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  1. EraserNZ1

    Shokaku AP bombs

    Kewl good to know thx for the reply, now back to the 1, 2 BB's t10 games in my shok lol
  2. EraserNZ1

    Shokaku AP bombs

    I just was wondering how you guys are doing with the jap dive bombers, I just can,t seem to make them work, they are so unreliable most of the time dropping on cruisers I just get over pens most of the time often i would have been better off just using rockets for chip damage. Are the shokaku's bombs just bad or is it tier 6-8 cruisers just so lacking in armor they can't arm? I have tried releasing the bombs at different stages of the dive with no change. I have been doing great in cv's but just can't make the Shokaku's bombs work
  3. EraserNZ1

    US CV Skills

    thats my point the skill allows you to get more planes out after getting that one strike if teams are grouped up yes it is brutal but you should be able to get atleast one strike off and hopefully boost back out and save planes.(WG are working on lowering AA in groups so that will help when they get around to it) Yes +2 mm is brutal for cv,s but you can make it work most of the time if you play smart and pick your fights. T4 cv's suck so bad atleast it does not take long to get through them i cheated and used some free xp after a few games lol T6 and t8 were challenging in +2mm but OP in -2mm
  4. EraserNZ1

    US CV Skills

    Not true if your boosting out and planes die soon as you hit you last squad it activates giving you more boost to get planes out alive, it saves me alot of planes in the matches were reds are all grouped up.
  5. EraserNZ1

    US CV Skills

    thats what i use on a full 19 point cap SE and the armor for planes is the most important skills then TA
  6. EraserNZ1

    8.1.0 midway

    we not talking about low tier scrub play here gl finding bots in t10
  7. EraserNZ1

    8.1.0 midway

    Nothing has changed since 8.1 and 8.0.3 for me games still play out just the same ya just do a small amount less with torps and flooding has gone down abit.. my sig shows i have played 71 games in the last 7 days they all midway If ya need help watch this guys vids on twitch I learned how to play cv's watching him Gaishu on twitch Main things i learned was Scout the AA cruisers out at the start and avoid them (Mainly Mino and Worc) Don't attack packs of ships you need to look for guys out alone to pick on (WG is working on lowering aa output for grouped up ships) if your first attack run goes bad don't just keep trying to attack get ya planes out alive and come back for another go Focus BB's! i see alot of cv's trying to hard to kill dd's and losing to much time in the game, take out capital ships and you will win most of the time Force the bb's to play passive by striking them and make them scared to help there team You will have games where the red guys all cluster up so you can't do much but you just have to do the best you can in those games (i just try and get atleast 100k damage in those games, the other 200k+ games will make up for it :))
  8. EraserNZ1

    8.1.0 midway

    The US carriers are fine... you need to take time and learn what ya doing.... go watch some streamer that doing 200k+ every game and learn. I used to be a DD main but since cv's came back i have not played them so i decided to play some cv's for the first time and wow i'm shocked how op and easy they really are now. I'm new to cv's and once you learn how to play them nothing can stop you, except mino and worc :) Jap cv's on the other hand are dead.
  9. EraserNZ1

    Rework Constructive Criticism

    I think what sums it up for me is one cv was broken so they nerf the hell out of all of them lols
  10. EraserNZ1

    Hotfix problems

    My guess is they rush nerfed cvs into the ground to make the game playable for the masses till they can try and balance them again.
  11. EraserNZ1

    Next steps for CV's

    great post bud I don't agree with 4 but you have great points there.
  12. I was in favor in nerfing cv's been a DD main BUT once again wg did a bad job of it. They went from one extreme to another. Coming from someone grinding the T6 Ryujo, I went from making 4 passes with torps on a lone bb to barely making one without losing the entire squad because of two reasons. After you make a drop the planes that used to return to carrier almost always die now. If you want to hit both of the torps on your run you can't adjust your path or you most likely miss (so you have to eat some flak losing more planes) Because of this most of my time is been spent in the rocket planes doing 2.5k - 3k passes on poor dd's at T6 so in a sense this hot fix has made it even worse for DD's except for what the cv's were doing to DD's I felt the T6 was ok power wise but now its just utter crap and not fun at all. I understand WG had to rush out a patch to fix the T10 cv but they changed to much at once and made the T6 realy bad and lost interest in grinding it now. You really have to look at whats its like to try and attack a +2 tier target WG its really bad, its like you guys don't even play your own game at times.
  13. EraserNZ1

    CV's suck so bad now

    Tier 4 was bad but all T4's are... i have had a few 120k games in the t6 tho... the sad thing is the nerf hammer is comming already (because they are op AF) To balance a class were they are moving around 6x faster then any other class in the game they are going to have to make them super bad and pointless to play
  14. EraserNZ1

    CV's suck so bad now

    Stop flying into flak bursts.... you can turn your planes with the A and D key right? your crying about losing a few planes? if only you could relaunch and be back attacking the same boat in 40-50 secs ooooo wait you can!
  15. EraserNZ1

    CV's suck so bad now

    All you guys crying about cv's been bad need to learn what your doing wrong... learn to avoid the flak its not hard... the cv is so powerful at map control with the plane speed and spamming planes.. you only have to look at what the cv's has done to drive all the dd's out of the game... if you think cv's are bad now there will be massive nerfs comming to the T10,s after WG gets data from games like this...