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  1. well guess thats an easy choice if the mog isnt there right away no point in getting the last 100 tokens to have it available. Im certainly not going to gamble with hopign for a tier9 that I can research again if I decide to grind the line.
  2. Ive got over 1500 matches in my kami r and fujin. They are my fav ships. Its hardly seal clubbing at tier 5. Seal clubbing is tier 2 or 3. The Umikaze with a 19 point captain reigns supreme. it can be fun. Thats seal clubbing. Saying a fujin and kami is seal clubbing is ignorant at best.
  3. Hey everyone, Does anyone know the actual cost of the legion of honor no5 bundle? I'm about 50 tokens form the no4. Is the no.5 another cost or the reward for completed all 4? Im wanting the tier 9 but didnt want to waste money on getting box 4 if I had to have another 500 tokens etc for box 5.
  4. Thatll be nice to have. Id love to be playing sh3,4 though alot of the fun was playing coops with friends and shooting wake homing torps at them when they werent expecting it LOL. Nothing like a Oh you SOB you got me this time lol
  5. I run out of emojis in the first few minutes lol.
  6. What good sub games are there that can run on modern windows systems? Most no longer will install.
  7. Its clear all you want to do is [edited] and be critical before stats etc are released. There are many that would regrind for a solid ship. It doesnt have to be OP. Just a solid alternative. Is the stalingrad OP? Yet people dont [edited] about it because its earned. People who are able to grind out the steel should be rewarded. (I wish there were more ways to earn steel since I cant do cw often or my cw is lower levels) Im ok with it since its a reward for those who have been able to grind them out.
  8. How bout you actually READ what they said. The reason for the uproar was to give performance improvements to the ships. This would have created an imbalance and serious issues. THIS was the reason the community was united in an uproar. Most suggested cosmetic, economic or other rewards. WG listed and the game for now was saved. I am perfectly fine with having ships to earn if you regrind. Just like Im fine with the stalingrad being available for steel, even though im still 11k from it. It gives a reward to those who earn them without shifting the balance of gameplay. That shift in balance would have driven most off. At least with this we arent being forced to regrind if we dont want to and we will still be able to compete.
  9. Ksetuni

    Do the Russian BBs actually get good?

    Im a dd main, not a BB player even though ive got the monty, georgia, mass missouri, and all other bb's at 9. Ive been enjoying the soviet bb line though the lack fo range is maddening. However you want to get close. You need to protect her broadsides. Ive had a couple 170k+ matches in the sinop. Its a solid line. Do yourself a favor and go jump on the test server and try it out there. Youll see.
  10. Ksetuni

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    Radar, To reiterate some of the concerns and why we the players should have the option to disable this mode: 1. penalizes ships, especially torp dd's relying on stealth, to not use their strengths. They are forced to either go into the center and be perma spotted. Have to hide behind an island therefore not doing their job in spotting and engaging the enemy. If they dont go into the center, chat IMMEDIATELY becomes toxic everytime by players screaming at the dd's to go to the center. 2. it forces everyone into a mele brawl that often is not advantageous to many ships. 3. it forces everyone into one small area, even if its better served by flanking and maneuvering. We the players decide what is fun and what isnt. Why should I be forced into a game mode that I detest? ESPECIALLY in a ranked battle where it has ZERO place? Ranked penalizes a poor team even more in this mode.
  11. Ksetuni

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    One that I, and 99.9% of others HATE, rage when having it shoved down our throats. If I could simply quit the match and move on to the next game I would as that mode is that bad. Its a waste of my time.
  12. They were complaining about the change of balance and the forced regrind to stay competitive. Pay attention some. Whats different between earning steel through various means for a stalingrad or regrinding a line for an ohio? At least with the regrind i have the chance to earn ti where im still 11k short of steel for the stalingrad. It also doesnt make things uncompetetive like the original thought process was.
  13. I do agree totally. Just like the stalingrad is a reward for getting steel. However I wish there were more ways for us to earn steal when we cant play cw, or the cw teams arent too good. Im still ok with the exclusiveness of it as it rewards hard work. Something to be proud of grinding out.
  14. Ksetuni

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    I take it you arent in a stealthy dd doing it. Why should a class of ship be gimped and penalized because that is what they are, or enjoy, playing? I NEVER enter the center until late game. I often have to turn off chat because of the harassment of teammates demanding i do something that is asking for me to get nuked and no longer be a benefit to the team.
  15. Ksetuni

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    Mix well said. This is a classic example of why I hate this mode. I'm a dd main, often running stealthy torpy dd's. Epicenter penalizes you for playing them worse than anything else. Or you end up having teammates screaming at you, cursing at you, or reporting you fro not doing what they demand.