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  1. conwaytobler

    Submarine Testing

    They need to make an announcement regarding the issue getting connected otherwise many will be waiting unless you can't be waiting all day for it the ability to connect.
  2. conwaytobler

    PTS 0.10.5 BUG REPORTS

    The TST server is acting like its Down. I can't Login in or connect.
  3. Submarines were fun. I am so curious to know how the tier 8 will differ.

  4. conwaytobler

    Submarine Testing

    I have not been able to operate the submarines just yet. I keep getting an error on the game portal.
  5. conwaytobler

    Yes, the topic is pre-dreadnoughts, again and again

    i have played against the subs, i haven't been able to operate them. i would like to know about the teir 8 subs. When are we going to get to launch into those matches?