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  1. maverick51

    New to the Game

    LOL I thought I was on Tanks there you have I have no idea what I am doing LOL. Sorry for the mix up.
  2. maverick51

    New to the Game

    I will not spend money on this game. World of Warships already got me LOL.
  3. maverick51

    New to the Game

    I am new to World of Tanks. I would like to know can you have a WTR of 0. I ask this because every game I am in we lose. I am not crying or anything like that but how do you keep players in the game. I do think it is a cool game but wow it would be nice to get some wins. Thank you.
  4. maverick51

    Pelagic Pirates (PLPT)

    Nice site FF says hello to you all.