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  1. thank you everyone!
  2. I looked through the rules, it does not say what tier ship can be used for Naval Battle I always used t5 and up. But now I wonder if I could have used t2-t4. Anyone know?
  3. ij70

    Public Test 0.9.8

    wait one. if i knew it was only weekend, then i would have been on pts all weekend. so each round is just 2-3 days on weekend?
  4. ij70

    Public Test 0.9.8

    can not login to pts.
  5. Anyone got link to claim reward page? (It is the one that opens up in browser when you click on crate in wgc window)
  6. ij70

    Which Coal BB to take

    now that JB is gone. georgia is true premium. thunderer is special. if you want to print silver, get georgia. if you want a special snow flake for christmas, get thunderer.
  7. ij70

    Dockyard is coming back!

    I think Mr. Jingles said it best. It was supposed to be a discount system like they did in WoT. The more of the ship you complete in dockyard, the bigger the discount, the less you pay out of pocket for the ship. But! It was never free. You pay out of pocket for it. How much or how little depends on how much you complete in the dockyard. Wee Gee effed up the message.
  8. ij70

    French Submarine Surcouf

    easy 400 usd sell.
  9. ij70

    New Coal Ships

    i need a german one. preferably cruiser.
  10. ij70

    Curiosity getting the better of me

    liquid bread!
  11. ij70

    Smolensk or Jean Bart?

    jb is premium. smalls is special. get jb.
  12. ij70

    Question regarding Ognevoi.

    I completely missed the torp reload time change from A to B. The guns are independent of the hulls. Back to A hull for me. Anybody got suggestions for upgrades since they have changed? I am mostly coop. I am thinking of taking torp speed upgrade and consumables time increase upgrade so I can regenerate more hp.
  13. ij70

    Nine Bundles, No Ships.

    Daily chains. 5 tokens each.
  14. ij70

    Nine Bundles, No Ships.

    Forget the ships. Get the coal!