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  1. Never tried a CV myself . I have my hands full running a BB . ;)
  2. Remembering R. Lee Ermey

    Rest in Peace Sir .
  3. Titanic anniversary

    You know , the Tier 2 Japanese BB Mikasa looks kinda like the Titanic .
  4. My son won the Texas!

    Also , it's possible they may buff that free ship . You never know .
  5. It's My Birthday

    Happy Birthday young Dude !! :)
  6. New Premium Cammo for the Roma

    I am OK with the premium cammo , except for that GIANT BEER CAN on top . If they could get rid of that , I'd be fine .
  7. April Fools: Dolphins coming to WOWS

    Dolphins in WoWS ? What porpoise would that serve ?
  8. Tier 2 battleship?

    It kinda looks like the Titanic .
  9. How many tier 10s are in your port?

    Just one , the Yamato .
  10. Not the 100-year anniversary you might think...

    Very interesting . I'd never heard that before .
  11. Not the 100-year anniversary you might think...

    I heard about that 1918 flu epidemic . Really bad . I read somewhere that they came across a gravesite where victims of that flu were buried , and they were debating whether or not to try to get samples for research , but they were afraid of re-releasing the virus into the population . Scary stuff .
  12. Happy New Year!!!!!

    Happy New Year everyone ! :D
  13. Happy New Year To You All

    Happy New Year to you as well !
  14. RIP Malcolm Young

    Very sad news indeed .