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  1. FirestormMk3

    WG. CV is your mess. Can you be fair and stop this?

    Clearly, if it were then there would only be like 5 carrier players in the entire game. Since I'm sure we can't trust WG's surveys that they conducted I suppose the only "evidence" I can offer you is the number of people actually playing in carriers, but people actually willing to discuss their merits and flaws elsewhere, the hearsay that WG's surverys showed most players are okay with them in game, and the spike in people playing them is a lot more compelling to me that the same dozen names starting threads over and over to say "no one wants carriers in the game" and no one challenges them for "evidence" of that statement. And if they do the perfect evidence is the eleven other members who will say they don't want it, and clearly they speak for everyone.
  2. FirestormMk3

    WG. CV is your mess. Can you be fair and stop this?

    I wish I could agree, but these are people who just want the class gone. Any restriction or nerf they get will just cause them to move onto the next one. This won't do anything about that anger any more than guarenteed mirroring or limits to 2 CVs per side did (which reworked CVs 2 have less spotting ability and general omnipresence that just one RTS CV). If anything they'll just go, "See, WG agrees they're so OP there can only be one per side, that's further proof they should be nerfed more / banned outright." Carriers still need work in this game, but both the company and the playerbase at large have made it clear they don't want the ships removed. So when all someone does is post that they don't fit in the game and need to go, I'm not even going to bother responding to their points anymore. Honestly it's come up a couple times, but at this point I wish the mods would make a "ban CVs" subforum where those threads can be moved to they can enjoy their echo chamber and revel in all the "proof" that "no one" likes carriers without bothering the rest of us or making half the front page every single day be "remove carriers." It's why I've been so absent on these forums overall since 8.0.
  3. Ah, the tradition of seal clubbing. Interesting to see players deliberately sabotage their performance in other multiplayer games (since in most others mm is skill based to at least some extent) to get matched against newbs. Why the old T18 in WoT was played so much back in the day (think if there was a tech tree ship at tier 2 or 3 that was as broken as Nikolai, and in this case probably more broken) by stat padding trash.
  4. FirestormMk3

    Are mid and low tiers being neglected by WG?

    I'd love to see some game modes made for mid to low tier, or ranked visit them. I seem to remember a tier 5 ranked a long time ago, but I could be remembering wrong. I think it's unfortunate that 1-4 are basically seen as useless. Most missions and the like require tier 5+. It's like you're supposed to grind through them and never touch them again for any reason. I hate having ships like Dreadnought and having no reason to ever play them. I wouldn't mind a ranked or ranked sprint at low tier for a change of pace. It really does feel like what you're supposed to do is rush tier 10 as fast as you can because tier 10 is the actual game and everything before it was paying your dues or cash to reach the game.
  5. There is an opt out. If you go to your control panel and to add or remove programs, then select World of Warships NA and uninstall you opt out of all carrier battles. You can also do this from an easy drop down menu under game settings if you gave the WGC. This isn't coming for the same reason that there isn't going to be a DD opt out button. Someone a while ago floated the idea that we need a new "remove carriers" subforum for threads like this and increasingly I think it's time for that.
  6. FirestormMk3

    Please do something about CVs

    In the current world of IFHE coupled with the reduction in DPS of floods for every class but battleships and the increased damage they take from DOTs in this flamethrower meta and battleships already effectively don't have any armor. Yet overall the battleship player population adapted. In a way that's terrible for the meta overall, yes, but adapted nonetheless.
  7. Yes, but in the years I've been playing since open beta only a couple times, and it's not like it was ever so dire I had to go back down to tier 1 to grind money. Just meant I had to go play a ship I'd do well in. It actually happened to me more than a few times in tanks back when I used to play that, but I've never dug myself into a hole here I couldn't get back out of with a single battle in another ship.
  8. FirestormMk3

    PSA: FREE Opt-in stuff (with links)

    Thank you kindly! I had missed the paragraph 11 one and never would have seen it without this.
  9. FirestormMk3

    This is why I quit warships for a year

    I hate the saltiness that ranked brings, and if I cared about ranking out I would hate the grind for sure, but I actually like the battle format. I mean the small teams and single tier mm where I feel like my contributions actually matter. It's harder to be put in an impossible situation than in random. That said if I could change one thing about the star system I think I'd suggest that the top player on each team gets a star. Doing this would preserve the effect on the losing team (since you'd lose and earn a star at the same time) and reward the winning team as well with a shot at two stars at once. Obviously this would have the largest impact on people who can consistently be at the top of the scoreboard but I don't have a problem with rewarding that.
  10. FirestormMk3


    Man, I have barely seen any carriers in ranked at all and because ranked play tends to start out as both teams in a death ball their planes are usually ineffective until one side has a lead anyway. Honestly I've been overall enjoying ranked - the smaller team sizes and the single-tier mm generally make for better battles where I feel like my contribution matters, and the matches tend to be faster paced to boot. The only thing I don't like is even as the game overall gets saltier ranked is always the saltiest. Seriously considering deactivating chat, at least until ranked season is over.
  11. FirestormMk3

    Compliment Suggestion

    I only think that would really be an issue if it revealed who reported you.
  12. FirestormMk3

    Please do something about CVs

    Oh look, another DD main with crocodile tears because his boat isn't invincible and invisible like it should be.
  13. FirestormMk3

    Need a "surrender" option

    If it existed at all it would clearly need to be a team vote. Individual opt outs would be a huge detriment to the game - it's bad enough the people that just commit suicide, go afk, or quit and accept the strike because a mod told them our team only had a 30% chance to win, there must never be an option to just quit with no penalty as an individual.
  14. FirestormMk3

    A simple request

    Do you already use the "primary ship" function for something else? I only ask because I would assume that for the most part the ships you bothered to equip permanent cammo to would be your favorites, and there is already essentially a favorites function. To be honest that's why I don't think I'd get any use out of that function, but maybe others have a different perspective.
  15. FirestormMk3

    For All those "AA Spec works guys!!"

    +1, my biggest gripe.