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  1. Lightning and general RNDD impressions

    This seems too be a fair summary, though admittedly the T8 doesn't seem to have the same turret traverse issue. I did notice that on the Jervis. My best games for me so far have been ones where I'm either a second DD on a cap or hang back and harass. The ship doesn't have the durability or overwhelming firepower to bully, but it has enough to punish DDs that don't have support or smoke. That and radar is even more dangerous when you're 8 kts slower than other DDs trying to escape it even if you're playing safe.
  2. So Lightning. Admittedly I am starting at a 10 point captain for her. However, now that I've gotten a chance to play a few matches and feel how the ship handles, I'm a bit confused as to how to spec it out and play it moving forward. The shell arcs and lack of a speed boost aren't good enough to play CL in between smokes. The shell velocity and range don't feel good enough to play wasd games, though you can get away with acceleration tricks a few times. The torps are really great at ambush and defensive engagements where you can make them work, but they lack the German reload to screen with them. Not only that but the shallow range isn't great at extending your reach to make up for the lack of speed boost. The smoke is fairly restrictive thus far. While it's harder to outrun accidentally like with the CLs, the length being so short makes it hard to really leverage it. Overall, I'm not sure where to take this ship. The guns are punishing enough to take advantage of surprising an enemy DD, but you can't really bully caps if the enemy DD has any support at all due to lower durability. You run out of smoke charges surprisingly quickly if you're forced to smoke and shoot to engage because of terrain, and you can't really open water gunboat. Without speed boost you can't relocate to force unguarded caps quite as carefree. You also can't close range easily to stealth torp. It may seem a small but having only 3-4 kts on a retreating BB with short range torps isn't ideal. It seems to operate best when it has chaos to hide in, and quickly runs out of tools as the battle progresses and distance between ships left increases. Curious what others are doing or thinking about these.
  3. 250 crates and no ships so far. I just keep getting these weird Japanese collection items. I'm going to soldier on and keep trying.
  4. Anniversary token compensation

    REEEEEEEEEEEading is necessary to understand WG announcements.
  5. Is it at least some historical artifact of the UK making minor color changes to the camo scheme that can be blamed?

    Personally I'm excited to sink carriers with submarines and submarines with DDs. I take that back, I'm excited to sink carriers with anything.
  7. I'm going to ignore this topic so I can complain endlessly in two months about how WG stole my tokens. I'm in it for the long game.
  8. The fact that some people are REEEEing so heavily about hypothetical subs with severe limitations while simultaneously looking at the CV rework and saying "yea, 4x3 torp launchers with a 60 second reload on an unkillable sky DD that travels 160kts sounds reasonable" makes me think some people are legitimately unhinged.
  9. I don't understand the confusion. The change of the Go Navy change was their fault. The not seeing the Anniv token post was yours. Also, I find it a dubious claim that someone, having witnessed the Go Navy change, would then assume without any confirmation that the Anniv tokens (obtained at a higher volume than GN) would suddenly be worth 50K again.
  10. I think they could do a better job with the UI but it isn't like they don't announce this stuff. It doesn't make you feel any better when you miss or forget but I beat myself up when I do that rather than complain and blame other people for my own lack of due diligence. If you didn't put eyes on it from an official source and assumed, that's on you.
  11. WG Lies

    #WeeGeeLiedWeeVeeDied Or something
  12. Zoup severely underestimates the ease of using procedural terrain generation. The only parts of the maps that have to look interesting and be carefully conducted as gameplay spaces already do. They can coat every map in "basic underwater hills" in minutes after settling on terrain features. You just tweak a few areas after to add some visual flare.
  13. Currency Fatigue?

    If they just handed rewards out you'd be complaining you don't have choices. Can't win.
  14. I think a potential answer is giving subs only very low damage (say 4K at T10) flooding chance focused regular torps, let them use DWTs to attack other surface ships. A DD engages a sub at 5K, sub immediately starts running and dives. The DD is the predator with that setup, even if they get unlucky and don't catch it with guns before it dives and eat a low dmg torp to the bow, they have quick DC and will easily still rush down the sub... in a 1v1.
  15. There just aren't that many BCs. They existed in WW1 and inter war as basically 2/3 of a fast battleship because of technological limitations. You could choose two of armor, speed or guns. By the time modern fast battleships came about in the thirties, the BC was irrelevant because the light cruiser could scale linearly all the way to battleship depending on tonnage without compromising range and speed. The tier 7-8 BBs are basically the tier 10 BC equivalents as the final expression of the BC concept morphing into the last generations of BBs.