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  1. ScarySnowman

    Drifting Servo

    First match of the new patch, and this happened. Plus can't attack ships, because they aren't rendering. has this happen to anyone else. I've only played Servo so far.
  2. ScarySnowman

    The image we are giving???

    To be honest, I've seen worst. With sending the replay in to WG and reporting them in game, is really all you have to do. WG will look at the persons chat logs, and make a decision if they need a chat ban for a little bit. Bringing it to the forums, well, is a waste of time. The advice you will get is the same that many have gotten before. Your case is not rare. Many before you have come to the forms with few post, and basically posted the same kind of post. They mostly follow the same path as how yours has gone. There might be a few more post. But in the end, a mod will come in, say what most have said, and the post will most likely be locked. Well the ones I've seen anyways.
  3. ScarySnowman

    Games Like This

    Didn't you know compliments are expensive to make. They are not cheap to make like reports, so people don't just give them away. But to be honest, it's not that hard to see why you didn't get complimented. First it's a lost, people rarely give compliments on a lost. You where top tier, so your expected to do good. Your base XP isn't higher then the top XP on the enemy team. Plus you were in a Belfast. It's hard to get a complement with that combination.
  4. ScarySnowman

    Championship Tournament

    There is KoTs. Each server has a tournament, and the top three teams play the top three teams from another server.
  5. ScarySnowman

    So no Georgia in 0.8.4?

    If WG follows how they released Musashi and Jean Bart. Georgia might be released around November. That will be 1 year for Jean Bart being in the game. Of course that's just guessing. Best case scenario, soon™. Worst is T-61.
  6. ScarySnowman

    the struggle

    You only get steel wins once, doesn't matter if you are in alpha or bravo.
  7. ScarySnowman

    Alexander Overchkin captain

    https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/earn-your-greatness/ Soviet Commander Alexander Ovechkin with 10 skill points and Russian voiceover—obtained for completion of a chain of combat missions (activated upon request). American Commander Alexander Ovechkin with 10 skill points and English voiceover—obtained for completion of a thematic collection that we will tell about below. Binational Commander Alexander Ovechkin in ice hockey uniform with 15 skill points—obtained for completion of a special combat mission found in an event container. He can also be found in the Premium Shop. You can assign him to both Soviet and American ships—wherever you wish.
  8. ScarySnowman

    How many teams can you run in clan battles?

    In theory, 7. The major thing is to get the 49 players available. Last season we had 4 (maybe 5) teams in alpha on the first night.
  9. ScarySnowman

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    To make credits (and exp), it's a little more to it then just doing damage. Yes doing damage is a good place to start, the more you do the more you going to make. But there are other factors that come into play. Couple of them are, what's the tier difference between the ships, and how much health that ship has. With the tier difference, the lower tier ship earns more for doing damage to higher tier ship. Now with the health. Lets say in one salvo, you do 5,000 damage. That 5000 is going to be worth more depending on what ship you hit. If it's to a destroyer with 20,000 HP, that's 25% of its health. But the same 5,000 damage to a battleship is going to be worth less, because it has a higher health pool. Just to make the numbers easier, if the battleship has 100,000, that's only 5% of it's HP. So you have to do more damage to the battleship, to earn the same amount as you would a destroyer. Some other things that add to making credits and exp, capping, defending a cap, spotting, and shooting down aircraft.
  10. ScarySnowman

    "Soft" cap of 1 CV for tier 10 has failed

    As how I understand from sub_octavian post from last Tuesday, the soft cap has not been put in yet. They are working on it.
  11. ScarySnowman

    Everyone's talking about T10 CV cap....

    Since you have a certain view of CVs, and since they are part of game. How about going down one of the CV lines. Consider this as an experiment, because I'm curious if your views would change. Here is a quote to help you think about it. "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."
  12. Are you sure the op plays CV. You might want to go look again.
  13. ScarySnowman

    Just been in a tier 7 battle with 2 langleys.

    People are trying to uses them as anchors in their div, so that the tier 5s will be top tier all the time. But it seems to be not working, lol. Have seen this a few times already.
  14. For Montana, hard no. Because this was what it was like going against a Yamato, when Montana did have a raised citadel.
  15. ScarySnowman

    I cant get it to work...

    Would need to see replays of your games. So that people can give you advice of what you are doing wrong.