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  1. Scotty_SE

    Is there an ETA for Russian carriers?

    WoWs developers are having trouble modeling the carrier based jump jets and hypersonic cruise missles for the RU CV line.
  2. Scotty_SE

    Premium Izumo?

    It's not another broken, pay to win HE spammer and you guys are whining.
  3. If a BB has to switch to HE to do more damage to a broadside cruiser WoWs developers need to fix the overpen mechanic which is already a joke. Less armor shouldn't be an advantage. Oh wait...the smelly smol is Russian.
  4. Scotty_SE

    Hiding behind islands

    Terrain/Islands are in this game to provide tactical diversity and so BBs, especially at higher tiers dont dominate. There are some cruisers that would be unplayable without islands. BBs players that can take advantage of islands become that much better. I dont mind the occasional ocean map but open water fights in higher tiers often reward who is blessed by RNG more or simply dumb luck focus fire. I would also rather have islands than more trash smoke spamming meta. I see way more cruisers dumbly yoloing in open water than island camping. Some of you just want faster matches because your attention span is broke. Please go play WOT and 4 minute matches.
  5. Scotty_SE

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    So, basically you have a statistical group of ships performing that much better than other nations, but WG developers claim those numbers are coincidence. . When your college statistics prof gives you a 'fail' that's tell him to base your grade on your relative penmanship instead. LOL A ship with a WR of 53% isnt just a few percent better than a ship with a 50%. The higher performing ship is astronomically better because the base mean WR is 49.9% or something that's fuzzy close. The population curve here is pretty steep so the more a ship deviates from the mean the more broken it is. That's why you see a lot of players running around with 70% WR is a Belfast but not too many in a Dallas. Now tell me the Belfast isnt broke. Basically it's the same garbage response that the guy with 15k games and a WR of 43% at tier 10 and claims "it's not me, it's the teams I get". WGs response and the defenders in this thread are being just as absurd. If there was a Ukraine tech tree those ships would average it 43% and we would still have deniars.
  6. Scotty_SE

    Karma system = Flawed

    The Karma system can be easily fixed by only allowing positive feedback for playing. The negative comments amount to nothing ...other than chat abuse, which does seem to be working to an extent. I do feel players that get lots of positive feedback from other players should be noted and does provide a benefit to game. Even Flambass uses it. The guy with 12k games, a WR of 38%, and aiding his team to lose by humping the back wall and sniping from the back in his Yamato doesn't care about negative karma. If you don't want floods of bad messages dont play CV's.
  7. Scotty_SE

    What an awful day for randoms.

    Welcome to world of tanks on water One of my biggest annoyances with this game is the near line per line copy of WoTs absurd vision and spotting system. Its the biggest reason you have constant blow outs like this. Plus, the neurotic addiction to domination style games which encourage players to yolo so Matches end as soon as possible. One lucky DD player or smart CV player gets a team spotted and they are half dead. Spotting needs to be more limited to ship to ship engagements or slowed down so it's not instantaneous. This is not WoT , DDs are not tank destroyers, and all engaging ships need more parity.
  8. Scotty_SE

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    Can you guys leave the historic talk out of this? We all have access to wikipedia. It's like listening to our resident weeboids revise Japanese culture to fit their PhD's in anime'. There's nothing remotely historic about this game at all. Do you people really get the intent of CV's here? They exist in this game and are perpetuated by WG to act as a counter unicum and skill leveling tool; paper/rock/scissors. CV's give a a mediocre player the best chance of nullifying a 70% player. As usual WG developers create a problem with a broken mechanic that allow higher skiller players to exploit and they create a bigger problem trying to fix it. The reality is that CV players tend to target the lowest hanging fruit (the 42% nub who runs off solo in his colorado) first rather than the unicum DD or premium cruiser player, hence all the screaming. Lots of ways to fix the current CV situation , but recognize the intent of CVs in the first place, and that's why they aren't getting fixed.
  9. Scotty_SE

    Are mid and low tiers being neglected by WG?

    So, the way I'm reading this thread is the posters are admitting that premiums in WoWs are better than tech tree ships (pay to win), and the way you fix that in mid tiers is more premiums? Basically you want more Belfasts to compensate for your lack of skills, right? I mean seriously....how many noobs do you have to thrash in your broken premium and hence get to quit in disgust because you can't compete in a tech line ship? I would rather pay a nominal subscription for a balanced game than pay bribes for new content.
  10. While I don't have a large enough pool of data to stand up in court I've noticed that lately Tier 6-7 seems to be populated with higher skill players than Tier 9-10. If there's any conclusion here it's that better, veteran players are spending more time in intermediate tiers than high tiers. Could be the CV re-work, the glut of BB grinders, or just plain more fun. In any respect I played a lot of T7 matches over the weekend where the mean WR of players in the match was 54-55%. Then I jump to higher tiers and there's a 37% player in an Iowa.........
  11. Scotty_SE

    So how has the Georgia been in actual gameplay?

    On the issue of secondaries I've always considered them a gimmick and a mechanic that should have never been introduced, at least in their present form. Secondaries are a 'dumbed down' mechanic designed to level up low skill players and also cost severe balance problems, especially in the German line. OP'd secondaries force cruisers to play like DD's and discourage DD's from taking more risks which keeps matches from truly opening up. BB's that don't have good secondaries will naturally camp and play passive for obvious reasons. At a minimum when a BB with uber secondaries opens up with them they need to lose something....like speed, or turret rotation....or something. There needs to be a counter and not just be a tool for assisted living types that fire HE at broadside cruisers to get some damage.
  12. Scotty_SE

    Tirpitz is kind of underwhelming.

    Tirpitz was introduced at a time new content was scarce and soon after its release you saw matches consisting mostly of the things. I thought the entire release was a joke and reflected some desperation on WGs part. The problems with T8 seeing too much T10 has only exacerbated the power creep issues with the Tirp as well as the Bismarck. Once players adapted to the seconadaries both BBs lost a lot of luster. I torpedoed an idiot Tirp player in my Buddy last night as he rounded an island and sank him which reflects another problem....and that's most Tirp players I see now are assisted living types. Good players are sick of the Mr Magoo accuracy and being an HE dumpster. I play a lot of mid tier cruisers and the only way a Tirp or Bis hits me beyond 12k is because RNG says so. Period. Fixing T8 facing T10 so much would go a long way.
  13. Scotty_SE

    Need a "surrender" option

    First point. Because people are grinding shouldn't be an excuse to exit a match early. I play to win each match - not grind. WG wants me to grind to make them money and I refuse. Next, CVs would be the main abuser of a surrender system. If you choose to play CVs and dont like being treated as an XP pinata at the end of a losing match then dont play CVs. Last, the points system at the end of a match needs to be adjusted so that the worst players on the winning team and best players on the losing team get swapped. This would provide more incentive for last stand players to put up a fight and also discourage yolo play. If you suck on either the winning or losing team you shouldn't be compensated while the players who work hard should.
  14. Scotty_SE


    It might be boring as hell to play the same ship but changing lines can really screw up your mechanics. I simply cant make the adjustment from IJN railgun cruisers to USA. Also, the main function of the game is not to grind. Find a tier and ships you like to play and get good at them.
  15. Scotty_SE

    I have been part of the problem in Chat

    Decent players realize what they did wrong and evolve. They dont need to be swore at. Egos in this game wont admit that many results of matches are just plaint the result of random strategic forking. DDs get this the hardest. Bad players are bad because they cant evolve. The guy who camps in back with 7k games and a 41% WR in his Iowa needs to be encouraged to stay in co-OP. The guy launching into profanity tirades because he was the only lemming on his lemming train needs to be reported.