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  1. Are the Three-Crowns camo's going to be available at a later date for Doubloons like Venezia's Azzaro camo?
  2. TheDgamesD

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    That’s.. actually extremely thoughtful of you guys. i wish all of you at WG HQ to get through this smoothly ❤️
  3. TheDgamesD

    Armada: Cheshire

    Honestly this should have been the Directive reward not London, we all know which one is better lol.
  4. TheDgamesD

    Roma issues.

    Can we please get a Roma buff? I think i have the knowledge of how the ship performs more than WG does at this point (279 games played in her) and god can she be infuriatingly temperamental with that vertical dispersion, I've missed so many ships below 8km because of it. I do everything right and the ship just goes NOPE NAH YOU. She doesn't have the accuracy to fight at long range where her armor benefits from its layout, but also doesn't have the armor design (Due to the lack of her historical internal angled armor scheme) to try and knife fight to make the guns work. But then the guns just over pen to the point you go back to long range only to miss all but one shell over and over. I get it her guns do more damage than other 15" guns, but that doesn't excuse the accuracy being beaten to a pulp so drastically. The AA being so terrible doesn't make sense as historically when used on Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, and other BB's it worked exceptionally well, but seemingly because of Taranto it has to be bad i guess. For the guns themselves i have many issues with their current state. Her short range makes playing her at distance a headache. not to mention how short it is bothers me given her title of historically having the longest ranged guns of any BB. "The guns were the most powerful weapons of their caliber, comparable to those of much greater caliber. This was largely due to their exceptional muzzle velocity, although this came at a cost. The high velocity and energies in the firing chamber lead to a much faster rate of barrel wear compared to other naval guns, and also resulted in excessive dispersion at long range. Because of this, the final velocity of the Palla rounds was reduced from 870 m/s to 850 m/s. Even with this reduced velocity, the 381/50 had the longest range of any rifles ever mounted on a battleship, the 884.8 kg AP rounds able to reach 42.8 km at the maximum elevation of +36º. This out-ranged the 46cm/45 Type 94 of the Yamato-class by almost 800 meters, and the 16"/50 Mk.7 of the Iowa-class by over 4000 meters. The Armor-Piercing shells had similar penetrative ability against vertical (belt) armor to the two aforementioned weapons, but due to the shallow angle of impact and high velocity of the shells, their performance against horizontal (deck) armor was far inferior." but i get it range had to be balanced. So while her guns can do more damage she still heavily suffers by not being able to over match 32mm of armor when theoretically given the actual characteristics of the rifle and impact of the shell it's reasonable to assume given a realistic breakdown of shell penetration mechanics making her guns effectively over match as if they were 16" guns makes sense. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannone_da_381/50_Ansaldo_M1934) Then we have the glaring issue of her ammunition to anyone who remotely knows anything about her guns. They never fired let alone carried any HE ammunition for her 15" guns. Instead she only ever carried AP and SAP historically. Why wasn't this reflected in game? well wargaming at the time used the excuse that there were no plans to ever implement that type of shell. which is obviously now bull given we have an entire line based around them. Three types of shells were developed for the gun, but only two were actually used.(Bagnasco & de Toro, p. 94) AP: The primary armor-piercing round, in Italian these rounds were known as "Palla" (literally; "ball") or "Proiettile Perforante" (Piercing Shot"). They were heavy for their caliber at 884.8 kg (1,951 lb), with a small bursting charge of only 10.16 kg TNT (1.15%). The shells were made of nickel-chrome steel, with a steel cap and a Silumin ballistic cap. The total length was 170 cm (67 in), or 4.46 calibers. SAP: A semi armor-piercing round named "Granata Perforante" ("Piercing Shell") designed for use against lightly armored targets such as cruisers and destroyers. They were lighter than the AP shells with a greater bursting charge (3.57%), and had a significantly lesser penetrative ability. During the war, they showed an unfortunate tendency to fuse later than they had been set to, which lead to over-penetrations of their targets. HE: High explosive shells, these weighed only 774 kilograms (1,710 lb). Although designed and tested for these guns, they were never actually used aboard any of the ships that mounted these guns. I can say now In all my countless games in Roma I have never once found the HE to ever be more of a viable choice to fire than her AP. A mix of its low Damage, fire chance and more makes it practically useless. I can bet you there is not a single person that would complain about removing Roma's HE and replacing it with SAP it's HE is so bad. If anything it would be a massive improvement to the ships performance and would make the dispersion of the shells more justifiable, given the ability to now have a shell that would not only make close quarters combat vs CL as and combat in general vs CA's more balanced, unlike currently where CA's are currently immune to you if they go bow in, an CLs you always overpen due to her High velocity. This would open the door to actually putting thought into what type of Shell you should fire unlike now where using literally anything but the AP even vs DDs is a worse option. In total it would make WG's idea of the playstyle they seem to want her to fit actually work unlike now where she's such a flaming unreliable mess.
  5. So we cant Earn Takao or the other Myoko class besides Myoko this time for free unlike the last 2 times it was available? Takao is literally the only ship i missed and i was excited to earn it for free. but apparently i cant. So i'm not wasting my time.
  6. TheDgamesD

    Premium Ship Review #135 - Gorizia

    I remember making a forum post, listing her long and proud service record with the Regia Marina, and how she’d Make an interesting tier 8 if she got her historical stronger armor and bow, but that’s beside the point. Im mainly just glad to see her in the game as my great grandfather Carlo served in her number two turret as part of the gun crew. So to just see her in game just makes me happy, and is why I’m grinding to get her.
  7. TheDgamesD

    Sansonetti's Tracers ...

    Will Luigi's tracers atleast be changed to something like a solid Green color to make them stand out compared to Halsey Yamamoto and Kutuzov, as the french commander still has his blue tracers?
  8. TheDgamesD

    Sansonetti's Tracers ...

    Great you've now ruined the commander for me. [edited] sake.
  9. I dont like how the Italian Commander is behind a collection that can potentially heavily RNG screw you unlike the past commanders where you knew as long as you grinded the time you were guaranteed the commanders
  10. Pumpkin’s are going to go on strike an rebel at this rate
  11. they also need much better detection ranges when firing from their smoke to be honest.
  12. This thread is a space for those who took part as pumpkins during the event to leave anything they might want to say to the community based on their experience. Personally I really enjoyed the experience, both watching people throw themselves at you but also the jokes and how it made people laugh. -Pumpkin_162
  13. TheDgamesD

    Submarines are Coming

    Italian Submarines when? They had 2x the amount of submarines the Kriegsmarine had at the outbreak and played a key role. Not to mention having a very unique design, typically being much larger and more heavily armed and armored than their contemporaries.
  14. TheDgamesD

    SAP for Roma is a needed change

    That honestly irks me too if I’m honest but knowing WG they’re more likely to change a shell type for a ship than admit they made a mistake with appropriately balancing a AA gun type incorrectly.