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  1. I'm looking to purchase either of these ships, Slava or Ohio, and haven't played Wows in a while. Any input would be appreciated.

    USA Needs it's SuperBattleShip!

    The USS Wisconsin never gets much love besides being one of the last operational BBs in the world. I agree with giving it a slot in the game much like the four Kongo sisters. Maybe throw in a Temper Temper or Wisky banner or paint scheme. Throw in the Big J as well and give her all the battles stars she earned.

    Ranked Tokens

    Thanks man... Been out of Wows for a while and need to find my way around again if I plan on getting competitive again on any level.

    Ranked Tokens

    Is there any purpose behind ranked tokens anymore? Once upon a time you could cash them in for ships or permanent camos but I don't see a place in the armory or am I just overlooking something?

    Commander Skills Update

    Snipping BB from the back and -30% on my secondary accuracy. Doesn't sound like an improvement to me. Looks like I get to retire a lot of fun ships I spent money on now and probably this game because I'm pissed. It is going to be like WOT where it sits on a mass storage drive to be played once or twice a year and remember why I gave up; WG not listening to its customers and doing whatever because some dept. needs to prove it needs a reason to still be receiving a paycheck. I have been playing since testing so maybe listen this time unlike the CV rework introduction of rockets, the reduction of HE spam just to amplify it with bais Smolensk to make a dollar. This here will be strike number 3 for me with stripping the Massachusetts and half the KMS techtree/prems. WG can politely suck it at this point.

    clan loses 30 members mid battle

    Had to be an XO due to the fact that the XO can't remove another XO only the CO can do that.
  7. So what exactly does "specializations for their same-name ships" mean? Since it is in context of the captain and voice over I assumed it was a unique captains skill or buff much like improved EM and EL. Is this the case or is my reading comprehension a little off.