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  1. So... how do I find someone that has a clan so I can do the mandatory clan battles? No-one in my live server clan does the Public Test. I'm the only one. Very disappointing. Public Test takes time to set up the ships each time there is a new test. Other than experiencing a new ship I don't have in live server, I have no incentive now.
  2. Thermal layers that make the submerged submarine undetectable. (Not that I want submarines in the game......)
  3. n5bar

    Acasta - First Impressions

    Glad you liked it. I find the extremely short operation of the smoke and duration to make it nearly useless. Seems like you have to hit the key for smoke and then reverse your engines at the same time. Otherwise I just run right out of it. I do like the acceleration of the Brit DDs though.
  4. Ok, how do I delete the accidental second post?
  5. Two groups to follow: the code breakers at Pearl and the USN dive bomber pilots. Everything else revolves around them.
  6. I agree with all of the above. It is hard enough to get members of my clan to agree to participate in scenarios. This one will be impossible to get them into. If there are not adjustments, I think the participation by the player base will be really low.
  7. n5bar

    Anybody unable to "Achieve Greatness"?

    Error 404. Nobody home.
  8. n5bar

    reward open water battle

    Ok, another not obvious acronym. Translation please?
  9. n5bar


    HMS Venturer sank the U-864 on Feb. 9, 1945 when both were submerged. Only case documented where submerged sub versus sub sinking occurred. Ok, if we have subs, I want Destroyer Escorts armed with hedgehog. And a single dedicated torpedo plane autolaunched for sub hunting. After all, thats what CVs actually did. Launch a torp plane loaded with depth charges to patrol for subs.
  10. My father's ship, USS Callaghan, went through Typhoon Cobra (otherwise known as Halsey's typhoon) in Dec '44. Luckily they had a skipper who knew what he was doing. Had the tanks flooded before it got bad. Guys at one of the reunions claimed they saw 40+ on the inclinometer. Guys not on duty were told to stay in their bunks. My dad said he had to learn to sleep with a death grip on the sides of the bunk. I can't imagine he actually slept much. I wouldn't.
  11. n5bar

    Tech Tree Tuesday - The Grind

    Fubuki. I just suck at IJN DDs. I only have 1 IJN Captain at 11 points and its on my Atago. My Fubuki Captain was only 8 points to start and then 9 at the finish. I think you really have to have a 10 point Captain to make IJN DDs work. Need the Concealment....
  12. n5bar

    A [edited] Dasha is bad

    Is there anywhere I can find translations of her phrases? I don't mind putting in the time to study it such a list (database?). But would rather not learn the hard way in battle. Thanks!
  13. Ok, something I don't get here from the OP. The Musashi costs 176k coal in the Arsenal. Even with a coupon for 25% off, looking at 132k coal. You say you have 50k coal. ??? Or did you mean to say, I'll save up to get to the Musashi?
  14. And what did the Kronor or Admiralen or De Zeven Provincien accomplish?
  15. I just want to get in on this to add my vote to getting rid of the "save a star" system. There are several things that could be done instead. Some of those have already been suggested. The WOWS developers need to get with the CCs and STs to talk it out for the best system so there is teamwork on winning. One suggestion I would make is to somehow reduce the credit loss if your team loses. If you suffer several losses and lose credits each time (we dont all have a thousand extra economic flags), you can get discouraged very quickly. That is one reason (not the only) I hardly play ranked at all.