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  1. TheDgamesD

    Issue with BB SAP vs DDs

    Exactly! It's rather... counter intuitive no?
  2. Italian SAP on BBs versus their CA's is... a interesting conundrum. Whilst on the one hand it would be hilarious for a BB to be able to 1 shot a DD with good aim I think we can all agree there's no good counterplay in that nor is it necessarily fair. Which partly leads me to understand WG's decision to limit the full damage BB SAP can do to DD's.. but on that very same token it has issues in the methods in which they've done this. While personally when I'd heard they would be getting SAP i was hoping they'd be a DD hunter BB line similar to the cruisers i knew that would only happen in my fantasies, whilst in reality what we got is... rather ironic in a sense. I'll explain, For you see the Italian BB line both gains and sacrifices a decent chunk to get those SAP rounds, be it the inability to set fires with their main guns, or their horrid Sgima values, ~1.6. The Problem arises when it comes down to them having to fight DD's, since you lack that HE splash damage you cant break a DD's modules, across the board you do more damage with BB HE of any other line to DDs than with the SAP (Partly defeating the purpose in my eyes), and combined with their longer than average reloads compounded with their worse accuracy this leaves them more vulnerable to DDs arguably than any other line, even the Super Dreadnought USN BB's in a tossup, for one primary reason: That 10% maximum damage you can do with the SAP vs DD's. In all this makes the shell somewhat more punishing to be given rather than a strength in that regard, unlike the CA line. And again I'll explain this, the problem it creates is that it leaves you probable to actually do more damage with AP vs them than with the SAP, which is rather counter-intuitive, now no I am not advocating for full damage like with the CA line because of how disastrous it would be. What I am saying is at the minimum it should be 20%, if not 15% at the minimum, as given the small targets you're shooting at + the reload+ plus the bad accuracy and 1.6 sigma, even with the increase in maximum damage possible with the SAP shell. In a sense it also encourages DDs to rush down this line since they can do so easily, and without much risk to themselves in its current state due to also the Secondaries being low caliber and not even using SAP, which is another missed opportunity but regardless. In my current time with the ITA BB's its been rather infuriating knowing in any other line you could easily have deleted your target with a HE salvo when they either: Rush you, or you catch them out, but with this SAP nerf to the max damage it feels like you've barely scratched them unless you manage to get stupid lucky.
  3. In all the previous events the camouflage special for the event style was the same for every ship, and always looked good! Minus that one incident with the British Heavy Cruisers. So explain to me why the Italian battleship "Roman" camouflage is even a thing? Its directly inferior in effort compared to le Legion style and is almost obviously a result of crunch time since resources were taken away from the even for the "Big Hunt" mode assets. Which can also be noticed in how there's such a lack of well... anything in the part two for the event. All there is is a free daily bundle and then two paid bundles. No special Captain to work for, you cant even buy the Bloody Leone Legion camo for the tokens for goodness sake. For me when I've waited for Italian BB's since the bloody CBT this is a complete letdown... Like its not even a minor difference between the camo's, the Roman one is just a plain 2D camo no external 3D modifications while the Legion camo's are extravagant and ornate, Why couldn't Andrea Doria and Francisco both get this level of treatment?
  4. TheDgamesD

    Leone Legion Camo

    So, call me crazy and I'd agree with you, but I've been legitimately enjoying the Leone Destroyer, yes she's not meta but she's fun. So when I heard there would be a "Legion" camo for her I was excited. But now I'm both saddened and a little disappointed since it seems it's only available via a $200 "Big Italian Bundle" not at all available for purchase on its own, be it in the armory or on the website. This to me is incredibly disheartening since I would in a heartbeat pick up the skin on its own, but its not. So will it be available at a later date on its own? in game for doubloons post update? or what will happen?
  5. TheDgamesD

    Italian Battleships: Early Access

    So not only do i have to grind and earn the tier IV i already own for 0 compensation, i can't grind my [edited]off for atleast the tier VIII Skin for free. All three of the good skins can only be purchased?
  6. TheDgamesD

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    So no tier III Cuniberti. Or tier III at all. The tier VIII isn’t even properly modeled after Vittorio Veneto as her bow wasn’t the same shape nor as long as Roma’s, and didn’t arc up like Roma’s. the SAP does jack crap vs DDs making this line kinda pointless to even have SAP to begin with imo, since I was hoping this would be the one anti DD BB line to spice things up a little meta wise but ofc we cant have anything that shakes up the status quo. This is rather disappointing for a line I’ve waited since the CBT for.
  7. And with this I'm uninstalling. First the Captain "rework" [edited] and now this.
  8. TheDgamesD

    The Dockyard: Build Anchorage

    So you cant actually get the ship for free? There's no way to hardcore grind these ships for free anymore? then kindly [edited] off. Uninstalling. After 3 events like this I'm done.
  9. TheDgamesD

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    so you cant even grind for the atlanta skin for free? for shame WG..
  10. you cant get Odin for free no matter how much you grind, i already own the Spee, this event is useless to me. The fact you cant get the odin for free is stupid.
  11. TheDgamesD

    Submarines: How to Play

    Tbh all they need to do is implement something like a Oxygen meter to force them to surface occasionally to give those kind of classes a chance to kill then as currently even if a SS runs out of Electricity or battery or whatever, they aren't forced to surface, they can go 1/4 and still recharge, this doesn't allow a kill opportunity for other classes the main issue I've noticed is with BB v SS interaction is a sub can stay underwater forever and deny a BB any chance fix that, and it fixes a lot of the interaction issues. It's such a blatant thing i'm surprised WG hasn't figured this out after 3 patch rounds
  12. TheDgamesD

    The History of Jerzy Świrski

    The Campaign should not be timed.
  13. TheDgamesD

    Submarines: How to Play

    How long until Italian subs? Y'know since 2/3 of the Subs in the Atlantic until 1943 were Italian.
  14. TheDgamesD

    Submarines: How to Play

    My main and only complaint against subs with how you're handling them, as personally I've wanted subs since day one, Is the fact you seem insistent on the counterplay/depth charge mechanic be automatic like AA. Which is a bad idea in every sense of the word. The optimal solution is to allow players to manually drop depth charges, be it launchers at certain directions or dropping them off the rear racks, and giving all classes the ability to atleast drop them off their stern.
  15. TheDgamesD

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Can we stop forcing the Research Bureau down players throats. I don't think anyone wants to have to re grind 3 lines to get a stinking legendary module.