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  1. Are you sure the op plays CV. You might want to go look again.
  2. Use aft for longer range. The nerfs that have happened to it, have effected all ship in the game. It may have affected it more, I'm not 100% sure. All I know, in few games I played with it since the CE nerf, I've still had fun with it.
  3. ScarySnowman

    Just been in a tier 7 battle with 2 langleys.

    People are trying to uses them as anchors in their div, so that the tier 5s will be top tier all the time. But it seems to be not working, lol. Have seen this a few times already.
  4. Click where the red arrows are pointing for the next page. Then look at the days that have the yellow arrows. Those days will give you a little more data fore your averages.
  5. For Montana, hard no. Because this was what it was like going against a Yamato, when Montana did have a raised citadel.
  6. ScarySnowman

    I cant get it to work...

    Would need to see replays of your games. So that people can give you advice of what you are doing wrong.
  7. ScarySnowman

    Alaska / pre 0.8.0 CV players / 1 million xp

    A little more then just the free xp from cv rework. You also have the the players that have been playing for awhile, who can free xp new line when them come out. Then you got the players who will spend doubloons to convert ship xp to free xp, to get the ship.
  8. ScarySnowman

    Important milestone with Clemson

    6013 had caught my eye first, just saying.
  9. ScarySnowman

    Wichita is finally on sale

    Well 60 Canadian dollars works out to about 45 USD
  10. ScarySnowman

    Delaying game entry bug.

    You should uses some other colour then white. Would make it way easier for people to read
  11. ScarySnowman

    100% CPU with 0.8.0 update

    what is your computer specs, and what are the settings you running the game at?
  12. ScarySnowman

    What is this icon on the battle screen?

    From a mod for sure. Think it's from team aware, but not 100% sure
  13. ScarySnowman

    Killing MeWG

    They could of also had the legionary mod.
  14. There are videos on YouTube that would help you to improve. But with the next patch update (that's coming out in the next few weeks), what you would learn, would not apply to the new controls.
  15. ScarySnowman


    Basically you are sol. Once you play a game with it, you can't return it.