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  1. FlakKnight

    ST Heavy Cruiser Changes

    Should change the title it only affects large/super/battle cruisers not heavy.
  2. FlakKnight

    Where are The Nelsons Torpedo Tubes?

    They're in game they just have a 21 minute reload time.
  3. FlakKnight

    cv opt out

    Sigh, this again
  4. Here's the real story: dude is caught up with a meth head and gets murdered. Clan mates in a random game send inappropriate request to a random game company they all were patrons of and get an incredulous response likely hampered in translation that at worst was unsympathetic. Then you run to the forums to try and get some random worker probably making minimum wage fired over faux outrage that they themselves drummed up using click bait headlines. So because you can't handle your own affairs, you now might be putting someone else's family out on the street selfishly for what amounts to nothing more than outrage over an innocent mistake that YOU caused in the first place with unreasonable expectations and an incredulous "support" ticket. You are terrible person, OP. As much as you are trying to cover up your own shallow self with faux outrage, your actions speak plainly. I can only hope the management at WG don't overreact to nonsense caused entirely by an unreasonable customer.
  5. FlakKnight

    Elite commander xp quick question

    There's no real downside, but if you consider the fact that you must earn exp to grind a ship line anyway, it's more efficient time wise for some players to keep your commander at least T5-10 and more or less naturally get 17-19 points with normal flags and camos rather than grind out enough CXP and then grind out the ship line. Once you get enough to "pay it forward", you can just recycle it through the system however.
  6. I think the problem is the commander skills themselves, not necessarily the 19 points. Theoretically the biggest offenders are getting a rework "eventually".
  7. FlakKnight

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    Noooope nope no no nooooo no no. Thanks
  8. So you admit nothing to do with the game, random person dies that you know from the internet, upset you didn't get free publicity for unrelated event. Ok.
  9. Dude started the reply with "I am sorry" The permanent offense brigade out to be aggrieved
  10. The Ford F150 Bob Smith (1954) late of Topeka Kansas Edition.
  11. And? Should we have little white crosses all over the game? Not to mention this story is exceptionally suspicious just based on the facts outlined anyway.
  12. FlakKnight

    Worcester Legendary

    TIL if you sell something you lose it
  13. FlakKnight

    Prinz E Friedrich grind Really?

    I don't think it's unreasonable to call someone who can't field those ships new. Even if before this event you had only focused on a few lines, if you had significant play time in the game you would likely have a few premiums from a couple other nations and enough FXP/creds to simply get up to T5 in a new line to do the missions. Tier 5 was even reduced in cost and time investment.
  14. Neither of those things are true. 1) Properly specced and played with reasonable care, carriers do not run out of planes in most circumstances. Since you cannot usually shoot a carrier until the game is over, the planes being "unlimited" means that they continue to be a threat in a late game scenario despite no risk to their own hull. 2) Regardless of the Notser video, the stated design goal of the devs was that a good player can actively dodge flak. Whether that is implemented well or properly is up to debate, but the idea that you "never could" is either wrong or incomplete.
  15. FlakKnight

    Prinz E Friedrich grind Really?

    This is a trivial task for very active players (F2P or not) with multiple T10s and a few premium ships kicking around. It is not trivial for the hyper-casual or new player, but certainly not impossible. I'm not really that upset at this.