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  1. Scotty_SE

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    How about these same players sticking to co-op rather than you making excuses for them? I see no difference between a T'ker or griefer in randoms -vs- a 42% player at T10. Both are actively doing something to cause the rest of their team to lose. *YOU* are the one being selfish, not us. If you seriously lack the ability to understand that you losing 2/3rds of your games at higher tier causes 14 other players a lot of misery and you don't have enough courtesy to to stick to lower tiers or co-op than I sure as hell don't respect your right to play a a competitive game because it's free simply for the helluvit. You have the option to play lower tiers, and you have the option to play co-op.
  2. I have a couple good ideas and points. 1. WoWs developers need to stop wasting resources on stupid holiday campaigns and spend more effort learning to introduce balanced ships. Even a Russion Ransomware hacker knows that if broken ships weren't introduced in the first place we wouldn't have all this drama trying to fix the damn things. 2. Let the whiners keep their OPd boats, including Putins pride like the Belfast which only lacks nerve gas launchers. Just balance other ships around them by introducing damage compensation factors. If you're hit by a shell from a specified boat then its adjusted accordingly. Please dont waste my time convincing my RNG isn't already biased to this effect. This way the broken boats arent touched by the game is balanced. 3. Legit players get the need for balance. No serious professional adult would be throwing a fit about a game adjustment that makes things more fair.
  3. Lowering the captain skill requirement for secondary builds amounts to a nerf for BBs that have poor secondary performance to begin with. Personally I've always felt seconadaries should be restricted to a consumable type mechanic which would require skilled management and not a vertical auto damage captain skill.
  4. The fact the game has a mechanic that allows unicom DD players to burn down same tier BBs with science fiction plasma guns seems far more broke than the obvious irrelevancy of secondary builds.
  5. Scotty_SE

    data useage

    If your home router / wifi is influencing latency then you might want to trade in your 2005 LinkSys router and Pentium4 computer. My wireless access point contributes approx 1ms of latency. It's mostly cable providers and peer network congestion that causes most client latency.
  6. Scotty_SE

    Do you keep Algérie after grinding?

    Of the tech tree t7s I have good stats in all but found the Algerie rather meh compared to both the recently buffed Yorck and Myoko. The guns on the Algerie simply lack the punch of the other two cruisers and I find I can beat an Algerie consistently in the other two cruisers. Myoko HE is in an entirely different class. I was enjoying the Fiji, but mid tier players are getting better at hitting cruisers in smoke and even dumb BB players have figured out if they angle right the Fijis guns might as well be firing rock salt. T7 is fun in any respect. Play what you enjoy.
  7. Scotty_SE

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Yeah...and it will only be available on a new class of premiums.
  8. Scotty_SE


    Running in my T6 - T8 cruisers the Fuso is on my short list of boats to fear at all costs. That shotgun blast of shells is a citadel machine no matter what you do. Move up a bit and focus cruisers more. Plenty of pretty premium cruisers in that bracket to get respect from.
  9. Scotty_SE

    The Bayern is awful

    Bayern has been power creeped to death like other mid tier BBs. I agree about its armor...but who cares. You will be burnt to death long before it matters. An angled Bayern is a castrated Bayern. Basically you rely on mid tier cruisers being stupid and overly aggressive. For the record, 60% WR in mine, but the Fuso is the better boat, IMO.
  10. Scotty_SE

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    One of the biggest problems in this game right now is too many domination matches which attract DDs to caps like a bug zapper. Rather than wait for cruiser and BB support they just charge right in, smoke, and the lucky guy survives the default wall of torps. The winner controls vision for that side of the map and the steamroll starts. I'm sick of my matches controlled by what team has fewer idiot DDs and seeing 8-10 rats in a match. Matches with no more than 2 DDs per side and increasingly standard game mode are the most fun and likely to go down to the wire. Why do all tiers have to suffer because t10 is a campfest? Switching to CAs has helped a lot. I verbally warn my DDs I won't support them if they get too far ahead and actually fire some warning shots to slow them down. If they are just going to roger ramjet to the nearest cap, pop smoke and sit there blind thinking I'll back them up with no tactical vision they are dreaming. Once that first DD encounter turns on our favor the odds of a loss decrease rapidly. DDs need to cooperate to make this happen.
  11. The Vladimir Putin T10 BB. This is rumoured WoWs development footage.
  12. Scotty_SE

    Bot CVs got better in Co-op

    Actually.....I think it has. I fire off a few games in Co-op when trying a new ship for the first time to get used to the guns and such. You know...actually use co-op for what it was intended for. Ran into a T6 Indy bot that was shockingly good about a week ago. Killed 3 higher tier BB's and gave me a pretty good smack in my Yorck before we finally nuked him. The AI was clearly running off a script beyond just flying at enemy ship in point and click auto drop fashion. It actually spent some time cutting my turn off before dropping. Normally I don't bat an eyelash at a mid tier CV in randoms if I'm in a cruiser because most suck and I know the few dangerous players by memory. That AI Indy though was a royal PITA. We all commented and joked we wish we could have that AI in PvP -vs- the normal CV scrub on our team. It was actually somewhat challenging and nobody complained. So, if somebody in WoWs development is behind it..more cowbell please.
  13. Scotty_SE

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Good grief..... If WG were to release a premium version of the Worcester...(it would likely trade a slight DPM decrease for some zombie like heal or even worse: torps) the forum here would be running with their wallets open to buy one and bragging about how excellent it is.
  14. Scotty_SE

    Why You Won't Get West Virginia '44

    WoWs typical development history trumps any speculation in this thread. If it's a tech tree ship the odds are it will be mediocre because it's 'Mericun. If it's a Premium it will inevitably be OP'd. The only question is how OP'd it will be.
  15. Scotty_SE

    Bullying and harasment

    The vast majority of persistent nastiness I see mid tiers and higher is aimed at CV's and Premium BB's that shouldn't be playing high tier. If you're running a Midway or 'Bama with a 42% WR your lack of skills are going show and at some point you are going to be dealing with an onslought of angry team mates, and honestly I think you types that fit this description deserve the abuse. So, the honest answer to your question is if you want to avoid it stay out of higher tiers unless you can at least justify yourself having stats where you roughly lose as many games as you win. Then there's the 45% fruitcake that dies 3minutes into a match and spends the rest of the match cussing out his team for not supporting his yolo run. These guys are as inevitable as gravity and I swear WG pays some guy with multiple accounts to do it as his full time job. They are looking for excuses, so don't feed the troll. If they get nasty just vote to chat ban.