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  1. __JD___

    Constant game crashes

    Game plays fine but if I try to go to the store I get bounced and have to use Task Manager to get out. Need to get out of everything WG then I can re enter and stay out of the store so all is well. WG is losing money!
  2. __JD___

    7.11 PT test part 2

    11/10/18 4pm EST USA still can't log in . Got in this morning but now nothing. Hard to test anything when it doesn't load. No it's not my PC it works fine in WOW 7.10.
  3. Ths new format WG setup was a good idea till I see the evil in their intentions. I started as a rank 10 and fairly quickly got to rank 3. That was the brick wall. I could not win a game or 3 to get to rankl 2. I couldn't figure out why until I started looking at who I was playing against. All of a sudden the team on the left (my team) were your average skill level players. The team on the right (enemy) consisted of anywhere from 1 to as many as 4 Super level players with the fancy patches and big award guys. What I am saying is the deck is stacked and if WG wants to see people leave out of frustration thats a good way to achieve it.