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  1. Your stats are hidden , no one will take you if you do that. Open them then apply and we will see if your as good as you think.


    1. Ksetuni


      I don't care about stats, nor do I think I'm anything special. I play the game for fun and relaxation, not to brag or for some ego boost. My stats arent bad, but I'm also not a unicum. Stats don't represent the quality of player.

    2. NightStalker357


      I would agree with you on the most of that except we just got rid of a troll ,trying to hack into some of us who would not open his, he is gone and reported , most likely banned from game for life., so stats are open , that is how oil is earned and how we see how good you are doing with the clan division teachers, you will find out most every Clan has that policy. If you are capable of showing up for division team games and earn your T-8 then you will have earned it for your loaner T-10's , and learned from some who have been here before game was open, we also have testers who if  you want to pick up extra Flags ,camo ,prem time, and try out every ship in the game eventually , before you go to grind it out test drive it first. I don't care about WNR, we play for fun, relaxation, and physical therapy most all love the game and  left WOT and WOWP because of the TOXIC garbage atmosphere in those games . I suffered a massive head injury so I play to keep my Neuro net connectivity working, another is a double amputee, another was in a bad car wreck , to play and have camaraderie , and discuss things or to tell life story's as a lot are ex.military a way to let off pressure, and to hear what will never be in text books. Apply or not up to you..