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  1. M1A1HA

    Marceau opinions

    Hi. I wanted marceau, but at the last minute I bought Thunderer because I needed a tier X BB. And Thunderer is no question an excellent BB. Kleber, marceau's tech tree cousin is superior to marceau. So I passed on marceau and would only have bought it if I HAD to. Good luck.
  2. M1A1HA


    hi ty :}
  3. Hi! i got mine on the last (24th bundle). I feel so lucky! gl & hf! Note: Photo Shop was not used!
  4. M1A1HA

    T10 Filth Camo - Someone give me hope :)

    Hi! I am extremely pleased to present: Lucky 7: gl & hf! Note: Photo Shop was not used!
  5. Hi! Yeah, the armory and HOF "web server is unavailable" is down 50% of the time. wth? Add another server pls.
  6. Progress is in the "personal missions" section of combat missions.
  7. Yep! Make sure you opt in//hit the participate button!!! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/august-missions-2019/
  8. Hi! I have all four ships. I play salem the most and yoshino 2nd. gl hf! Regards
  9. Hey Henry! Nope it was a loss, and we cleared the screen!
  10. LoL! I have a screen shot!
  11. M1A1HA

    Frame Rate / Stuttering

    Hi! Me too. Usually in Narai I get an off and on lag. frame rate drops to 20fps and then goes back to 70. Thanks for creating this thread!
  12. M1A1HA

    Georgia or Yoshi?

    Hi! Yoshi!
  13. M1A1HA

    Jaguar? More like...