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  1. n5bar

    Optimal Des Moines Build?

    Thank you! I thought maybe that was the case. Question about it: I currently have Gunfire Control System Mod 2 selected which gives me 16% greater range (18.4km). If I switch it out for the UU, I will lose 16% range which I calculate will set me back to only 15.46km range. Do those of you who have the UU selected really live with that range or is there a way around it? I earned the UU on the DM but have never used it for that reason.
  2. I got one too. Since I have that collection completed, the collectible was a dupe and therefore it was a useless crate. Perhaps this is a developer's inside joke? They're getting bored over there in St. Petersburg....?
  3. n5bar

    The invasion

    In before the lock.
  4. How do you do that?
  5. No, they fall into the sea a kilometer or two short of the ship while trying to land!
  6. n5bar

    Submarine Game Mode Feedback

    I agree with the above. I would like to be able to practice with submarines in the training room. If not, then I am forced to play in the test server or learn the mechanics in live battle. Neither ideal for me which is why I did not run submarines at all this time. I only played DDs. As has been said already, fix the 5.9 - 6 meter gimmick. I don't think guns should cause damage below 6 meters but depth charges should be able to cause light damage above 6 meters. A 500 pound depth charge goes off at 3 meter depth next to a surfaced submarine and there is NO damage at all? I don't think so. I was told by the skipper of the Callaghan (Fletcher class) that when they dropped shallow charges on a mini sub while going slow speed ... less than 15 kts, the stern of the DD was lifted significantly. Enough so that when the attack was over, the rating who was stationed in aft steering came up to the bridge to berate the skipper, much to everyone's astonishment! The skipper let it go and the bridge crew all got a good laugh out of it. Give the BBs and CAs that have spotter aircraft the ability to drop depth charges within a limited range around the ship. Perhaps a similar function for the CVs. It has to be a limited range or the subs will not be effective at all.
  7. n5bar

    Armchair Admirals: Live Premiere

    Why do you have a panel of Europeans commenting on the Battle of Midway? I do like Jingles and Drachinifel, but it seems like it might be appropriate to have at least one US naval historian or history buff commenting. Is it really that hard given the technology we have available today?
  8. There use to be a reward once a year that was based on how many battles you had played. Age bites ... I don't remember what the reward was. I thought this was appropriate. It wasn't a huge reward ... a SC container maybe? I would not want every RNG event to give a better chance to those who have more battles accomplished. There are those players who have 10 - 12 thousand battles at tier one for example. But a once a year reward would be very appropriate IMHO.
  9. n5bar

    Udaloi — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    I am trying to decide what upgrade module to select for the last slot, slot 6. I am learning toward the Torpedo Tube Module 2. I would select the Main Batt module but i hate to slow down the traverse rate. Thank you for comments/insights.
  10. n5bar

    I want Subs in Randoms ASAP

    Ah, no. Just no. Next?
  11. n5bar

    Free Goodies in our news Articles!

    Offer has expired. Awesome.
  12. IMHO, there should be a video regarding exactly how to sign up to the WOWS Discord channel and then how to use it. I use Discord frequently with my clan mates. But this is different. Took me too long to figure out how to sign up. Now not sure how to use it. It says "You don't have permission to send messages in this channel." I clicked on the accept rules about 6-7 times. What else am I suppose to do?
  13. It was Mcafee. It was blocking WOWS with its firewall. But I couldn't add WOWS as an exception to its firewall. A friend helped me disable Mcafee and then WOWS worked.