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  1. question about stalingrad and cw

    No problem
  2. question about stalingrad and cw

    "With the introduction of the Arsenal, all players will receive 6,000 Steel for each 'Stalingrad' flag they have earned. Those players who have gained 30 victories in the Typhoon League will receive an additional 10,000 Steel to help them accumulate enough resources to exchange for Tier X cruiser Stalingrad, which will appear in the Arsenal in Update 0.7.8."
  3. My best guess is, to see how it and Stalingrad perform in game. With WG testing out those two ships first, that will help them decide where to put famous ships like the Alaska in the game. With the Alaska, they can/could take few different routs with it. They could put it into the game like the Scharnhorst, as a tier 7 or 8 premium battleship. As a tier 9 free xp ship, or at tier 10 as an award ship. Basically it all depends on how they want to balance it. Guess i should add, WoWs dose have battlecruisers in game. They just have been classified as battleships. Kongo, Amagi, Hood, and Scharnhorst where called battlecruisers in real life.

    There is no que. You would have to organize and set it up in a training room. The options you have is, if you know another clan, ask if they want to have a scrim. Or post on the forms to find one. Once you find one, set up the rules and a time that work for both parties. By the looks of it, Sabene is willing to help.

    I'm guessing you want to work on a few things with your clan mates for the up coming CB. Not knowing the the size of your clan, if you have enough members you could setup a 7 vs 7 in the training room. If you don't, you could try and get another clan to scrim with in the training room.
  6. Easiest answer, is to search on the forums or YouTube for the ships you are currently working on.
  7. Reworking Detonations

    You can get multiple medals a day, the "award" is only given once
  8. USS Kidd wrong tier

    That made me chuckle, +1 for you.
  9. Generous promotions from Wargaming

    I just happened to look at their name in the video. To me it seems more of a stunt to get views. Only reason I could see someone recording that.
  10. Generous promotions from Wargaming

    The guy who made the youtube video, is the guy who started this post.
  11. Damage with NO hits? How does this work

    A detonation from the splash damage of your HE shell.
  12. Tier spread 8-10

    I was bored so I looked it it up. It was 11 days, form the launch weekend(September 17), to the update that changed it from +/-3 to +/-2(September 28). Thought it was longer then 11 day myself. If you include open beta, then it works out to over two months.
  13. Okay, yes the Ranger gets tier 7 planes, but yet it dose performs server stats wise worst. I understand that you have to research the tier 7 Dive-Bombers for the Hiryu. But looking at your stats, its safe to assume that you would have them researched, and probably most people do that would take it into rank. All I'm saying it should be a decent option for a person to take into rank if they want too. Not how you had said in a previous post "nobody takes Ranger into Ranked anyway." With the Hiryu torpedo bomber, maybe they could uses an increase in something and they could call them B5N2-B. But looking at server stats and your stats, looks like you are doing fine with how it is. I guess more or less would have to wait tell the data comes from after the rank season to see how it dose. Thou with balancing they have to consider all tiers a ship faces, and not just rank. Plus they are planning to rework cv hopefully this year. So doubt that anything will happen to them before rank anyways. With regards of your planes being shot down by a lone ijn dd that wasn't an Akizuki, that's a little hard to believe. Guess it could happen, would have to see a replay of it to believe it.
  14. I would have to say no, because the Hiryu did pretty good in the forth season of rank. Yes there are few more premiums this go around with tier 7, and AA builds are not as affordable as you think. With BFT being 3 points, I would say some people skip taking that skill, compared to when it was 1 point. If they were to buff the Hiryu, then they would have to other ships. Ranger could use some love, it has a hard time competing with the other two cvs at the same tier. Some the tech tree ships compared to some premium, could uses some help too. Personal I wouldn't be against if they gave the Pensacola radar, maybe then it would be more viable for rank. Their is a few more, but back to the Hiryu. Looking at its stats the past 2 weeks, I think she will be fine in rank. Also it probably would break the balance giving it tier 8 planes. Yeah it would make it easier going againts tier 9 ship, but what about tier 5s. Don't tier 5s have a hard enough time as it is.