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  1. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Do Bots cheat?

    I almost never get a hit on bot ships with torpedoes when I play CO-OP .
  2. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Lower Tier CV's. and Seal Clubbers

    Point of fact , rockets DID exist on WW1 airplanes . They were called ' Le Prieur' rockets , and they were used against airships and observation balloons . Not against ships though .
  3. Baron_Von_Krieg

    If Giulio must be hit with a nerf--

    I really hope they decide to leave GC where it is in the end .
  4. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Getting the Led out

    ******* AWESOME !!!! I regret I only have a single +1 to give . :)
  5. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Ship of the Dead The Story of The SS Ourang Medan

    I've heard of this ship ! Pretty creepy story .
  6. Baron_Von_Krieg

    War Movies

    I love ' Kelly's Heroes ' !! :D
  7. So has it been decided ? Is GC for sure going to Tier 6 ?
  8. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    For what it's worth ( probably not much ) , I'm extremely distressed by this news . First I've heard about what they're planning on doing to the GC . Apparently I'm not up-to-date on my WoWS news . I have the GC , and I paid cash for it as soon as they put it in the shop because I like Italian ships . I've been hearing for awhile now that it's OP ; I'm sure it is , although you couldn't prove it by me as I'm not a very good player . But , as some have pointed out , the thought that they are planning to bump the GC up a Tier , in effect nerfing it a lot , is unacceptable . I bought a Tier 5 , not a Tier 6 . Tweaking it a little to balance it's move up a Tier is not acceptable either . I realize WG can change whatever they want , when they want ; it's their game . But it's not a good idea . I , for one , will be EXTREMELY hesitant to buy ANY new ship , knowing they can trash it like that after I paid cash for it . It's bad business on their part . I hope they change their minds .
  9. Baron_Von_Krieg

    These Aussies got a BARGAIN!!!!

    That's awesome !
  10. Baron_Von_Krieg

    You're so vain!

    Lol !!
  11. Baron_Von_Krieg

    You're so vain!

    Say , is your hat strategically dipped below one eye ? ;)
  12. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Your very first Premium was?

    I bought the three-ship bundle before the games public launch .
  13. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Mogami - I'm in love

    I love my Mogami as well .
  14. Baron_Von_Krieg

    PSA Christmas Tank

    I think it's the MKA . T-50-2 is Tier 6 I believe .
  15. Baron_Von_Krieg

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to you too ! :)