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  1. TheDgamesD

    Noticed something about the OST.

    Still found it fairly interesting that it's a musical nod that most people will never notice, I had been listening to German songs playing Schliffen when I noticed the music was similar to what I was hearing on youtube.
  2. So I was playing the game as usual, and having a history in not only Marching band but also music creation, and I noticed something about one of the Battle themes, The Melodic progression and notes are the exact same as the song "Was Wollen Wir Trinken" just sped up. I'm assuming this is as a homage? and not as plagiarism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_69o-lYHj-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDD_TKWvCwo&amp
  3. Since the removal of his old Unique Italian flag tracers Luigi has been stuck with a tone of red similar to both Halsey and Yamamoto, while captains of other nations get colors more representable of the flag their commander belongs to as well as being more identifiable. Lutjens and Kuznetsov both have deep reds, Phillipe has a deep blue, and so on. So is it possible to see Luigi be given a set of Green tracers? since it calls not only to the green in the Italian flag but also makes it more identifiable at a distance what commander is firing at you, since the shade of red currently used on him is similar if not the same as Yamamoto and Halsey's reds.
  4. TheDgamesD

    Leone ASW Missing Still?

    Still for the sake of gameplay WG has stated prior all ships will be equipped with ASW to be able to engage submarines (aside from CVs) while submerged, only Leone has been left behind. So why not just give it a 4km ASW Air Strike with SM.79's?
  5. Seems Wargaming has forgotten the Poor destroyer Leone again, though its no surprise as her development hell time is a sign to show, and as if the ship didnt suffer enough with super slow long arcs on her shells, painfully long reload times on her guns, only 4 torpedoes that are as useful as sea mines (though do reload quickly and have good range) The ship still completely lacks any means of attacking submerged submarines unlike all her Tier VI and even tier V destroyer counterparts! Thats right she cant even drop as little as the Duca D'Aosta with her 2 depth charges in her salvoes. the Leone has 0 means of engaging submarines aside from her guns. Can the Leone get anything? even just a 4km depth charge air strike? just something so she's not basically helpless against them would be appreciated, Cheers.
  6. Vichy France, where to begin, Controversial? Oh hell yes, not a great country to be associated with but that's not really the focus of this game, since we have flags from parties of all sides: Kriegsmarine, USSR's Navy, Etc. Hardly the worst thing going to be represented inside the game but that's beside the point and question I'm asking here as that's not what I'm here to Discuss. What I am here to discuss is the Possibility of it (The flag of Vichy France/The Personal flag of Philippe Pétain Commonly Associated with being the flag of Vichy France) either being a Flag to be given out for a event mission similar to how we already have the FNFL Ensign already in-game, I don't see why it's taken so long to get the opposing flag as a option as well, even if censored like the Kreig smarine flag in game already. it's a important part of history regardless of view on it, and pacts a important part of history behind it, as although Vichy France's time was a short one, she did not go down quietly at least on the naval front at first. Such as in Operation torch the forces of her Navy did actually put up a resistance and fight back once fired upon. As such for me it's always been something I'd like to see properly represented, such as when I brought up years ago about why don't the German Imperial ships get their proper flag in game as an option? Hell we even have a Weimar Flag now as well as that one as a option for goodness sake!. For here in this case however the addition to it alongside the already existing FNFL flag in the exterior menu is the best likely outcome I can see. After all its not impossible as we do have the "Vichiya" Dominion flag from Azur Lane (Still waiting on the Sardegnia Empire flag to finish off that set WG) I have been flying on all the ships in game currently that were under Vichy France's control in the mean-time: Jean-Bart, Dunkerque, Strasbourg, Siroco, Algérie, Mogador, Aigle, Guépard and La Galissonnière. Overall let me know what you think, Any specific flags of nations or Leaders you would want to see? The the Italian "Salo Republic" for instance, or even other minor nations like the Greek Hellenic navy Ensign as a option for a Special occasion there, let me know what flags and your reasons why, I'm genuinely curious.
  7. I cant tell if it was removed during a update months back but I hadn't taken out my S. Dragon or N. Dragon out since the last snowflake event for the coal but I always enjoyed the special torpedo explosion effect they had: which was that of a firework explosion similar to the ARP ships special torpedo impact effects, Only now its completely gone since the last major graphics update, Was this intentional?
  8. I knew WG can be lazy sometimes when it comes to Italy, but this is taking the [edited]cake. The Italians were a major naval and aviation powerhouse, a home of engineering most of their rivals couldn't match, and not far behind Germany in terms of Jet fighter's with Roberto Longhi's Reggiane Re.2007 in 1943, only canceled via the armistice, or the CAmproni-Campini C.C.2 that did see flight trials. In Italy's case there was literally Dozens of planes WG could have used. but instead they were lazy, even so to the point they didn't even change the IJN roundels to the RSI or RA's roundels. In all the viable planes for italian Anti-Sub usage would be: Piaggio P.108B CANT Z.501 Gabbiano CANT Z.506 Airone Z.1018 Leone Camproni Ca.314 Camproni Ca.331 "Raffica" Of Course the Iconic Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 The CANT Z.1007 While of course any of these could be used, the most appropriate are as follows: Sm.79 for tiers VI&VII, Z.1007 for VIII&IX, and P.108B for X. But just please WG replace the H8K with any of these for Italy it makes 0 [edited]sense why a Japanese Floatplane would be Supporting a Italian BB.
  9. TheDgamesD

    My old DD-545 Bradford topic can’t be found anymore.

    Specifically where would I submit this ticket under?
  10. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/162791-uss-dd-545-bradford/ There is a sad update I must give regarding the ship and the man who inspired me to talk about all this regarding it I was going to update the topic on. But it no longer can be found under my own content. Bobby Scott. The navy veteran who served on her from my hometown has passed away as of August 19th.
  11. TheDgamesD

    Issue with BB SAP vs DDs

    Exactly! It's rather... counter intuitive no?
  12. Italian SAP on BBs versus their CA's is... a interesting conundrum. Whilst on the one hand it would be hilarious for a BB to be able to 1 shot a DD with good aim I think we can all agree there's no good counterplay in that nor is it necessarily fair. Which partly leads me to understand WG's decision to limit the full damage BB SAP can do to DD's.. but on that very same token it has issues in the methods in which they've done this. While personally when I'd heard they would be getting SAP i was hoping they'd be a DD hunter BB line similar to the cruisers i knew that would only happen in my fantasies, whilst in reality what we got is... rather ironic in a sense. I'll explain, For you see the Italian BB line both gains and sacrifices a decent chunk to get those SAP rounds, be it the inability to set fires with their main guns, or their horrid Sgima values, ~1.6. The Problem arises when it comes down to them having to fight DD's, since you lack that HE splash damage you cant break a DD's modules, across the board you do more damage with BB HE of any other line to DDs than with the SAP (Partly defeating the purpose in my eyes), and combined with their longer than average reloads compounded with their worse accuracy this leaves them more vulnerable to DDs arguably than any other line, even the Super Dreadnought USN BB's in a tossup, for one primary reason: That 10% maximum damage you can do with the SAP vs DD's. In all this makes the shell somewhat more punishing to be given rather than a strength in that regard, unlike the CA line. And again I'll explain this, the problem it creates is that it leaves you probable to actually do more damage with AP vs them than with the SAP, which is rather counter-intuitive, now no I am not advocating for full damage like with the CA line because of how disastrous it would be. What I am saying is at the minimum it should be 20%, if not 15% at the minimum, as given the small targets you're shooting at + the reload+ plus the bad accuracy and 1.6 sigma, even with the increase in maximum damage possible with the SAP shell. In a sense it also encourages DDs to rush down this line since they can do so easily, and without much risk to themselves in its current state due to also the Secondaries being low caliber and not even using SAP, which is another missed opportunity but regardless. In my current time with the ITA BB's its been rather infuriating knowing in any other line you could easily have deleted your target with a HE salvo when they either: Rush you, or you catch them out, but with this SAP nerf to the max damage it feels like you've barely scratched them unless you manage to get stupid lucky.
  13. In all the previous events the camouflage special for the event style was the same for every ship, and always looked good! Minus that one incident with the British Heavy Cruisers. So explain to me why the Italian battleship "Roman" camouflage is even a thing? Its directly inferior in effort compared to le Legion style and is almost obviously a result of crunch time since resources were taken away from the even for the "Big Hunt" mode assets. Which can also be noticed in how there's such a lack of well... anything in the part two for the event. All there is is a free daily bundle and then two paid bundles. No special Captain to work for, you cant even buy the Bloody Leone Legion camo for the tokens for goodness sake. For me when I've waited for Italian BB's since the bloody CBT this is a complete letdown... Like its not even a minor difference between the camo's, the Roman one is just a plain 2D camo no external 3D modifications while the Legion camo's are extravagant and ornate, Why couldn't Andrea Doria and Francisco both get this level of treatment?
  14. TheDgamesD

    Leone Legion Camo

    So, call me crazy and I'd agree with you, but I've been legitimately enjoying the Leone Destroyer, yes she's not meta but she's fun. So when I heard there would be a "Legion" camo for her I was excited. But now I'm both saddened and a little disappointed since it seems it's only available via a $200 "Big Italian Bundle" not at all available for purchase on its own, be it in the armory or on the website. This to me is incredibly disheartening since I would in a heartbeat pick up the skin on its own, but its not. So will it be available at a later date on its own? in game for doubloons post update? or what will happen?
  15. TheDgamesD

    Italian Battleships: Early Access

    So not only do i have to grind and earn the tier IV i already own for 0 compensation, i can't grind my [edited]off for atleast the tier VIII Skin for free. All three of the good skins can only be purchased?