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  1. n5bar

    Discord code

    Thank you!
  2. n5bar

    HMCS Haida: Is She worth it?

    Yes. I don't play it enough. Great DD!
  3. n5bar

    I'm Dreaming This Cant Be Real

  4. n5bar

    Why I will be taking a break

    What is t he AH mechanic? Thanks in advance!
  5. 8000 base XP in one day? I guess those of us who play mostly Co-op can just forget about this series.......
  6. n5bar

    PSA: Free 24 Hrs Premium Time

    Got it also. Thanks!
  7. n5bar

    Ok, what the hell is this thing?

    I was going to say that I was pretty sure there is one on the USS Kidd. Does someone have a picture of it?
  8. Does the Kidd have any WWII torpedo directors on board? I know a lot of them were removed from US destroyers as the torpedo banks were reduced or removed.
  9. Ok, it's not just me. Print of first "Drops" screen added. Thought I had one of the second container but apparently don't.
  10. So watched the official World Of Warships channel with Maredraco and Hungria for roughly an hour and a half. Went over to the "drops" page and it said claim a Twitch Container. Clicked on it. Went into the game. Not there. Got out of the game and went back in. Still not there. Meanwhile back on the "drops" page it said I could claim a second Twitch Container. So I clicked on that. No container. Same drill: out of the game and back in..... still no container. Anybody else having this problem?
  11. Ok, did the first part. Now, how or where do I sell the Corporate token? Edit: Never Mind! I found it.
  12. n5bar

    PSA: New Codes

    Thank you very much! I asked for an explanation of this in the Admiral's Locker and got crickets.
  13. 3. Is every orange tabby cat male? While it’s true that a higher percentage of orange tabbies are male, the ratio is actually about 80 percent male to 20 percent female. And it’s not some sort of magic — it’s genetics. The X chromosome is responsible for the orange coloring. Females possess two Xs and males possess XY. Hence, a female orange tabby cat requires the sire and the dam to pass on the orange genes. But males only need the orange gene from their mothers.
  14. n5bar

    Serious question from an observation...

    Could somebody explain this please? I did watch some of the 2019 WG summit (meeting) recorded video. I confess that I nearly fell asleep. I guess I need the short explanation of what this means and how WG Dev is using it. Thanks!
  15. So my clan has questions about this. Do you only get one star for play with one division and must have a different division with different clan members to get another star? If you only have say 5 active clan members who are willing to div up, does that mean you can only get 5 stars? The WOWS news explanation was a little light on details. n5bar