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  1. _HerrscherOfTheVoid

    Programa Privateers

    Só acho que o título está incorreto considerando a primeira parte da mensagem, mas boa sorte a quem for escolhido ;)
  2. Right, let's triplicate the amount of exp needed for all tech tree ships. It won't matter if they don't have enough exp, it's just a matter of time.. maybe they even get a sense of pride and accomplishment
  3. _HerrscherOfTheVoid

    Neustrashimy for 20,500 steel

    Right? You guys didn't have money to buy, so we gave you money, but now you have money, so we'll make it more expensive so you still keep not having enough.
  4. _HerrscherOfTheVoid

    Question to WG staff

    Afaik this event is only for NA, so since you said "in two different regions", I'm assuming only the NA account is getting them (and it's the correct behavior). EDIT: Actually, there's twitch containers for EU, but it looks like a different one for now. EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/twitch-containers/ NA: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/hello-ground/
  5. _HerrscherOfTheVoid

    Estamos procurando Super Testers Brasileiros!

    É nós então Elessar, hehe. Também só ouvi opiniões sobre como é, alguns que é de boas, outros que nem tanto.
  6. _HerrscherOfTheVoid

    The Forum's best! (Post number #20,000)

    Congratz for the 20k posts khaen and thanks xD Sorry for being late, my forum activity went down the drain the past months :P And @AspereX is a potato
  7. Maya reminds me of my daily College life lol

    1. Rolkatsuki


      hehe~ a fair bit of people like Kancolle Maya around here


    2. Battleship_60
  8. _HerrscherOfTheVoid

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Just taking the chance... what would you recommend for the first captain skill? I chose BFT but was thinking about Expert Loader...