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  1. A detonation from the splash damage of your HE shell.
  2. I was bored so I looked it it up. It was 11 days, form the launch weekend(September 17), to the update that changed it from +/-3 to +/-2(September 28). Thought it was longer then 11 day myself. If you include open beta, then it works out to over two months.
  3. Okay, yes the Ranger gets tier 7 planes, but yet it dose performs server stats wise worst. I understand that you have to research the tier 7 Dive-Bombers for the Hiryu. But looking at your stats, its safe to assume that you would have them researched, and probably most people do that would take it into rank. All I'm saying it should be a decent option for a person to take into rank if they want too. Not how you had said in a previous post "nobody takes Ranger into Ranked anyway." With the Hiryu torpedo bomber, maybe they could uses an increase in something and they could call them B5N2-B. But looking at server stats and your stats, looks like you are doing fine with how it is. I guess more or less would have to wait tell the data comes from after the rank season to see how it dose. Thou with balancing they have to consider all tiers a ship faces, and not just rank. Plus they are planning to rework cv hopefully this year. So doubt that anything will happen to them before rank anyways. With regards of your planes being shot down by a lone ijn dd that wasn't an Akizuki, that's a little hard to believe. Guess it could happen, would have to see a replay of it to believe it.
  4. I would have to say no, because the Hiryu did pretty good in the forth season of rank. Yes there are few more premiums this go around with tier 7, and AA builds are not as affordable as you think. With BFT being 3 points, I would say some people skip taking that skill, compared to when it was 1 point. If they were to buff the Hiryu, then they would have to other ships. Ranger could use some love, it has a hard time competing with the other two cvs at the same tier. Some the tech tree ships compared to some premium, could uses some help too. Personal I wouldn't be against if they gave the Pensacola radar, maybe then it would be more viable for rank. Their is a few more, but back to the Hiryu. Looking at its stats the past 2 weeks, I think she will be fine in rank. Also it probably would break the balance giving it tier 8 planes. Yeah it would make it easier going againts tier 9 ship, but what about tier 5s. Don't tier 5s have a hard enough time as it is.
  5. Looking at the main website, your chances I would say are not that good to get a sale for the next couple of months. Unless they do fast track missions for the British cruisers, or some other special event that might have a sale on them. From what I could see for discounts on tier 8 and up on all ships of all nations were, Wargaming anniversary(September), WoWS birthday, Shipsgiving, and the New Year event. But I would say wait tell after they release next months preview, which should be on the 31st, to decide to buy it or not. If there is no hint for that they will have a sale next weekend, then you should buy. Because you might be waiting a long time for the next sale.
  6. Having it at tier 7, gives me mixes feelings about it. On one hand, I feel that having it at tier 7 gives more people a chance to play rank. On the other i do agree with you that their are some ships that have too much of advantages, and most them are premiums. The only tier I think that has the most balance and would have the most variety of ships would be tier 6. Either way, doesn't matter what tier it is, the salt will fly, souls will be crushed, and you will wonder why you are doing this to yourself.
  7. If your planning to eventually uses that captain on the Moskva, it's not a bad start. CE and Superintendent would be good next skills to get. Personally I would have gotten CE before AFT. If you have no problem of spending doubloons to respect the captain when you get the Moskva, then there are some better skill to have. With the Russian cruisers, you could drop aiming sys and get aa mod 2, since their dispersion is pretty good. Then you could uses those 4 points elsewhere. For a build that would work pretty good for the Shchors to Dmitri Donskoi would be; PM/AR/EM/Superintendent/IFHE/CE. The last 3 points could be used for DE or vigilance. But with some of my ships that have IFHE, seams to be still setting a far bit of fires without DE. But for a solid build that would work on all them to the Moskva is PM/EM/Superintendent/DE/AFT/CE, with the last two points going into JAT (for faster repair, aa defence, radar and heal) or AR.
  8. Here are some of the builds i have so far. For the USN cruisers line, this is what I have with my captains, plus what I am thinking to add when they have enough skill points. With the Pensacola, I do not have, but I think would be a good build for it. Cleveland(14 point captain) DCCA/EM/BFT/ AFT/IFHE Last 5 points I'm thinking of either; AR/DE, or PM/CE. If CV were more common PM/MFCAA Pensacola(Don't have, but how I would build a 19 point captain) DCCA/EM/BFT/DE/AFT/CE New Orleans(15 point captain) PM/EM/BFT/DE/AFT 2 Skill points are spare right now, making it really a 13 point captain. Was think of getting CE next then either AR or JAT(For radar). Or i might skip CE and add Vigilace/JAT/PT Baltimore(16 point captains) PM/EM/Superintendent/AFT/CE 2 points are spare right now. Thinking of DE or BFT, and JAT or AR Des Moines(17 points) PM/EM/Superintendent/BFT/AFT/CE. Last 2 I think i will put in JAT. For the USN dds I haven't been using RPF and been doing not to bad without it. Farrget(14 point captain, with one spare point) PT/LS/BFT/SE/CE Benson(17 points, one spare) PM/LS/SE/BFT/Superintendent/CE Fletcher(18 points, two spare) PM/LS/SE/TAE/Superintendent/CE. Thinking of BFT or DE when I get one more skill point. Gearing(18 point Captain) PM/LS/TA/SE/TAE/Superintendent/CE. Last point probably PT Russian Cruisers/ DDs Budyonny/Shchors(both 12 point captains) PM/EM/AR/DE/CE. Planning to get vigilance and IFHE Chapayev(12 Points) PM/EM/AR/Superintendent/CE. Planning on getting DE/IFHE Dmitri Donskoi(16 points) PM/JAT/EM/Superintendent/IFHE/CE. Last 3 points will get DE Moskva(have 18 points, one is spare) PM/EM/Superintendent/DE/AFT/CE. Last 2 points will get JAT Udaloi(17 points) PM/LS/SE/BFT/AFT/CE, then AR for last 2 Khabarovsk(16 points) PM/AR/LS/BFT/AFT/CE. Last 3 would go in SE For the RN CL, this is what I am liking on the Leander to Edinburgh. PT/JAT/EM/SSE/Superintendent/CE. For the remaining 5 points either PM/AFT or AR/Vigilance For my Neptune, its captain is being set up for Minotaur. Its looking like this so far; PT/JAT,SSE/Superintendent/AFT/CE. With the last 3 going into BFT or vigilance, haven't decided yet. With the Neptune, when it gets its own captain, this is what it will have; PT/PM/JAT/EM/SSE/Superintendent/MFCAA/CE
  9. That would be $100 Canadian they spent. So they spent around $75 American.
  10. Was just thinking, maybe it was suppose to be free exp
  11. Yup, it really is that small
  12. I think I will send a ticket in. It just odd that it would be 500. I just looked at other rewards that are from earlier missions, you get at least 50,000 credits. Like mission 4 task 2, shoot down 1 enemy aircraft. Feels like someone missed a couple of zeros. For the final task for mission 6, it does seem odd compared to the one from mission 2. Too me it looks appropriate reward for the task you have to do. If you look at it for players that are new to the game.
  13. For science of victory 8 task 3 award, seems a little low compared to the rest of the awards.
  14. Sounds like you might be joining a friend in a division that is using a higher tier ship then yours. If that is the case, that is why you are seeing ships of two tiers higher. Ask your friend to play the same tier as you, so that you can only see a one tier higher at most.
  15. The answer is yes, you can buy in bulk. But it depends how many ships you have, what type ships they are, and how many of them you use premium consumables on them already. This may work better for some, but not for others. Of course this is only good for when events are going on that have sales. So here is what you have to do. Just put that consumable on every ship that can take it. I know very simple, but can save some players a fair amount of credits. For example, what I did was, since I only uses Hydroacoustic Search 2 on one ship, I bought it on all ships that can buy it. Then once all the ships that can mount it have it, you can then demount them off all your ships, and put on the one you normally uses(like Defensive AA or the normal Hydroacoustic Search). Now once the event is done, I will have 17 of them. Which is 306,000 credits in savings, that’s 18,000 per consumable. Now if I add in the other 22 consumables I also purchase this way, I have a total of 702,000 credits saved, and I only spent 175,500. Of course this is probable to be best done on the last day of the event, since you might uses some of them tell then. So if you uses the free consumables for most of your ship, or uses some premium consumables on some ships, how many are you going to stock up on?