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  1. EraserNZ1

    Researching if MM is rigged (WR-rigging)

    HAHAHAHAHAHA yes because thats going to solve the blowout games hahahahaha
  2. EraserNZ1

    Researching if MM is rigged (WR-rigging)

    Making teams some what even so you have good close games instead of blowouts is not enforcing mediocrity i think its the opposite. Stacking one team and the game been over be4 it starts is enforcing mediocrity.
  3. EraserNZ1

    If CV's are so balanced

    By fix i mean make it more balanced then it is The interaction between cv's and dd's has been busted since rework and NOTHING has been done to balance the damage rockets do to dd's for over a year. Rocket planes doing 7-12k damage at T10 is disgusting and unbalanced and everyone whos not brain dead knows this and that's why the last clan battles was all cruisers and a cv. Wg was quick to nerf AP bombs after the hak was making quick work of starlings in cb's but leaves rocket planes doing crazy damage to dd's for over a year.
  4. EraserNZ1

    If CV's are so balanced

    I think it has more to do with the people making decisions at WG are business men who are not gamers or play there own game. they would only have to cherry pick 5 of there own CC's who could brain storm what needs to be done to fix cv's in a few hours.
  5. EraserNZ1

    If CV's are so balanced

    I don't know why wg didn't just normalize plane health, there is no reason at all a T10 plane needs more health then a T4 plane, then it would of been so much easier to balance AA between tiers... I agree with this except for the disgusting damage rockets do to dd's at T10 I don't think there is anything they can do about spoting because of the freedom and speed of planes.... i would love more time to get out of spawn in a dd be4 been hounded on tho... the cv class would die over night wg will never do that, Most people will choose not to have cv's and the queue times would be 10 years for people who wanted cv's.
  6. EraserNZ1

    If CV's are so balanced

    Wg wasted no time nerfing AP bombs that were crushing the mighty starlins in clan battles... But rockets were left untouched even tho dd's were not even used because of carriers been OP vs them.
  7. EraserNZ1

    Am i the only one

    Am i the only one thats annoyed how quickly wg nerfed AP bombs on cv's after the last clan battles season? Wg seen how effective the hak was at dealing with russian cruiser spam in clan battles and swiftly used the nerf hammer, yet just the fact cv's were in clan battle DD's were not used at all because of how useless they are vs rocket plane attacks. yet the rocket planes are left untouched. how much longer are dd players going to have to put up with t10 rocket strikes doing 1/3 to 1/2 of there health often before they have left there spawn per strike?????
  8. If u have a 144hz monitor you would like 144fps+ ect.
  9. I would love wg to limit the range of planes so cv's have to move to the flank they want to support.
  10. The spotting of dd's will never be balanced by planes unfortunately. The best we can hope for is wg balancing rockets vs DD, all they need to do is widen the spread so t10 rocket planes don't hit dd's for 10k+ all the time. I wish they would add a delay for a min or so on rocket planes too so the dd's has time to get out of the spawn be4 the rockets start raining. I'm a DD main but have played cv's alot since rework too.
  11. EraserNZ1


  12. love the idea of limiting one of each ship that might open up more tiers been viable too!
  13. EraserNZ1

    What are European DDs Like?

    the kiting dd always has the advantage thats nothing new... there are a few things you don't mention Halland has very large heals for a dd (i think its 4800 per heal i'll check the amount in my next game and change if wrong) While the halland torps hit for jack you get so many more hits making damage in games more consistant plus nuking dd's blind in caps at the start happens so often with 90km torps shimmer torps get spotted from the moon (sooo often you wiff all torps and have a long reload) You say you can't defend yourself from t10 cv's i don't agree with that, cv's will lose all his wave of planes and only gets to attack you once if u have def AA up. gl doing that with shimmer AA. Just because a ship might not suit you does not mean its a bad ship. 99% of the time its cv's that fark up my games in dd's these days and the halland makes it alot more bearable for me. I avg about 30-35% more damage each game in the halland then the shimmer. if the shimmer is better for you stick with that but don't give people the wrong impression when the ship might suit them.
  14. EraserNZ1

    What are European DDs Like?

    For someone who has never played the halland or the shimmer you sure talk like you know everything. Halland plays like a shimmer but can defend it self from cv's thats a massive positive right now and in a 1 on 1 fair fight shimmer will lose a gun fight every time to a halland unless the hallands really bad. The only dd's i fear fighting 1 on 1 is daring and kebler and they are full gunboats...
  15. EraserNZ1

    What are European DDs Like?

    This line is for dd players that like to torp and is sick of cv's having there way with them. The ships up to T8 are just OK (I free xped the t8 was sick of the 2x3 torps) its not till T9 and T10 that you start feeling powerful, At t9 and T10 you can nuke T8 planes be4 they can even get a strike off on you. T10 planes will still be able to strike you once but take heavy loses doing it. I thought this line was going to be a joke without smoke but was presently surprised how much I enjoyed not having to play to passive when theres a cv (almost every game atm) The bad thing about these ships is i have found in the halland i have 150-200k games or very low damage because of the nature of torps been unreliable damage. Where in the daring for instance my damage is alot more consistent smoking and shooting ect. If you love the torping style of gameplay (shimmer ect) and want to be able to defend yourself from cv's and be able to battle other dd's with guns I highly recommend grinding the halland.