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  1. FirestormMk3

    Please for the sake of all that is holy...

    And? If you go that route you can make the same argument about carriers (which many in fact do, though I seem to recall you not being one of them). The game is World of Warships, not World of Gunboats or World of Artillery Ships. They've got as much a right to be here as any other ship. That said, like with carriers, I generally don't intend to get in drawn out discussions about if they should be in the game at all. Ways to make them more fun or concerns about balance (as long as they're made in good faith as opposed to PLANES ALWAYS OP SINCE THEY OUT RANGE MY PEW PEWS tripe) are another matter, but WG has made it clear they're hear to stay, and despite a very vocal minority on these forums it's been made pretty clear that that doesn't represent the game community at large, as evidenced by if nothing else those very same people yelling "no one wants CVs" and "there are so many CVs in matches now" in the same post without noticing the self-contradiction therein.
  2. FirestormMk3

    How is the new improved German dispersion?

    In my opinion certainly more fun since your skill has more influence on the outcomes of games, which is always frustrating in Battleships in general where you gave to aim well and have RNGesus on your side. The ships are definitely better, but it more brings them in line with the power creep from their French counterparts as opposed to making them and alpha BB class or anything. Your dispersion will look a lot more like other battleships rather than them being uniquely awful, especially since at many tiers they have fewer rifles than their counterparts, making the increased dispersion a double whammy. I suggest trying them out again. If nothing else they aren't really any more frustrating to play than any other BB line, in my opinion.
  3. FirestormMk3

    What Tier Will I Need To Play, To Avoid Subs?

    Tier 1-3. Make that tier 1-2 only if you also can't stand carriers. I guess enjoy your seal clubbing. That said, instead of doomcrying about something that is still a solid year off or more, maybe follow or even get involved in the tests to help shape them into something fun for the game. How they will behave, interact with other classes, and influence the meta is still very much up in the air. But again, if you're just going to be prejudiced about the impact they'll have, enjoy your time in the Chester. Hope you can get enough fun out of it.
  4. FirestormMk3

    Please for the sake of all that is holy...

    Despite all the "sky is falling" people swearing up and down subs would be here for Christmas they are not, because WG couldn't be more clear that they are in early testing and will take a LONG TIME to hit Random Battle. They explicitly don't want the rapid series of balance patches that just kept coming for months after the rework went live. We are on the 3rd iteration of the TST server, which has MAJOR changes vs the first and second iteration. Judging by the initial feedback (and my hopes based on my own experience) there will still be more MAJOR changes there. Only once they are sure of what they want the gameplay to look like can it move from TST to the PTS. This is like going from closed to open beta. This step is still probably several months away at minimum. After a jaunt on the PTS when they come to the main client they will start off in a segregated game mode, like the one they did where you get buffs for controlling caps, rather than going straight into randoms. This will put them in a more "live" environment where they can continue to hit them with any necessary balance patches. Only after this period will they eventually make the move to random battles. I would be very surprised if they were in random battles in significantly under a year's time, and I would not be surprised of come NEXT Christmas they're still in their separate game mode. They aren't gonna end up in randoms until they're in a state AT LEAST as refines as the current state of the rework, if not more so. They have been quite clear on this. So far no signs of deviation, despite the doomcriers saying they'd be here for Halloween, then they'd be here for Black Friday, then they'd be here for Christmas. They aren't. They are a long way off. They are taking it very slowly.
  5. See my post directly above this one. 0130 EST falls outside of the testing time.
  6. The plan is once they're ready to hit PTS and after that for their first iteration on live to have a separate game mode (not necessarily vs bots, just separate like the mode where you control areas for buffs - I forgot the name) and only once they're fully satisfied that they're balanced put them in regular PvP in order to avoid the CV rework issue of several post-launch balance patches. They're being tested for PvP because the plan is and always was for them to eventually end up there, and the separate game mode they go in initially will probably look a lot more like randoms than scenarios. You do realize that they server is only up during certain times of the day and for a limited time, right? Have you made sure that you're trying to login during the times the article that was linked to in your invite email says that the server is up?
  7. Playing the test has confirmed most of what I feared in my earlier post. Battery life it certainly generous enough while still being a factor if you don't stay at periscope depth, and I do like light cruisers getting depth charges, and most of the detection mechanic changes. I HATE the submarine underwater duels even more than I thought I would. They're awful both in terms of gameplay and being completely ahistorical rather than fudging things like DD torpedo reloads or increased submarine speed. There is no chance to evade a locked torpedo, unlike when I was in even a light cruiser and had no fear of sub torpedoes at all since if you're aware if the sub's presence dodging torpedoes was trivial. Like in the first test against DDs, even a double lock is easy to evade unless at point blank range (i.e. within the depth charge radius). I like the idea of the battery mechanic, but I still think it should be tied to the electric motors as a depleting resource like oxygen was rather than just a penalty to restoring charges for pings. In this way surfacing could matter. It would be the optimal way to recharge and reposition as it would also be fastest. Fully deep underwater would still be faster than in reality, but slower overall and would use your battery more the faster you went making it good for evasion, and attacks would be primarily launched from periscope depth. I don't like firing torpedoes from deep underwater due to history and as a gameplay mechanic. I already mentioned hating sub duels and against surface targets I never could figure out the rate of assent. Usually double locked torpedoes fired from "detection depth" sailed harmlessly under the battleships they were aimed at.
  8. FirestormMk3

    2019 Secret Santa !

    I am glad to see this tradition back and I do want to wish all of my fellow players a Happy Holidays or just a great weekend if there's nothing in particular you celebrate this time of year. No matter how much I may take issue with some of the increasingly bad practices WG has undertaken I still love the community, and that holds true even when I have some pretty intense disagreements with some of you! You all make the game, and there are a lot of names I am always glad to see in forum threads! Have a lot of fun this year and don't let any of the grinds or research bureau changes dampen your year-end spirit! Separating and bolding this to get attention. Please give a gift to the last person before me to give one! Unfortunately I have been out of work for several months, getting by with occasional contract gigs and living with family that needed a caretaker anyway. Last year I was able to get a gift even though my income situation was rough and couldn't do much. This year, even if I wasn't upset with some of the recent financial decisions of the company, I cannot afford to spend anything unnecessary. I felt guilty posting in here at all considering that fact, but if you dig up last year's you'll see I just loved seeing this positive aspect of the community so much, and it really boosted my positive feeling about the holiday and people in general when things in meatspace weren't going well. On that note I wanted to follow OP instructions and still at least reiterate how much I love that this is a thing and how I love our community for doing things like this, but I do not want to deprive the previous gift-giver of a well-earned reward for taking part in the tradition. Fair winds and following seas, captains! Let's hope for an even better year next year!
  9. FirestormMk3

    Research bureau issue

    I only just learned about the modules becoming tied to the research bureau today and that's insane! Now if you want your tier 10 to be its full version you can't just play it long enough in a grindy mission chain, but have to regrind the line over and over! I remember the old topics about the expiration dates on those missions where we got answers like with Missouri that they'll be here forever and that the missions have to have a placeholder expiration and the'll keep bumping it back. I doubt I'll play enough to finish a couple of the lines and get the legendary module before the cutoff in a few months time, and if they haven't reversed course by then we're gonna be past a shut wallet from other lies compounded by this scummy PR event, I'll probably drop the game, or at the very least it'll become the kind of thing I play a few times a year when IRL friends want to div for an evening. I'm not saying this because I think they care overmuch and I don't want to be a petulant child throwing a tantrum, but this is getting absurd. Before the RB was a truly optional thing. Sure it'd be a source of extra flags I'd miss and there would be a couple ship I couldn't get, but that's true of steel ships for people who don't do clan battles (also like me) anyway. I could live with it being reward ships for people who eat, sleep, and breathe the game, but now they're essentially making having tier 10 only for people who do the RB and for everyone else you may as well just reset as soon as you unlock tier 10 without even buying or playing it, because some of those modules make the ship straight better (looking at you GK) as opposed to being a sidegrade. Nothing that gives a competitive advantage like this, especially to TECH TREE SHIPS should be locked behind one of these obscene premium currencies.
  10. FirestormMk3

    iChase.. opens the door.. to leave?

    I didn't even know about the legendary modules becoming research bureau only including taking those missions away from people who started them, after repeated assurances that the expiration dates were necessary placeholders. So now if you want your tier 10 to actually be good you'll need to regrind that line several times!?
  11. Who boy, a lot: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/public-test/submarines-beta-3/?emst=DOO0RcSafh_699_1720118_2 I have posted about some of my concerns regarding these changes in the linked feedback forum where such discussion is more appropriate.
  12. I just got my email. If there was any testing today I am too late for it, but even with the holidays I will try to find some primetime time tomorrow! I'm very excited to yet again be a part of this testing. I am bothering to write now before playing though because I do have some concerns about changes. The article did say some may seem strange and to give it a try, so I'll be keeping as open a mind as humanly possible, but I do not like there never being a requirement to surface, if only to have the maximum possible speed there to reposition for engagements, nor do I like the notion of underwater submarine duels being added for the subs of this era, a limit to the number of pings, and the ability to fire from deep underwater. I really liked having to risk being at periscope depth to carry out an attack. I also have concerns about limited pings, but I'll reserve any further judgement on that until I see how limited and how generous the refresh rate is. I do like that many light cruisers are getting depth charges and I like submarines being even harder to detect while deep underwater. I also like being able to get a target lock BEFORE firing torpedoes, when it makes the most sense to do so. I like the notion of battery power being a limiting factor, but I'd rather see it recharge quickly on the surface and perhaps have some charging at periscope depth with a snorkel at certain tiers or as a consumable, or just more slowly, and I'd like to see it tied to e motor use. This would make it so you didn't necessarily have to surface when your resource ran out, but you'd possibly be slowed to a crawl incentivizing keeping some battery power in reserve to escape and making surface travel the preferred method of transitioning between engagement zones where possible. In this way high speed underwater travel would be more about evasion and escaping depth charges and using it for a fast and invisible approach would leave you vulnerable if detected after the attack. I hope it doesn't seem presumptuous to offer feedback on these system changes before I get a chance to try them out first-hand and I will certainly follow up after I get a chance to play tomorrow and throughout the testing period. Looking forward to seeing others out there and hearing their thoughts on the matter.
  13. If you did you should automatically get an email to join this one too.
  14. Seeing how quickly the salt has died down and the apologists are now flooding the forums I fully expect this to be the future of "reward ships." Now that they've broken the ice and normalized "unavailable for purchase" and "earnable through gameplay" to apply to the Puerto Rico model why would they make any of the big tier 10 ships actually earnable as opposed to for sale for $260 (but it doesn't count because see you had to buy doubloons and use them to buy yet a third resource to get the ship, you see you can't just buy the ship we didn't lie).