really have the problem with it "also" being sold. I don't have a problem with it being a coal ship. I do, personally, dislike that there is nothing any player (payer or no) can do to meaningfully get more coal through active play. I also think it's counterproductive to hide currency types as it cools interest in players acquiring things they don't even know if they need. None of these things are ethically dubious. The only grey area is with FXP. To my knowledge, it was never explicitly promised, but it was implied that all nations will get one 750K FXP T9 premium through the actions of WG. The Missouri set the gold standard and has since been removed despite being, again implied, stated as "permanently available". Read the initial launch news archive for reference. WG then added Musashi, Kron and then also Nelson at an odd T7 slot. They then previewed JB and Alaska and in the absence on contrary information, these were the presumptive MN ship and USN replacement of the Missouri. Until they weren't. Yet all of this is just poor communication. Where it gets shady is for those players, few though they might be, that literally have no current use for FXP, WG has not stopped taking money for FXP despite ostensibly already deciding internally not to use it anymore as a currency. To me, that's wrong. How could they fix this? It's simple - had they released (pre-JB) a news item saying that FXP was no longer going to be used as a currency and all existing FXP ships would be moved to the Arsenal for coal, no one would have been confused or caught off guard. Still, they have an opportunity to fix this by A) offering JB redemption for equivalent FXP for a short time (or a one time FXP to coal conversion) and B) clarifying their future intent with FXP. I still don't find it exceptional or outrageous, just a mistake that needs to be reviewed. I agree they shouldn't keep everyone in the dark about the obvious internal decision to eliminate FXP as a currency. It makes sense given the inflation and signal stacking, but they need to inform everyone.
  11. FlakKnight

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    I would buy the Jean Bart if it came with a free copy of Diablo Immortal
  12. FlakKnight

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    I mean I agree with this, I think FXP is a larger issue given the inflation and availability to some players. That said, the mere fact it is for sale directly doesn't seem like anything inherently different than what they've done before (indirectly).
  13. FlakKnight

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Why? I'm genuinely curious why people feel so betrayed by this, but there are a pile of 750K T9 FXP ships available to purchase indirectly with money. I could see adding some sort of 'minimum account level' thing to purchasing requirements, but the emperor's actually been naked for quite some time.
  14. FlakKnight

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Well, except it does if I'm being fair and playing devil's advocate. Higher tier ships generally have more influence on the game. If you have a terrible player in a game, it would be preferable to have them in the lowest tier possible. So if you believe random people with no experience often purchase the most expensive ships they can for cash, then it does have a detrimental effect. That said, I don't believe that's really a major issue, as people can be terrible at any tier and logically what RadarX says makes sense that new players rarely take that big of a plunge anyway.