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  1. Semper_Fi_

    Amazon Pay?

    Just so you know guys.. I have sent in support tickets asking about when or if the Amazon Pay will be back available. I am currently trying to find out as well on the Amazon end. For me.. the bottom line I won''t be able to make purchases because my cards won't allow charges thru Cyprus.. I tried to end around with a pre paid visa.. nope.. or Karma Koin.;. PayPal.. None work.. Amazon pay is the only resource for many of us. Alas.. though I don't want to be.. I am now free to play.. GJ WG!!
  2. Semper_Fi_

    Amazon Pay?

    I'm in the same boat.. and this is not the first time Amazon Pay has been disabled.. If you have Prime btw.. you can not even claim your WOT reward.. I hope they fix it.. I was going to pay the rest of the Dutch prem that I have been building in my dockyard.. With out Amazon Pay my Debit and every one of my credit card holders will not give me the ability to make a purchase thru Cyprus...