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  1. Leander and Nura. Nura for awesome guns. Leander for rep, smoke.
  2. ij70

    Permacamos at tier 9

    Lol weegee wants you to buy flags
  3. Got t5 mission out of 11 or 12 free crates.
  4. "better the devil you know than the devil you don't know." To OP. At the time my choices were Salem and JB (Yoshi was out and was getting bad reviews, Georgia was not out yet). I got Salem for the economy and awesome 5 sec gun reload. I can not imagine why you would mention Buffalo in the same sentence as Salem.
  5. ij70

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    A small demonstration. t10 Salem with its special camo (coal ship from Armory) 10 point captain. pvp match. no premium time. no premium consumables. 68k damage dealt. Lost match and I made 72k silver.
  6. ij70

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    Premium time, premium camo, skills. Or play coop in Salem.
  7. ij70

    Opening crates strategy.

    Thank you everyone.
  8. Someone remind me. Is it better to open crates individually or open multiple crates at once?
  9. ij70

    French Containers

    Performing as intended.
  10. NEVER Ever run Narai with random people. Go to Operations chat channel in game and get into division dedicated to running Narai.
  11. ij70

    Fiji for Narai

    I am not very good at cv part of the op. I am ok at all the other parts of it.
  12. If you follow that logic, then the first stop is Nelson. It is UK. It is 375k free xp. It comes with perma camo. It is t7 so you can run Narai all day long.
  13. ij70

    Fiji for Narai

    10 reds, wow, you almost cleared the map all by your lonesome!
  14. Just play t6 ships in coop and t7 in Operations(Narai, you can ignore all others), and you will have the silver. Once you have 240k coal, get t10 Salem from Armory and play it in coop. I see that you are in a clan. Did your clan fully research clan port features that increase silver production and decrease silver expenditure?