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  1. EraserNZ1

    liking the Yoshino, but cant seem to win in it.

    Yoshino is fine if the player knows when he should push in if its needed, Most Yoshino players just stay at max range even if its push or lose time.
  2. EraserNZ1

    liking the Yoshino, but cant seem to win in it.

    Not true in my opinion. its normally DD's that influence battles most of the time. Alot of the time the team that loses its dd's first just insta lose.
  3. EraserNZ1

    Straight to port after match and....

    I think its just a connection to the server thing, it trys to load the end screen info but times out ya just go to port instead (this will be so you don't get stuck trying to download the info).
  4. EraserNZ1

    Negative Karma?

    I use MMM and i have seen some - karma ones also.
  5. One thing you have to realize bud is you have only played 749 games in randoms and it takes time to learn the ships and maps and where to position yourself. I personally think its such a bad thing you can get to high tiers so fast these days and your not ready for it. Best advise i can give you is If you want to learn how to play a ship go to you tube and watch experienced players and learn how :)
  6. What makes the kita so much better is that its so much better then other T9's, keep in mind you playing the Harugumo your vs another t10. kita does just fine too.
  7. EraserNZ1

    Legit CV complaint

    Someone thinks this game is about realism and historical accuracy, that ship sailed along time ago.
  8. its the forum, it only updates its cache every so often i think.
  9. the reason for this is because carriers are so powerful if one cv snipes the other one right at the start the game it's most likely game over. In testing Jap cv's could take out cv's just because their torp planes are so good.
  10. Games running fine for me, when talking about things like this you should link your system specs as that can narrow down the cause of problems.
  11. EraserNZ1

    Detonations... c'mon

    As a DD main i can understand his frustration, when i don't run the flag 1in 5 maybe 1 in 6 games i will detonate and its normally at the start of the game engaging another DD over a cap. The chance to det is abit high for dd's and the rare times it happens two games in a row is rage worthy lol.
  12. EraserNZ1

    New German DD Line in Super Test, Should We Prepare?

    you might want to look into them more before ya spend time trying to farm for them, they look pretty bad stat wise.
  13. EraserNZ1

    Look at that WeeGee and LEARN!!!

    things like this would be a waste of time and money for WG... most people would play this once or twice then never touch it again.
  14. The speed of planes and their boost were nerfed for a reason to give players more time at the start of the game so there not nuked in spawn so AA has time to do some damage before the planes have attacked and left the area