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  1. 1000 Doubloons. Always happy to get those.
  2. n5bar

    WG New World Order

    Yeah ........
  3. I wanted the FXP. I got the crappy sub! LOL!
  4. Thanks for the reminder!
  5. Thank you so much! I read the original article 3 times about the Anniversary event and it never explained this. It just had the graphic which indicated that it was a win or 300 BXP. I assume it is out there somewhere but I didn't find a reference to the 400 base XP for the "reward".
  6. Ok, tried out two of my remaining Tier VIII DDs in Co-op. First one got a little over 400 BXP and it did increment the "reward" number. The second one was Le Terrible and due to not great play on my part, only got 350 BXP. It did not increment the "reward" number. So my understanding is that you have to get over 300 BXP to get the "reward". It worked one time and did not the second time. As annoying as it is, I will put in a ticket. I have screen shots and replay if they need all that.
  7. Thanks all. I will test to make sure I am making the BXP requirement first.
  8. I am trying to finish up the "snowflake" festive rewards. I had 27 "rewards" totaled up as of this morning. These are the rewards to allow you to get the Bonuses for another ship without playing it. They incremented every time I got a win. But suddenly today they stopped incrementing. I can't seem to earn any more. I can use them but not earn them. I am finishing up Tier VIII. I have over 300 ships total so I believe I have well over 50 ships left with the purple icon (eligible ships). Anyone else have this issue?
  9. Yeah, it tells me the video is not available. I can't watch it. I can't like it because it's not there. Its not listed with the other videos under the World of Warships Official Channel on Youtube. Really??
  10. n5bar

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Free or not?? "Free daily random bundles" versus "The bundles are available for purchase until...."
  11. n5bar

    Is this intended as a joke?

    I am absolutely fine with this tiny buff. I don't own the Marlborough.
  12. My clan's score with the Naval Battle changed 3 times in about 5 minutes with nobody in battle. I was the only one in at the time. Two of these scores I have screen prints for. There are 2 sets of screen prints for each score to show the descrepancy between the Clan score displayed at the top and the individual scores displayed at the bottom. They don't add up in the first example. And the clan score changed each time I looked at it.
  13. n5bar

    Aiming Bug

    So, can you do this same trick against the bots in Co-op?
  14. n5bar

    Discord Drops: August 2022

    Still no mission! @Boggzy, @Maredraco, @Konception or @Ahskance
  15. n5bar

    Discord Drops: August 2022

    Is there a tutorial for using the WoWs Community Discord? My clan uses Discord to communicate but that is a lot simpler than using the WoWs Community Discord for me at least. I can't even figure out if I am "authenticated". Thanks!