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  1. __JD___

    Submarines are Coming

    I for one look forward to the sub entering the game. In older sub sims you would typically get a mission order and proceed to the area and try to complete the mission. The speed issue was fixed with a speed enhancer with which you could increase the speed of the sub in X increments ie: 2x 4x 8x etc. This allowed you to speed through the many miles of ocean quickly and arrive at the target area in time to meet the enemy schedule. I don't know if WG is going to use something like this or come up with a new system but I am sure they are thinking about how to get the sub into the battle while it is still going on. If done correctly subs can be a very intense game because silence and maneuvering to the correct firing position is key to winning a battle against much superior surface ships. I am hoping to get into the testing when it is time.
  2. __JD___

    Constant game crashes

    Game plays fine but if I try to go to the store I get bounced and have to use Task Manager to get out. Need to get out of everything WG then I can re enter and stay out of the store so all is well. WG is losing money!
  3. Ths new format WG setup was a good idea till I see the evil in their intentions. I started as a rank 10 and fairly quickly got to rank 3. That was the brick wall. I could not win a game or 3 to get to rankl 2. I couldn't figure out why until I started looking at who I was playing against. All of a sudden the team on the left (my team) were your average skill level players. The team on the right (enemy) consisted of anywhere from 1 to as many as 4 Super level players with the fancy patches and big award guys. What I am saying is the deck is stacked and if WG wants to see people leave out of frustration thats a good way to achieve it.