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  1. I did the same thing. I got all the "cheap" ones. Now saving my coal for t10.
  2. You are not wrong. However, since I know bot dd behavior, I almost always kill a dd. There is usually bot cl behind it, so I often kill the bot cl too if I have a cl behind me. The things get tougher with bot bb coming behind the bot cl. At this point I am at half or less hull hp and the best way to kill bot bb is to get close, that is where I get my third kill or die trying. So. Player dd+cl combo can somewhat easily kill their opposite group, though player dd usually gets all the kill ribbons.
  3. ij70

    French BBs

    "Need For Speed"
  4. I play co-op, my Fubuki and Akatsuki (both of which you left out... interesting that...) are monsters. When I have a requirement of X torpedo hits, I bring them.
  5. ij70


    Good for Narai too.
  6. ij70

    Dumb Dallas Question

    Not in this case. You can get Argentinian Helena in the shop since it is premium. I got my "Argentinian tango partner" in super container so I am still grinding xp on Dallas, need 13k xp, then I will buy Helena.
  7. ij70

    Dumb Dallas Question

    Dallas is ok ship. You can use it in Aegis. And you need it to get Helena.
  8. I think that is enough motive for a murder.
  9. ij70

    Twitch Container Question

    I get two or three a week.
  10. ij70

    Crates and the 'Fly Strike Win ' event

  11. ij70

    Code for the fast ones

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    Some screen shots:
  13. ij70


    In that case get a different hobby or buy dedicated technical support.
  14. ij70