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  1. TheDgamesD

    SAP for Roma is a needed change

    That honestly irks me too if I’m honest but knowing WG they’re more likely to change a shell type for a ship than admit they made a mistake with appropriately balancing a AA gun type incorrectly.
  2. TheDgamesD

    SAP for Roma is a needed change

    It’s not just a rebalance or that she should be changed to match the line per se, the problem is that she’s currently one of the worst performing Tier VIII Premium battleships and is performing that way for all the reasons I stated prior, and is in a desperate need of something to make her unique or atleast on par with her peers since Vladivostok just does everything she can but better. And the same goes for a lot of her peers as well. she just doesn’t fit and doesn’t work in her current state and it needs to be addressed.
  3. TheDgamesD

    SAP for Roma is a needed change

    Ships armed with SAP only get SAP and AP No HE And yes as it stands currently it appears it will stay a only Italian thing.
  4. TheDgamesD

    SAP for Roma is a needed change

    It means a lot to hear that from you! we got LWM on our side folks!
  5. First off i'll say trust me when I say I know how she plays: As of writing this I've played 270 battles in her. So now we know that we're getting Semi-AP with the upcoming Italian Cruiser line it should be a open and shut case that the Roma be changed to match this new shell type specifically as the original reason going around the forums when she was being added as for why she wont get her SAP is because they have no plans to ever add it. Yet here we are with it being added. The reason it's a needed change is a two-fold answer: 1: Every ship armed with the Cannone da 381/50 Ansaldo M1934 guns (Roma, Littorio, and Vittorio Veneto) never fired nor carried a single round of High-Explosive rounds for their 15' guns. HE shells were designed and tested for them, but their fuses were deemed too sensitive and so the HE shells never saw production past testing. The fact that Roma was given HE to begin with did cause a bit of a slight controversy but it was quelled only because of the reason that SAP just wasn't going to be added. Yet now it is. So there's no reason a change to reflect this shouldn't be considered. 2: Currently Roma is severely lacking across the board when compared to her competitors at her tier (and even some a tier lower if we're honest). She doesn't fit any role that feels like her own or actually works in the meta; The idea I can tell what WG intended with her was a close range stealthy (by BB standards) brawler, Problem is. that doesn't work given her stats. Her armor is too weak and citadel too exposed to get in close, which makes you feel you need to hang back, but your guns are too inaccurate to land any hits at anything past 12km, let alone 6-10 (where she'll still struggle to barely land 4 if you're lucky.) So it paradoxically makes you feel forced to get closer to do any damage but you know you cant get closer because of your armor layout and that everything will focus you down. And so as it stands she doesn't have anything that makes her unique or anything that's her own, there's a ship that performs better than her in every category out there, and she's not a jack of all trades either, she's sadly just infuriatingly below average across the board. She's desperately in need of something to make her feel unique and perform at a similar level to her peers. Honestly most of the issues I have always experienced when playing her that have kept me from loving her in game as much as I do historically, has to do with her guns. Which is rather ironic since historically they were one of her biggest strengths. And the fix to give her SAP not only makes sense historically, but practically, since no one uses her HE, and it would perform much better and allow her to have something to adequately fight back at her tier and be on a level playing field with her equal tier opponents rather than feeling like a tier 7.5 like she does now.
  6. TheDgamesD

    Ranked Sprint

    More than 5k total
  7. TheDgamesD

    Ranked Sprint

    No steel? Not worth it. Seriously WG offer some actually incentivizing rewards for sprint, wasting countless hours ranking up in sprint, even at the extreme ease with which you can do so, just isn't worth the "rewards" (if you can even hardly call them that) that you get out of it. So unless you can offer 5K steel for rank 1 or something of the sort don't waste my time and just make it a regular ranked season.
  8. Y’all are funny, I made this post half heartedly as A: I really do believe he shouldn’t cost more than the premium ship, as that’s what honestly bothers me and B: just to post something stupid/controversial knowing it’d create a shitstorm of comments for me to laugh at this evening, thanks for the entertainment y’all
  9. The Captain available in the Token shop (Nikolaus Kuznetsov) is Absurdly overpriced. I ran the math, and starting today, even if you choose the team that offers more rewards each day, and earn every possible token from each day, it’s only possible to earn a total of 486 Provision Tokens. Meaning unless you’ve been saving for him from the start you aren’t gonna get him. And if you do, you’re basically gonna get nothing else. Which is downright absurd, especially compared to previous and older events where you could pick a wide range of items before the event ended. Can we also address the fact he costs almost x3 that of the Tier V premium ship Murmansk!? Sure he’s a special commander but that doesn’t excuse the fact that x2 the cost of the Murmansk for tokens is still lower than that of a Captain. The level of artificial value placed on him is to the point that (given the price of Murmansk at ~$12-15) they’re valuing him at ~$30 FOR A BLOODY CAPTAIN. Please for decency’s sake lower his cost down to something more reasonable, I don’t care what tier the ship is, what class it is, or how special a Captain is, a premium ship should never be cheaper than a Captain.
  10. TheDgamesD

    Admiral Kuznetsov's Biography

    He's also extremely overpriced in the Event Shop.
  11. TheDgamesD

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Please remove the CV’s from ranked, they don’t belong in their current state.
  12. TheDgamesD

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Actually Italy has way more paper designs than Russia for BBs/CA's, The "Russian" paper BB's at 9&10 are based on Italian design documents appropriated as post-war reparations, and some were designed by Italy for the Russians before the war even started, I've got an entire post giving a bunch of tech tree lines that are (in total) 90% fleshed out easily. Hell Italy had one of the largest navies at the start of the war, and twice the number of Submarines than Germany at 114. Here's the post, All that is Missing is a tier 9&10 DD and tier 10 CV, it was made back before the rework so the CV's actually go through IV-VIII since Italy actually tried to make more CV's than Germany, and got one more complete then Graf Zeppelin called Aquila. (yes imo Aquila should have come before Graf Zeppelin, as she was actually/practically completed, unlike Graf Zeppelin). https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/171895-italian-tech-tree-90-complete/Interesting ships I'd want would be: the Capitani Romani class "Flotilla Leaders" as a Tier X Italian DD, these things were massive, fast and had a gun layout of 4x2 152mm guns. Italian DD Espero: Fought in the first ever Surface engagement between the Allies and Italy, and sacrificed herself valiantly by Charging straight at Admiral Tovey's cruiser squadron to save her convoy: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/162871-italian-destroyer-espero/ Heavy Cruiser Gorizia "The Ship that Refused to Sink": Throughout her career Gorizia stared into the face of Death countless times, and every time managed to walk away with her life, despite the odds being heavily stacked against her time and time again. Yet every when time she was hounded by aircraft or under fire from enemy guns, She made it out alive again and again. This ship had everything thrown at her by the British and Allies, yet nothing seemed to ever be capable of sinking her. Gorizia has the distinction of having fought in all but one of the major actions engaged in by the Regia Marina during WWII, steaming three times further than any of her sisters, and having served as the flagship of her respective division for most of her service life (after Cape Matapan, she was almost continuously the flagship for all the RM's heavy cruisers). Not only did she manage to shoot down more Swordfish than Bismarck (), but she also has the claim of longest-ranged hit scored by a 203mm gun (and by extension, by any cruiser guns) in naval history, with a first-salvo straddle (and hit), on a destroyer no less. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/175572-italian-heavy-cruiser-gorizia/ Italian DD Folgore: Kept fighting and refused to go down until literally every last round of ammunition for every gun aboard her was expended, and then proceeded to charge the British and launch torpedoes at them before finally going down. Ansaldo Superheavy Cruiser project “Pordenone” for tier IX, and the Ansaldo Heavy Cruiser Project “Bersaglieri” for tier X: (info on them is really long so I'm putting it under a spoiler for just those interested)
  13. TheDgamesD

    Armada: Roma

    You guys really dropped the ball when discussing her guns in the article; You failed to mention the fact that Roma were equipped with the longest ranged guns to ever be put on a warship (that was actually completed, sorry Sov. Soy. you don't count.): the Cannone da 381/50 Ansaldo M1934. Plus the countless problems with how her guns are even portrayed in game due to the caliber of the guns being what determines overmatch mechanics, when records show hers acted and performed more like 16"-17" guns than 15" due to their Muzzle velocity: "The guns were the most powerful weapons of their caliber, comparable to those of much greater caliber. This was largely due to their exceptional muzzle velocity, although this came at a cost. The high velocity and energies in the firing chamber lead to a much faster rate of barrel wear compared to other naval guns, and also resulted in excessive dispersion at long range. Because of this, the final velocity of the Palla/AP rounds was reduced from 870 m/s to 850 m/s. Even with this reduced velocity, the 381/50 had the longest range of any rifles ever mounted on a battleship, the 884.8 kg AP rounds able to reach 42.8 km at the maximum elevation of +36º This out-ranged the 46cm/45 Type 94 of the Yamato-class by almost 800 meters, and the 16"/50 Mk.7 of the Iowa-class by over 4000 meters. The Armor-Piercing shells had similar penetrative ability against vertical (belt) armor to the two aforementioned weapons, but due to the shallow angle of impact and high velocity of the shells, their performance against horizontal (deck) armor was far inferior." Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannone_da_381/50_Ansaldo_M1934 So why is her range the worst at its tier? It's downright insulting to her legacy and record for her to be stuck with such bad gun performance, let alone range. which needs some buffs, same with sigma and dispersion, it's so bad I can't even count the number of times I've only landed 2/9 shells at a battleship broadside on at ranges under 9km. Don't even get me started on how they messed up her belt armor, with her lacking her internal Splinter plates and decapping plates, instead WG just opted to slap all the layers together and make that the thickness, practically ruining her armor layout's design. It's not only downright inexcusable but its rather disheartening to see such a beautiful and revered ship be mistreated so.
  14. Yes as "soon" as Tonne and Ise. (WoWS Blitz has Ise, WoWS pc has no excuse now imo.)
  15. I understand why the CV isn't playable in the space battles this time around, but why cant we earn the Rover (the new shimakazae space camo ship) to use in the event like the other new space ship Century Hawk?