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  1. EraserNZ1

    Negative Karma?

    I use MMM and i have seen some - karma ones also.
  2. One thing you have to realize bud is you have only played 749 games in randoms and it takes time to learn the ships and maps and where to position yourself. I personally think its such a bad thing you can get to high tiers so fast these days and your not ready for it. Best advise i can give you is If you want to learn how to play a ship go to you tube and watch experienced players and learn how :)
  3. What makes the kita so much better is that its so much better then other T9's, keep in mind you playing the Harugumo your vs another t10. kita does just fine too.
  4. EraserNZ1

    Legit CV complaint

    Someone thinks this game is about realism and historical accuracy, that ship sailed along time ago.
  5. its the forum, it only updates its cache every so often i think.
  6. the reason for this is because carriers are so powerful if one cv snipes the other one right at the start the game it's most likely game over. In testing Jap cv's could take out cv's just because their torp planes are so good.
  7. Games running fine for me, when talking about things like this you should link your system specs as that can narrow down the cause of problems.
  8. EraserNZ1

    Detonations... c'mon

    As a DD main i can understand his frustration, when i don't run the flag 1in 5 maybe 1 in 6 games i will detonate and its normally at the start of the game engaging another DD over a cap. The chance to det is abit high for dd's and the rare times it happens two games in a row is rage worthy lol.
  9. EraserNZ1

    New German DD Line in Super Test, Should We Prepare?

    you might want to look into them more before ya spend time trying to farm for them, they look pretty bad stat wise.
  10. EraserNZ1

    Look at that WeeGee and LEARN!!!

    things like this would be a waste of time and money for WG... most people would play this once or twice then never touch it again.
  11. The speed of planes and their boost were nerfed for a reason to give players more time at the start of the game so there not nuked in spawn so AA has time to do some damage before the planes have attacked and left the area
  12. EraserNZ1


    dd's are the least effected by MM bud, i would much rather be a t7 dd in a t9 game then any other class (i'm a DD main btw) still looking at been up tiered and focus on why your not doing well. Focus on when and why your dieing and how you can play different. If your a torp dd play safer and just try and get those torps off with out taking damage. If your a gun boat setup somewhere you can farm a bb with smoke ect and angle away where torps are going to come from. I play the mahan alot and love it farming from smoke suits the way i like to play and yes most of them are in Tier 9 games. [Edit] i just read what you said again do you mean your in a t7 bb? if so yeah thats nasty lol. Tier 7 gets crap MM these days its so tier 8 can have better match making.
  13. I have been playing since alpha and seen how the game has evolved over the years and the current meta is the worse its ever been. I'm making this post because i want to give my feedback on how i would get the game back that i used to love playing with friends. Every class has a reason to play passive these days and its really showing in the game play in such a negative way. I understand WG wanted to give us very powerful ships we would get excited about and want = making money but it has come at great cost to gameplay and in the long run is costing WG players and money. My clan has pretty much stopped playing the game is just not fun anymore so why bother right? Things i think are driving the passive meta today Battleships Back in the first couple of years in the game battleships only had to be worried about been slammed by torps playing aggressive or been out of position and eating cits from other battleships.The HE spamming ships at the time like the Zao could take them down over time but it was not a quick death like it is now. Then came along a little boat that changed the game the Worcester that had extreme fast firing guns that could punish a battle ship so quickly burning it alive. Since then we have had a lot of HE spammers across all classes. The share speed you go from been set on fire twice to damage con to been back on fire is so fast these days. I think WG tried to give battleship players something to address HE spam Kremlin but even that can still go down quick to fire from things like Harugumo, Smolensk. Forces battleships to play the game like cruisers so they don't burn alive (sitting at extreme ranges and using islands as cover). I think lowering the fire chance on rapid firing guns is much needed to extend the time to die from fires to allow BB's to be more aggressive. Cruisers Except for Zao i have not played that many cruisers as it's not really the play style i like but i have seen what the current meta has done to cruiser play. The amount of large caliber guns that have been added to the game in the last few years has made long range open water play such a lottery. Back when I used to play the zao you could position your self well so your angled to battle ships that could shoot you and mitigate damage and support front line ships these days its not unusual to eat 1-2 cits angled from a kiting position because of all the over matching that's going on. Its forcing team comps full of Russian cruisers so they can tank and not be over matched easily. Clan battle comps are kinda a joke and no diversity at all now. I think the only way to allow cruisers to play more aggressive is to make it so they can angle against 457's to mitigate damage again instead of just been over matched. Destroyers I don't think its going to be any surprise to anyone of why destroyers have to play so passive these days and that's the spotting from Carriers and the damage from beloved rocket planes. As a DD main the games been a ruff ride since the carrier rework that's for sure. The game went from what dd am i going to play tonight to a very narrow selection that i can still do well in and not get frustrated to the point of not wanting to play anymore. Its often the unintentional spotting from planes that are just flying over to a target behind me that causes the most problems. I have played a lot of carriers since the rework so i'm not just a dd main that's anti CV i would just love them to be balanced Some ideas on possible changes to cv's. Give planes there speed back and lower the number of planes in a wave to say 4-5 and have one attack run only (would need to buff there damage too) The worst thing about the rework for me was the number of planes in the wave allowing multiple attack runs and this is bad for a few reasons. The targets that get hit hard are targets that do not have the AA to fight back in first place, like a tier 8 cv attacking a tier 6 target is just disgusting. I have killed tier 6 battleships with kaga torp planes before they even have had time to leave the spawn because you just have free rain to keep attacking the target multiple times. Even as the cv player that felt bad. With large waves it means NOTHING to shoot some planes down. Even the rare times you hit some flak most of the time you can still attack one or two times This would make shooting down a plane or two more meaning full as your lowering there strike on you making you feel like your AA is doing something. If the the cv misplays and hits flak he gets punished for it. Give planes a fuel counter in the ui and once they run out the planes return to cv Limiting the range on planes to force the cv to move to a flank they want to support so they don't have free rain over the whole map. This will also give players time to leave the spawn before they are attacked/spoted and also move to another flank if they want to avoid the planes. Have a travel mode and attack mode for planes You could have a travel mode for planes where they are faster and use less fuel but can't spot some targets like dd's then left click droping lower been slower using more fuel and can spot everything. Would lower the amount of unintentional spotting cv's do Standardize plane health There is no reason planes in higher tiers have to have more health, what that does is cause a CV to be to strong when top tier and under perform when bottom tier. Balancing AA would be so much easier and players will still feel like the higher tiers there getting more powerful because of the armament not have super planes that the AA does nothing to.
  14. EraserNZ1

    ANOTHER coal choice.... before removal

    Get what your going to play... so many people buy ships and don't play them... myself included. If you like bb's then 100% get thunderer.