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  1. They only hit BBs and CVs so I woulnd't really recommend them. They are deadly for BBs, yes.. but that's it. I was too but I'm more ok with the idea since it doesn't hit cruisers like PA DDs.
  2. According to sea group, they will change her 20km torps and add TRB. Important note: The new 20km only hit BBs and CVs! Sauce: https://sea-group.org/?p=3811&lang=en
  3. Just need to be careful before buying. WG already did some nerfs before release for other ships. :p
  4. That's a pretty good idea lol
  5. Clan name turns red after battle

    Clan rank. White - Unranked Red/Bronze - Squall Silver - Gale Yellow/Gold - Storm Light green - Typhoon
  6. Premium port Slot

    You can clearly see your shipfu's underwater parts... I think that's enough already.
  7. WG Support...

    I'm not sure if I should even try to reopen it... maybe just wait some months until someone there notices it (I'm talking about Moskva reload).
  8. If you have the replay, you can try sending a ticket to WG Support.
  9. Changes that should be in place or considered.

    Because it never will :p And I don't have problems with MM and I'm at New Orleans rn (and getting more exp for hitting ships higher than you is pretty nice).
  10. wierd BB AP on DD

    There's no way, afaik, that an Iowa AP shell can deal more than 4500 dmg if its not a cit. Unless it's some hidden mechanic *shrug*
  11. Halloween Event TK's

    Team damage is disabled there.
  12. The same place they said they were removing them. "With Update 0.6.12, the cruisers Mikhail Kutuzov, Belfast, and Perth are unavailable for purchase and will subsequently be removed from sale in all Premium Shops. They turned out to be excessively efficient in certain battle situations. However, the ships will continue to be available in Containers." https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/dasha-jekyll-and-mistress-tide/ Reading OP.