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  1. @Col_Nasty you can just mute all chat. I had to do that in tanks back when I still played that game because there was a time chat there was 5% the battle, 30% whining as soon as you die, 30% childish insults, and 35% racism and other bigotry. Was bas enough they disabled cross chat in that game some time after I left. You can go to your settings and disable everything except quick messages, and I think you can also disable all chat except div mates. If you say that's dumb because there's relevant battle chat than guess what, you're still getting more benefit than harm from it. Side note, in my experience most WoWS people that are gonna be a pain make that fact clear within the first minute of battle, so there's plenty of time to blacklist them, the only exceptions are the ones that turn into "my team sucks" ragers the instant they die.
  2. FirestormMk3

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    Yeah, it's pretty rough. They took a max cost skill that was already bad even if it cost less and then nerfed it from bad to actively terrible and a serious self-handicap. They may as well have just removed secondary guns from the game altogether and made survival+deadeye the only skills BBs have access to. In fairness though, this kinda proves that stagnant, passive, backrow sniping play is the playstyle WG actually wants to encourage rather than it being a quirk of the playerbase. Seriously just to get that skill back to the level of bad (and still below a mere sub-optimal) they would need to either give the accuracy bonus back to pre-nerf levels or reduce this to a 2pt skill. At that level it would still be bad and everyone who cared about being competitive would still avoid it completley even on so-called "secondary ships" but it wouldn't be almost the same as just entering battle with a 2pt captain.
  3. FirestormMk3

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    Always happy to see another one of these reviews. Hoping against hope they restore the accuracy of manual secondaries, or stop pretending it's useful and make it a 2pt skill, so that building the fun way can go from actively terrible and hadicapping to merely bad. I know we'll never be allowed to reach the incredible height of sub-optimal, but a step in that direction would be nice.
  4. FirestormMk3

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.3

    I'm sad the dockyard being a thing where you can't actually earn the ship has become permanent, but at least they aren't using it to sell more tier 10 ships they allegedly were never going to sell the round. That disappointment aside I'm very interested in the Axis v. Allies mode and I hope there's enough interest to get a mode like that to return on a semi-regular basis, or even be an alternative battle type.
  5. FirestormMk3

    CV/No CV game modes

    While it's finally no longer 1-3 threads saying this on the front page EVERY DAY this won't "go away" until subs came out. Kinda how like open-water stealth firing died down only once everyone complained about radar, and complaining about radar only died down once the CV rework happened. Any time anything disrupts the meta, especially for destroyers, it is all anyone can talk about until the next thing.
  6. FirestormMk3

    Angry YouTuber Review of the New Battleship Skills

    Truly a shame this is only furthering the hide in the back static play and survivability meta, and I say that as a BB main that wishes getting in there and mixing it up was more viable. Yet they've essentially again nerfed secondaries at the same time. I do appreciate the change of having your guns still fire, and as someone who brawls I'll get something out of it, but they should not have reduced the accuracy. That should have been left alone, and if they insist on this horrid 30% increase level then it should just be a straight increase of that amount, designation or not (still wouldn't prefer that as secondaries are so worthlessly accurate even with a 30% increase they're worthless). I 100% agree that dead eye should work exactly the opposite of the way it does and grant an accuracy buff if you are within surface detection range. This would reward people willing to push with effectiveness AND incentivize the people who only care about damage farming to still move up and support the team.
  7. Most builds that recommended superintendent also recommended premium consumables, so I don't think the value is going down for the skill. If anything it just makes the choice more clear in marginal cases. Overall definitely a welcome change that tilts the game more towards balanced.
  8. FirestormMk3

    Submarine lines

    Official stance is they'll use the CV model of every-other tier starting at 6 and new subs will just be alternate lines. I'm sure other subs will find their way in, like IJN subs, but that's down the line. I do hope they change course on the KM line though and have subs labeled as like Type VII-C and save actual named submarines for premiums, but I doubt they will this far in.
  9. FirestormMk3

    will battleships become extinct

    I am a BB main who has pointed out some of the issues with invincible, invisible torpedo boats and CLs that had both high shell damage DPM along with fires, but the IFHE changes have definitely brought and end to the need to be terrified of every island, and I'd rather have subs be the invisible torpedo boats than destroyers. Nothing is going to be the end of battleships and they are still in a WAAAAAYYY better place than heavy cruisers, which aside from a few at mid tier after the armor changes are still just in an awful place in the meta. This also isn't going to make it so subs and destroyers are the hard counter to battleships, it's going to shift the hard counter to subs with destroyers being the sub counter. They're going to have a new enemy to hunt (and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few tweaks to how DDs interact with other surface ships once subs make it in, but that remains to be seen). I'm probably wasting my time typing all of that out, but even if battleships become the weakest class (they are nowhere near that happening) they won't go extinct if for no other reason than people who think they're cool. I think if that happened though we'd see tweaks, like the one we recently saw with IFHE. A pure survival build no longer being an absolute necessity is going to soft buff the viability of secondary builds as well, which will further make it safer for DDs to counter subs rather than BBs.
  10. FirestormMk3

    Quick, another FREE code from WG

    Thanks. Still working as of now.
  11. FirestormMk3

    Subs: End of the Game?

    Yep, it'll be the end of the game in the same way that the aircraft carrier rework was the end of the game: that is to say not at all and almost 100% of people swearing they'll uninstall over it will still be here even in the future that's a way off when they are fully integrated.
  12. Compared to WoT the in-game chat in this game is downright warm and welcoming. That's not to say it is in absolute terms, and I'm not shy about the blacklist button, but unlike tanks I don't just disable it.
  13. FirestormMk3

    What if there was no team spotting?

    No, as this reduces everyone's detection range. If there was simply no team spotting that DD that accidentally stumbles into detection, or even those DD knife fights would be invisible to everyone around them. Destroyer would go from being the most powerful class to the only viable class and range would be an almost useless feature. In fact, if bloom mechanics were maintained then everyone would want their firing range to be as close to their detection range as possible, since more than that would just be a liability allowing you to be seen by more enemies.
  14. FirestormMk3

    Too Many Lopsided Battles

    Most WoWS matches are very one-sided, especially at higher tiers where ships are fast enough and have enough range to affect most of the map over the course of the fight. Often the winning side loses fewer than five ships. It will remain this way because unlike most multiplayer games WoWS, like all WG titles, does not account for skill in the MM algorithm. Generally one team or the other has a couple more highly skilled players and in this game that is enough to completely tip the scales into an almost forgone conclusion. The reason WG wants to keep it this way is so that unicums can maintain their extremely high win rates, as skill-based MM does push people towards a 50% win rate, and WG wants high level players and clans to be able to use win rate as a reliable metric of skill. Matches that could go either way into the late stages of the game are without a doubt more fun and engaging, but they aren't conducive to allowing the maintenance of high win rates. It has and will always be this way for WG titles, and WoWS is basically the supreme example because moreso than in tanks a single player can impact most of the map instead of a local area.
  15. FirestormMk3

    Submarines in 9.4? (May 2020)

    They've already said that cruisers that historically were outfitted for ASW (which are mainly light cruisers) will be able to drop depth charges as well, but yes, just as it was historically destroyers will be the main enemy of the submarine and for all intent and purpose a hard counter. A sub being pursued by a destroyer in earlier tests (I was in 2 and 3) basically either had to get a lucky full frontal torpedo salvo against a destroyer that was doing nothing to be hard to target or go deep and run for the cover of friendly guns, and in either case it was generally over the instant the destroyer could get close. In every test so far the submarine's fastest speed was on the surface, as was true for submarines of the era. What was different was while they could only crawl along at periscope depth they could still travel ahistorically fast when deeply submerged, though this is for balance as otherwise they would be a free kill rather than an easy kill for all destroyers. They need at least some chance to be able to break detection and run for the cover of friendly guns, and they are still slower than basically everything except battleships when fully submerged. This has been necessary so far.