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  1. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome !
  2. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Captain Fry just left the ship

    I'm very sorry for your loss . Fry was a part of your family , and it's always hard to lose family . My thoughts are with you .
  3. Baron_Von_Krieg

    The Oldest Pearl Harbor Survivor Dies At 106 Years Old

    Very sad news . Rest in Peace Sir .
  4. Baron_Von_Krieg

    VETERANS Thank You So Much

    I hear you . I've noticed the same thing with the Army .
  5. Baron_Von_Krieg

    That sinking feeling....

    Beautiful diorama .
  6. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Jean Bart's RL booster+ Expert Marksman=Poor DDs

    I bought her too . The base package . Haven't had a chance to sail her yet ; looking forward to it .
  7. Baron_Von_Krieg

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    It does kinda ( " Say , does this camo make me look fat ? " ) .
  8. Baron_Von_Krieg

    DevBlog: Clarification about "Black Ships"

    Forgive me if this has been mentioned before , but didn't World of Tanks sell ' black ' versions of some of their tanks a few years back ? I know this because I have a Black Mutz sitting in my garage .
  9. Baron_Von_Krieg

    The Truth about Italy in WW2

    Damn Dude ! Awesome post ! That is a TON of info .
  10. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Hurricane Florence.

    I hope things go well for you and yours . Be safe .
  11. Baron_Von_Krieg

    When Atago is feeling faabbuuulllous!

    MY..EYES .....
  12. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Sale Price...good thing

    Or maybe go to Barney's Bargain Basement ? Or Clyde's Clothes Hamper Closeout ?
  13. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Massachusetts personal best

    Congratulations !!
  14. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Those Were The Days!

    I love that tune ! :)