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  1. I've proposed this for years, and its simple. Have a game mode thats only tier 9 and 10 (call it elite tier) and you have to have 50% WR to enter. There is plenty of high tier population not to affect queue times.
  2. Let's keep it real. CL game play right now is rubbish in lower and mid tiers. The only function light cruisers have at those tiers is to quickly nuke yolo'ing DD players that suck anyways and to provide target practice for BBs. Once you hit T4/ T5 you might as well play a pool lounge chair than a CL. At T10 you gave gimmicks that kind of help. Emphasis on gimmicks. My Yorck can shrug off Scharnhorst volleys if I'm perfectly angled and at mid range and the moon and start are aligned. If a T5 GC shows up though he cits me from any angle because of his pay to win shell timings. Cruisers also got seriously power crept by CVs. What good is it to have decreased detection range if you are permanently spotted. When every experienced streamer bad mouths the things they have a point. I recently starting grinding French BBs, and was astonished how bad low and mid tier CL game play has become. I literally have zero fear of cruisers and can delete them at will save for a freak like a Graff Spee. Their only function is to distract bad CV players and spot mediocre DD players who don't get vision mechanics. CAs are where its at in high tiers. Higher tier CLs otherwise have a single tactic. Get a volley off a BB thats distracted, hope for a fire, and run and hope to go dark. Maybe Radar a DD or two. If you are a DM poke your front turret over a low rock and squeeze a couple rounds into a Yammy before planes spot you. So much fun. Alaska vs Neptune anybody? Anybody? Anybody? HE has more value with BBs than you think, but it depends on the boat and situation. Want to have fun? Load HE in a Fuso and melt the enemy team. Most under rated HE spammer in the game. Don't try doing that in a Colorado or Nagato though. Otherwise the only way to fix this is to allow CLs to do more module damage to BBs with AP like they historically did. Don't hold your breath though. WG developers are more focused on subs and science fiction homing torpedos. After my recent experience grinding up, which I haven't done in years I have zero faith in this game surviving. No new blood in the game will tolerate the misery of cruisers in mid tier and they are too hard to play. No new blood = dead game.
  3. One of the best skills you learn in this game - quickly assessing if your DDs are eating crayons with their free hand or know their craft. Match I played today shows how a single DD with a clue and some backup can beat a superior force. Yeah, its midtier, but when the team work flows in randoms its still priceless. DD decisions still command this game and pivot matches. Map was trap, T8- T6 and I'm screwing around in my Fuso. We spawn SE and myself, an Akatsuki and a Lyon head to the southern cap. Our Suki smartly grabs the cap from behind the island but then their boats arrive and their force is bigger. They have a Roma, Gneiss, Bayern, Cola, and a DD. Our t7 BB turns and splits when he sees the odds and while I turn and retreat to get range i want to see what our Suki is going to do. I smack half the health off the Cola and take a chunk off the Roma who returns the favor and removes 1/3 of mine. The Akatsuki has been power crept, but she still has teeth in the right hands. It also looks like their team has stalled after getting the cap. Rather than push through and finish us they make the noob mistake and stall while debating about heading north. They have the cap so why bother chasing us, right? Their DD, which is another Suki charges our Suki and their DD gets the worst of it before the mutual smoke up. I put a load of HE into him and he retreats not to be seen again. After all, he's won the cap so he's thinking he's done his job. The bad guys are way outgunned and moving away so why risk getting sunk, right? Their first mistake. So this is where the analysis starts.I'm NE of the cap, perfectly butt angled but not retreating. Our Suki is SE of the Cap. Their Bayern and Gneiss aren't a threat at range and are just scratching my paint while their DD has bolted and there's no CV. They have a good chunk of their fleet down here and we want to tie them up. They've slowed on the cap. Were pushed off but our Suki has been relentlessly sending logs at the Roma and obviously knows his boat. Check: smart DD player and larger but over confident force. Im all in. Also should add the Fuso and Amagi have disgusting HE which people forget. Their Roma eventually succumbs to entropy and simultaneously burns from my HE and floods out from torp spam. Between volleys im also being a jerk and manually targeting their Cola to make him nervous and keeping him behind the island. The Bayern and Gneiss are trying to snipe me and failing even though I'm stationary but perfectly angled. They are obviously intimidated with our lurking Suki and rapidly losing damage cons to a spit balling IJN shotgun BB. Gneiss grows a pair and charges me but I'm expecting it, and obviously so is our Suki. Gneiss valiantly goes down in flames and floods. Our Suki driver playing it perfectly with position and obviously knows Im trusting his torp runs while I bait. Again, the poor Bayern kills fountains of fish, and when he angles i just melt more steel and the Suki lands more torps. He goes down. Badly damaged Cola only one holding the cap. Thats over with fast. Suki grabs cap and we win easily. Not very smart tactics on the part of the enemy team but hats off to that Suki for knowing his craft and a big salute to mid tier DD players with a clue and arent mindlessly grinding. I dont run into many of you.
  4. Irrelevant. Your 1Gb connection is only good to the nearest switch at your ISP. You dont have a point to point connection to WoWs servers. ISPs over subscribe their lines and this causes congestion on pier networks and where most of the lag is. Think of too many cars entering a busy freeway. Causes all the cars to slow down.
  5. Radar Mino and DD pairings are a brutal combination CLs in general are not thriving in the current Meta.
  6. Scotty_SE

    Understand this Wargaming

    So...you're the guy who pops smoke at spawn in your DD. I thought it was to avoid CV rushes. Now...clam baking i totally get. :-)
  7. It has a high skill floor to be effective. One radar or German hydro and its over. Unfortunately most BB players have a skill level in the basement. There are far worse DDs at high tiers that are broken if played by a skilled DD captain.
  8. Scotty_SE

    Foriegn Movie/Film Suggestions thread

    Space Sweepers was a lot of fun. Highly recommended. One of my favorite non English films is the Hungarian 'Kontrol' from 2003. One of the coolest movies most people have never seen. The trailer is better than most movies I've seen lately.
  9. Scotty_SE

    WG can you buff Pensacola.

    Current Pensacola needs a detection buff. That's it. I will take the current Pensacola over a Dallas or Nurn any day. Pensacola trains you to play like the rest of the USN cruiser line needs to be played. Island hug or die. People who complain about it now are the same ones who take a Cleveland or Helena in open water and get quickly blapped. If you can't do well in the current Cola you won't do well in the rest of the line.
  10. Scotty_SE

    Warning to new players

    I can only wish Wargaming would nerf/balance premiums.
  11. Scotty_SE

    Help picking a BB line

    I'm sorry, but with the current sniping meta German BBs are almost trash except for T10. If you are doing good in a Bismarck it's because you are getting top tier matches vs low experience teams. That boat is a joke. I can farm a Gneiss in a low tier cruiser with HE unless he gets serious RNG luck. I just pulled out my Amagi after not playing it in years. I can sit 13-16k away from a Bismarck with a speed flag and literally ignore it with proper angling. Farm the cruisers first while the Bismarck player has to resort to HE because his AP can't pen or whiffs, then when there's nothing else to shoot focus Bismarck and reck it. Russian BBs are the easiest to play through the entire line and still be competitive followed by RN, IJN or French depending on play style..higher tier American BBs can hold their own, but have a high skill floor due to ballistics.
  12. Scotty_SE

    Amagi — Japanese Tier VIII battleship.

    Recently pulled out my Amagi after not playing her in years. The recent change in meta towards more stand off BB fights would tend to cater to the Amagis strengths. No more trolling Khab or Tirpitz divisions to counter you. And I was right. Still hits like a freight train and doesn't seem affected much by power creep. Enemy BBs or cruisers that make one mistake are punished badly. With deadeye Amagi is almost OPd. While the current player base isn't exactly a bunch of mensa candidates I am still baffled at how easily the Amagi can shut down other BBs. German BBs in particular the Bismarck, which tend to be very popular in randoms can almost be dismissed if kept at range. Farm cruisers first and and angle the Bismarck while he struggles to pen you. At least the Tirpitz had torps if you got too close, but the Bismarck is just a damage piniata now vs an Amagi. Most amusing is you dont see a lot of Amagis in randoms, so newer players aren't aware of that fist of god alpha strike until its too late.
  13. Scotty_SE

    Is it just me or has the rework diminished Battleship impact?

    The rework has made good BB players even stronger because they know when to snipe and damage farm vs push. They can now punish dumber enemy players even worse. Campers gonna camp. Unlike over pens, which act and are intended as a skill disparity normalizer to give mediocre players some buffer the BB perks in the rework do the opposite.
  14. Scotty_SE

    Wargaming, what on earth is this? - Yorck

    Necro post, but Yorck is one of my favorite tech tree cruisers in the game. Jack it up with rudder shift and fire flags and have fun. Shell speed is just slow enough where you can island lurk but not as floaty as USN. Shells also don't shatter like Russian rail guns shooting glass shells. Yeah, the HE is weak, but its nasty vs soft armor and other cruisers or DDs. 8" shells hurt when fired from any t7 cruiser. Its also very agile. SAP cruisers are really your only fear. Compared to a Myoko or Zara or Hipper it feels like a Ferrari. German and USN BBs hate you because at range you can weave through their shell spreads at range. A Gneiss player will be pounding his keyboard because he either bounces off your decent armor or misses unless RNG repeatedly favors him while you slowly shred him. I consistently end up in the top 3 vs t9 matches. Bring it. In late matches when down tiered enemy BBs respect your ludicrous torp angles and cautiously approach islands. If they can't blap you in one shot in a knife fight they have some pretty evil torps to deal with and you can often flip around and dump both sides. Yes, there are better cruisers in specific areas areas but the Yorck has one of the more versatile tool boxes out there.
  15. I will have to watch this..Drachs videos are extremely well done, objective, and superbly detailed often detailing each shell fall. His video and analysis of the Bismarck is outstanding. Can't wait to watch this.