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  1. Hi! Someone vote for Hawke for me. Im getting the 403 forbidden error!
  2. M1A1HA

    Server Down?

    Hi Cant log in also!?!?!?!
  3. Hi! Colonel Bolognesi and then Jurua. Hope I have enough tokens for Jurua! >@">
  4. Hi i did notice that in task manager that disk usage was 99% and red lining. Firefox had 10+ instances and could cause the computer to freeze.
  5. Hi! I also have these problems. Pls help!
  6. M1A1HA

    5+ minutes to login?

    Hi me too! Takes forever to login! And I get client freeze during matches and have to restart since my pc also hard crashes.
  7. M1A1HA

    New Ops losses/wins feedback

    HI! Maybe try using a division. But they lose too...Good luck!
  8. https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Super_Containers
  9. M1A1HA

    Error in Community calendar

    too much vodka...LOL
  10. I now have both dido and canarias! THANK YOU WG and WOWS!!! Love them both!!!
  11. Happy Holidays! And thanks for the wonderful hyuga!
  12. M1A1HA

    Question If you have the prem RU CV.

    The bombers are attack bombers, not dive bombers, and are pretty much equal to the rocket fighters attack, as rocket fighters can be a bit tricky. Chaklov is comparable to Max Immelmen as far as playability. Im glad I got her to replace enterprise.
  13. M1A1HA

    Question If you have the prem RU CV.

    Hi Chaklov has credit and xp coefficients superior to Pobeda. This means that Chaklov will usually earn credits, even if just barely w/o premium account. Pobeda is likely to produce a loss in credits, which can be bad w/o premium account. Both have rocket assist takeoff aircraft. The rockets of Pobeda are just like Serov and Nahmikov if you have ever tried them. Chaklov is a sturdy CV. She is my "USS Enterprise", since I sold mine because of the carrier rework.