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  1. ij70

    Question regarding Ognevoi.

    I completely missed the torp reload time change from A to B. The guns are independent of the hulls. Back to A hull for me. Anybody got suggestions for upgrades since they have changed? I am mostly coop. I am thinking of taking torp speed upgrade and consumables time increase upgrade so I can regenerate more hp.
  2. ij70

    Nine Bundles, No Ships.

    Daily chains. 5 tokens each.
  3. ij70

    Nine Bundles, No Ships.

    Forget the ships. Get the coal!
  4. Ssd is probably the easiest and cheapest
  5. ij70

    Royal Navy Event Question

    Wee gee is being wee gee. They kinda suck at communicating with customers.
  6. ij70

    Royal Navy Event Question

    Saturday. Jan 25. Lunar new year.
  7. ij70

    British Heavy Cruisers Directives, 0.9.0

    I am here for the coal.
  8. ij70

    Steel Ships, which to buy?

    Which one has base Xp bonus?
  9. I did not get any ships either. No biggy.
  10. ij70

    Artic cammo really?

    Someone gives a eF?
  11. ij70

    Possible to ram Twice... and survive.?.?.?.

    Bring bb with ram flag. Ram cruiser/dd.
  12. ij70

    Credit Earning Thoughts (HELP)

    T9 premium is available for coal in armory. (Just got jean Bart the other day)