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  1. n5bar

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    I strongly agree. I am the "casual, non-hardcore player". I now basically ignore anything that has to do with steel because it is impossible for me to get enough to do anything with it, except just exchange it for coal (so just give me the coal). It is good that WG has events that cater to the hard-core players. I want the game to be successful and be around for 10 more years. But it also needs to do things for us casual players. The snowflake event was excellent .... got me to get out all the ships I hadn't played in a long time. Rogue Wave was good in the beginning but now not so much because the clan gun-slingers are making divs that can't be beat so can't get a win in there. Right now just grinding. Looking forward to something for those of us who aren't gun-slingers.
  2. n5bar

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Historically the Corsair had one of the highest survivability rates of any WWII fighter. Way better than the Seafire which had one of the lowest. Don't know about the Firefly but suspect is was not great in that department. Granted, as often has been said in this forum, this game does not put historical accuracy above playability. But perhaps this is a nod to historical accuracy. BTW, the Corsair was one of the fastest fighters of the war below 25,000 ft. That said, the Seafire matched it at sealevel and at least one version was faster. The Seafire was just more fragile partly due to the liquid cooled engine.
  3. Congress would only fund cruisers after the last of the WWI ships were built. War department budgets were very small then. Nobody wanted to go to war again as WWI was so terrible. All the focus was on peace treaties and naval treaties to try to prevent another arms race. Plus you have to remember that this was back when they actually balanced budgets (or came close). The idea of borrowing trillions (or even billions) from foreign entities would have been looked at as a totally alien concept. The navy had a hard enough time just getting the funds for cruisers and aircraft carriers. We had over 200 destroyers many of which were mothballed so congress saw no reason to spend money on new ones. It wasn't until other nations started to build new powerful destroyers that could easier take out our old DDs and threaten the fleet (BBs) that the navy pushed hard for new construction and congress went along.
  4. Very pleased with this battle, four kills top score. n5bar
  5. To honor my father Allen Foster, Torpedoman Second, plankowner and combat veteran, USS Callaghan. 8 battles stars and the last US destroyer sunk in combat to this day. The Callaghan was a Fletcher class destroyer.
  6. n5bar

    How Bad Is The Economy at T10 in PVE?

    For me, the one exception to the bad economy for T9 is the Fletcher. Granted I have permacamo and Premium time. I almost always use the common economy flags. With that setup, I make good points and credits on the Fletcher. The nice thing about the Fletcher is the US DD smoke. I've learned to smoke up as soon as the first red Bot is within 6ish range (best if 6.9 but I'm not always that fast). The Bots usually drive right up to me so I can pepper them with HE the whole time. When I get detected, torp time. I get great scores that way. The times it doesn't work is when I forget to take a look at the mini-map and right after I sink a ship in front of me, here comes the cruiser I didn't see. So Fletcher earns good credits for me. I have enough xp now to get the Gearing but don't have enough credits since I am rebuilding from a low of 4 mill plus recently bought the Mogami. I'm just having to spread out my silver ship purchases now way more than I use to.
  7. n5bar

    How Bad Is The Economy at T10 in PVE?

    Credits is an issue for me as well. I depleted mine down to 5 mill when I was doing the "knock the snowflake off" campaign. I had a number of ships that were not equipped with upgrades. I chose to upgrade them but it had an obvious effect on my Credits stash. Besides the Missouri, what are the best ships (non-cv) to earn credits in Co-op?
  8. I take screenshots post-battle on every battle. Since I play the game every day that I am not on vacation, I have screenshots for nearly every single day since about 3 months after I started playing the game in Dec. 2016. I make those screenshots for this very reason. If there is any problem with stuff I have bought, points or credits that I have earned, etc., I have documentation. Granted, I have a LOT of screenshots. But I have my proof if I need it.
  9. Yeah, have been hovering over them for the last month or so. But this morning clicked on it by accident (mouse slipped). But even before the accidental click, I was unable to look at the entire list. To see the bottom of the list, had to click on a text line something to the effect: "To see the rest of the list, click here." You could then see items out of normal view but also caused the entire list to go away: ie "get rid of the notification." I would like the list to be permanent.
  10. I would like to be able to check my rewards after I have clicked on the icon. Perhaps there is a way to do this but I haven't found it. Once you click on it, it's gone. I clicked on it by accident today so it's gone. Granted once upon a time you couldn't check the list at all. Reward dropped and then disappeared. It's motivating to me to be able to look at what I have received especially when I have had some rough battles. Now I do understand that for people who have been playing the game for years, the list is pretty long with some items having duplicates in the hundreds maybe even thousands. Still would like to be able to look at it somehow. Some way to bring it back up. Thanks!
  11. On behalf of clan LF: Salute! Fair winds and Following Seas OldOne70.
  12. n5bar

    Public Test Awards page?

    Thanks for the link. The exact thing happened with this link as well. As soon as I login, I get redirected to the WOWS "News" page. Frustrating!
  13. n5bar

    Public Test Awards page?

    Went to see if my flag award was ready yet for my time in the PT. Click the usual link from Google search. After I login I am switched over to the "news" page. Tried it several times, same result. Looks like the awards page has been accidentally tied into the "news" or general info page. Can somebody check on this please? Thanks! n5bar
  14. n5bar

    Hermes and Furious

    What Captain skills should you take for the Hermes and Furious? Thanks!