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  1. n5bar

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    I finally got the Fletcher Sunday morning. A very important goal for me since my father's destroyer, USS Callaghan, was a Fletcher. Unfortunately I am now extremely low on credits. Have to focus on earning credits so I can equip the Fletcher with upgrades!
  2. n5bar

    Uhmmm... whaaat?

    I really dislike getting punished when innocent. Sounds like you are the same. For that reason, early on with my WOWS experience, I turned on the replay system and I started making screen prints. So I have replays of nearly ever single game I've played and screen prints of the post game results. So if something weird happens, I have the evidence to back up my claim. Its been a long time since I did this but I seem to remember that the replay system is activated with a setting. I don't think it is a separate download. If wrong, someone please correct me.
  3. Grinding the Benson to get the Fletcher. That's my most important goal as that was the ship type my father served on in WWII. Also grinding the IJN DD torpedo line with the Akatsuki to get the Kagero. I also have 3 or 4 ships to get the snowflake off. They have no commanders so I will shuffle commanders around to get them in battle. Rather do that than a new 3 point commander. After those are accomplished, I will probably concentrate on the Hit Hard Hit Fast campaign to get Halsey. Though I am not looking forward to high tier play after the CV rework with killer CV squadrons and nerfed AA.
  4. n5bar

    Enemy Ship Characteristics Spreadsheet

    Thank you very much for this. Was thinking of doing something like this on a much smaller scale. Don't have to now. I will provide feedback after I study it which will probably take a couple days.
  5. n5bar

    Login Santa Crate Kutuzov

    I thought the Gremy was a rarer, therefore more desirable ship. Am I wrong?
  6. Merry Christmas all! Tier IV, guilty of not reading the mission. Need to finish my coffee....
  7. n5bar

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Is there a way to rescroll the summary that occurs when you return to port? There are so many missions going on right now that I usually don't see what I got for steel or coal from knocking the snowflake off. I can track it in the Arsenal of course. But it's a pain to have to go to the arsenal after every battle to see what I got. And yeah I could print the list from the WOWS news item about the snowflakes but no, not gonna. My printer is not connected right now so, no. Thanks for suggestions. n5bar
  8. I have a real hard time counting on my zero fingers. .... Don't know why ........
  9. n5bar

    Never mind

    He was hiding in the officers club draining the available Scotch. Be careful of that Scotch.......! (Or Texas whiskey if you live in Austin!)
  10. n5bar

    Never mind

    I was going to do first battle of the day with my Icarus. To my great shock, it was missing it's skipper. The skipper was Bert Dunkirk, my only "special" UK Captain. I'm off to turn in a ticket. Canceled ticket. Never mind.
  11. Sweet! I was about to spend all my FXP on the Kronshtadt. Maybe I'll hold off and see what Santa brings me .....!
  12. n5bar


    Which Russian DD is closest to the Gremy? Gnevny? Leningrad? or what?
  13. n5bar


    Open Water Stealth Fire?
  14. n5bar


    Where are these mods? Are they Aslains? Have never used mods before but if these are "legal" by WG and I am handicapped because I don't have em, I have to seriously consider getting them.