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  1. They don't change premium ships directly (the smoke nerf was indirectly). And they were removed from sale because they were too OP, even with the nerf. Remember: removed from sale, not from the game. You can still get them with super containers. PS: It's Mikhail Kutuzov, not Mutuzov. :p
  2. "Not sure how much longer I'll have the site up, but if you subscribe here before 10/23. I can send some info your way. :)" It'll probably be sent after that date.
  3. @TheURLGuy I looked at F10 at Sea of Fortune and there's where the portal is. Tried finding what they were talking about a weird structure at west of F10 but found nothing. @Nordeit found that the "rasputinlives" document has 2 secret words: contrast and credit.
  4. There used to have a UFO. Image: But they removed it. Now, they mention the portal at F11 at Sea of Fortune. And it's there now:
  5. Thanks TheURLGuy (and for the tip)! \o/ Just read the one with "rasputinlivesrasputinlivesrasputinlivesrasputinlivesrasputinlives..." xD
  6. The "message.png" flag is rewarded after playing one battle with a t3+ ship. What will we get with this form? There's no way to know.
  7. wdym by "truth message"?
  8. Aegis, stop or I'll die laughing
  9. That's impossible because everyone can see the flag description and compare it. They can use the code at any website that does hex-ascii to get the same url. And everyone can open the url and click that button to be redirected to the google form, just like I did.
  10. Some people might think: "Why WG ID instead of our WG IGN?" I can't answer to that since I'm not a WG employee. There was a lot of ways for them like: use the same e-mail as your account, input your WG IGN, ... But they chose ID for some reason. No idea. They didn't say anything or post anything until now. Maybe it's a "hidden event"? That's what i'm hoping for. Like I wrote for Ace, my hope it's a hidden event.
  11. I updated the first post with what's WG ID and one way to get it.
  12. For people that are afraid about some sensitive data leaking: They ask 2 things at that docs: e-mail and Wargaming ID. E-mail: well, they know your e-mail now... I would worry about that. Wargaming ID: this is a public information. You can access their API and get yours (or from anyone). API url: https://api.worldofwarships.com/wows/account/list/?application_id=demo&search=PauloBR Just change the "search" to the nickname that you want and... {"nickname":"PauloBR","account_id":1006562801} There's my WG ID.
  13. They ask for your Wargaming ID actually. And that information is public. If you search your IGN at their API, they will send you your WG ID because thats unique (differently from your nickname that can change).
  14. Your wargaming account id is NOT your password and there's no harm sharing it. The max that could happen is WG spamming your e-mail but why would they (they already have it too)? I don't share your concerns. PS: I updated it with the hexadecimal code so you can see by yourself.
  15. Why wargaming would do it? If you don't trust my url, just open the url at "That url is a redirect to:" that is in worldofwarships.com domain and click the ""PROMETHEAN TRUTH MAILING LIST" like I said.