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  1. Scotty_SE

    How to make the game playable

    How about locking any player with a WR lower than 45% into co-OP mode for T8 mode and above.
  2. Scotty_SE

    Yorck — German Tier VII cruiser.

    Yorck is one of the best all around cruisers in the game - period. I have many T10 cruisers but love to play my Yorck in T7. Its light years better than the Nurn. Ridiculous torp angles for ambushing, hard hitting guns that dont constantly shatter like under caliber Russian guns do, solid armor (if the Yorck has paper armor what do you call a Schors?) and decent maneuverability. Zara has hard hitting SAP and ruggedness but handles like a cruise ship. The Schoors requires long range fire starting vs soft targets and is just a nuisance vs heavier BBs. Myoko has great guns...once the turrets turn and handles like a Scharn and is visible from orbit. Long range torps on the Myoko basicall launch from the fantail and cam be spotted from across the map. New Orleans requires island hugging and is rugged but doesnt have the DPM to start fires consistently and is vulnerable in open water. Algerie is OK and similar to the Yorck, but Yorck guns are bigger and hit harder. Trick with the Yorck is to run DE not IFHE and jack it up with fire flags.
  3. Scotty_SE

    Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    I'm good at island huggers and find the Helena in need of a buff. Cleveland is orders of magnitude better at this tactic. Helena is too sluggish for its roll no matter what tools you bolt on. In open water you are dead vs any competent player. You are too slow to get away, you have zero armor and your concealment is so so. It's not a bad grind, but not amazing either. The Cola is the ship you should be learning to island hug with, and that's why people struggle with it.
  4. Scotty_SE

    Cleveland — American Tier VIII cruiser.

    Older T6 Cleveland got to damage farm noobs in T5 BBs and destroyers and with its molecule sized citadel was tough to kill. Burning down players with 75games under their belt. Yeah...fun. in my Buddy or Yorck I loved torturing seal clubbing Clevelands by just staying out of their range and melting them. Not so fun now is it. T8 Cleveland is a more competitive ship with a far tougher MM to deal with. More challenging and more fun. With CE, DE and RDF this ship is outright filthy to play with a bunch of gimmicks that rival premiums., but you need to know how to hug islands.
  5. Scotty_SE

    New Citadel King....The Nevsky

    You can post this garbage all you want. It's next to meaningless. The new 'RNG' / skill normalizer in this game is AP arming and this is really where the power creep is occurring and where developers are fudging the math. I get over-pens vs a broadside Yammy firing AP in my Cleveland, but these new Ruskie cruisers get half a dozen cits in a single salvo with higher theoretical penetration. Yeah...pull my finger. You can't have it both ways...unless it's a russian developed game and they need to stop the exodus of russian players. Balance over pen mechanics and the new russian cruisers won't be smashing cits better than any other cruiser.
  6. Scotty_SE

    Missed shells? Da Kamerad, Flamu sees.

    FYI.....there is no such thing as server lag. Hosted servers for the past decade are entirely virtual, run in massive data centers and have as much resources as they need. I could literally migrate a WoWs server live to another data center without a packet being dropped. Lag issues are caused by congested pier network relays - period. Cable monopolies only care about shareholders. They dont care about upgrading capacity for gamers when 99% of their profit is downloading cached content that is buffered anyways and not latency sensitive. Last, I was watching a replay of a match I played tonight and the replay showed massive desync issues with shells impacting over half a ship length or more. However, when I played the game there was zero lag or sync issues. Stop judging replays and crybaby CCs on youtube. It's only real time game play that matters. Replays arent accurate.
  7. Scotty_SE

    A moment of silence

    French declared neutrality (or tried) after being invaded by Germany, and then got their fleet sunk by the Brits because they didn't want to make their overlords (I thought they declared neutrality) mad. No real sympathy for the French Navy,
  8. I was watching a Shima on our team 3rd person last night great utterly rekdt while sitting in smoke and rocking back and forth by the enemy CV (think it was an Enterprise). He was not detected (no other ship on that side of the map), but the CV player landed dead on attacks with rockets and bombs in full smoke. Shima was a 61% player who obviously knew his stuff, but was justifiably livid. "Don't know why I keep playing this #$%^ game"......he had my sympathy. CV player had pretty outrageous stats. (in CV's only). Whatever mod packs this clown was running I would like to see them. In any respects, the negative impact CV play is having on high tier D play is profound and wreaking the game and arguing with pro CV fans is like arguing with moon landing conspiracy buffs. If you got beat up a lot in the playground pick up CVs.
  9. Most of the Russian ships in this game didn't exist 'historically'
  10. Scotty_SE


    Spare me the 'spreadsheets' defense. No developer at WG has ever looked at a spreadsheet other than how much income they take in from premiums or much gold was used to convert XP when a new broken Russian ship was introduced. The term "balance" has no comprehension or translation to these guys. You might as well be meowing to your cat. Match starts with two CVs on either team and 99% of the time it ends with CVs vs CVs. Anybody who claims that's balanced works for WG or is brain damaged.
  11. Scotty_SE

    AP Over-Penning Citadels

    The over pen mechanic seems to be getting worse and worse. I used to like pulling out my Myoko because any cruiser that showed me broadside would get spanked with AP. Not any more. Last week a had 8 over pens into a Leander at about 7k waterline in a single volley. Yeah...8 over pens. Next match 5 over pens in a Fiji under similar circumstances. My Charles Martel had 3 overpens in the side of Gneis yesterday. Wows developers are changing the AP fuse timings as a leveling tool so noob players arent punished as badly for making mistakes. They pretty much admitted it with the Odin. Right now the best way to defend yourself vs AP is to give broadside and not angle. And you wonder why so many high tier BBs are flinging HE. Overpen factor needs to deal a lot more damage than it does now. Or just give it a high RNG factor.
  12. Scotty_SE

    Disturbing trend in WoWs

    Basically the OP is demanding power creep and wants DDs that have the firepower of a Smolensk, concealment of a minekaze and speed of a Frenchie. Power creep is bad for the game. Ironically the worst things affecting DD play right now is 12k Radar and CVs. I'm seeing a steady depopulation of DDs in higher tier games with more and more matches with either a single DD or none.
  13. Scotty_SE

    One Simple CV Question

    In two matches in the past two days DDs on my team quit at the beginning of a match because there were two CVs per side. They flat out stated it and bailed. I dont blame them. Maybe if entire teams did this WG would get the message.
  14. Scotty_SE

    What makes Colorado T7 worthy?

    Colorado "sucks" because most players running it dont care and simply want an easy grind to the Iowa and Montana where they can stink up high tier with their 46% WR. Rather than sail out in the open and get HE spammed to death by damage farming cruisers use the Colorado to its strengths. Support faster BBs with your 16" boulder throwers. Dont over commit. Read the mini map so you dont get isolated with your slow speed. Uh, Angle? Oh wait, you're "grinding" so you dont have to care about stuff like that. Lower velocity guns mean you can lob over islands and break visual contact. A mandatory skill for USN.
  15. Scotty_SE

    Nearing my first T10.

    What Barney said. @#!$ tier 10. Seriously....full of broken ships with science fiction weapons and CVs that can bleep 1/3 your health in one pass. I feel sorry for players that think the object of the game is to grind to tier 10. Most end up miserable after awhile.