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  1. Any word yet on projected impact of Mississippi flooding in Baton Rogue?
  2. n5bar

    Upgrade Changes

    I haven't been able to figure out which ships or ship classes are most impacted by the new upgrade changes. I'm not sure which ships I need to look at to make changes. We have a very short window with no penalty for demounting upgrades. It seems to me that cruisers are most likely to be effected. Are there any suggestions to changes that I should consider? To be clear, I set up all of my cruisers for gunnery and survivability. I don't set up anything for AA max power. The only complete to tier 10 cruiser line I have is US CAs. I have German cruisers to tier 9.
  3. n5bar

    Another ship setting sail...

    Sorry to see you leave the staff. Will you be able to attend any of the WOWS events such as the Anchors Away Tours?
  4. n5bar

    PSA: Free Loot !! w0ot!

    Wondered why I got all the free stuff when I signed in. Woowser!
  5. n5bar

    Error Contacting Server

    Ok, everyone who signed in today gets a free premium day, 50 Dragon flags and 500 Doubloons compensation! Fem, don't hurt me.... just a suggestion .... don't .....
  6. n5bar

    Snowflake Event is Great

    Is there a problem with Tier VII ships getting the coal after knocking off the snowflake? Only played one so far but it appeared to get nothing. I will be doing screen prints on all of my Tier VIIs snowflake attempts from now on!
  7. If I recall correctly, a player posted last year that he spent something like $800 - $900 on santa crates to get a Missouri. Naturally a lot of people were amazed that he did that.
  8. n5bar

    Really Poor Experiences with Server Connection

    It's WOWS, not your computer. Many players reporting the same thing. Apparently WG is not admitting anything but it's them. Been happening a lot since the last update. I went through the same drill. Didn't help. Was experiencing a slow down tonight so I did a speed check. My internet upload and download over 900 mbps.
  9. n5bar

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful for two things. First and most importantly, I get to sail and fight a couple Fletcher class DDs in the game. For me, they represent the ship my father served on, the USS Callaghan. I met many of his shipmates at several of their reunions. They were a feisty lot and well trained. A successful ship until a night time kamikaze ended their wartime voyage just before the war itself was over. Second, I am grateful to the CCs who have given me hope by demonstrating techniques, strategies and that nobody is perfect in this game. I'm not the only one who makes mistakes, misses a critical salvo or runs into an island occasionally. I would really like to get a black Tirpitz. I think the black ships are cool.
  10. n5bar

    Game Crashing / Freezing Randomly With 8.9

    I have been having a lot of freezes with WOWS since 8.10 was released. I run the Game Diagnostics first before I enter the game now. But I don't think it does much for whatever is causing this problem.
  11. I was pretty sure the ship was ok after the hurricane. Did not think about the Visitors center. Good news is that it looked fine when I was there. Granted I don't know if there was more to it before the hurricane. IMHO "The Showboat" is a great tour. I only regret that the weather was so poor that my wife understandingly would not stay on deck after she took the pictures of me. Wind was gusting up to 40 mph that day. I just hope the 2020 visit is not scheduled for April or May next year. Won't be able to go then. But the wife loved Wilmington and we will go back.
  12. Oh, really? It should have been.
  13. I guess because the weather was so nasty, the turnout was really poor. Just my wife and I. I wore my father's USS Callaghan ball cap from one of his reunions to honor his service in the Pacific war. Pretty sure they were with the North Carolina at least once.