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  1. but is pan-european maybe the dd line is swedish but we can say that eventually the cruiser and battleships line will be of other nations even if they are like the russian paper fleet. at least i have in my mind that the t7 or t8 bb will be that dutch project 1047, even the turks and spanish had some good designs to make to t9 at least also the t5 premium is austro-hungarian and the t7 premium is a polish

    Gunther Lutjens: Best Line Fit?

    BB line is the one who get most of time at least 2 buffs the secondaries one and the spotting ribbon for the mere fact that you are a giant target and people just reveal his position by trying to shot you.
  3. And the roma too i want to exploit my kobayashi camo to make roma the new iowa bit dispersion make it too troll I can support the pen it does marvels against t10

    Legion Aquila on RM ships

    where i just find the aquila in the 2nd forward turret but where is the fritz x on venezia unless you are refering to the one on roma then we can say that the giulio cesare have a last dinner paint on the back of one of his turrets

    SAP characteristics...

    the reason it works in t7 and upper tiers is because there are less WW1 ship with that heavy style of armor around the ship while from t7 we start seeing more WW2 ships with more parts of 32mm making it possible for the sap to do more damage and become more efficient cause there is more place to do damage and less to shatter the higher you go the better the enemies armor for your sap as simple as that
  6. 25mm but i think it has some internal armour cause otherwise i would be dead
  7. when your damn amalfi can do a turn at 30knts in a close space and doesnt get stuck in the islands unlike baltimore or charles martel when the amalfi can destroy klebers going at 50+ knts at 13km and still land shells like a sniper with a laser when the amalfi bow can bounce an iowa and alsalce but a thunderer citadels you when you get amalfi you will know that you found the gem i just love the ship
  8. dunno about zara but amalfi is a 39knots with excelent mobility and while short in range his shell speed and dispersion can make every shot hit at max range but never show your damn side you

    italian cruisers thoughts

    well the fun shells start with the 203mm at least those one have the penetration and a valid reload time. the higher you go the better the shell speed also never get close to your enemy

    italian cruisers thoughts

    well i just say that amalfi is in other league. at least compared to the lower ones you are faster than a z23 at 38.9 knts and you shells if hit some target showing enough side can hit even 15k with sap also you are laser guided guns so you never fails and your damn smoke can run 30 secs at full speed giving you allies a cover and your damn rudder can make you turn fast enough to avoid incoming shells

    What if - Tier 9 & 10 Italian BB thought

    considering that italians have the gun penetration to pen everything i can assume they never gonna make anything with more than 12 guns if its a italian battleship as to the guns on t9 bb it be a 4x3 381mm or the up41 that is the upgraded littorio with 3x3 406mm since italians liked to copy & paste his own designs maybe we get an italian montana or italian conqueror in size lyon never became a problem cause of the low shell speed so they just change the spread of shells but alsalce shell speed is a problem with the quantity of guns problems started to appear that make wg nerf his sigma

    Italian tier X cruiser

    From my point of view i see the t8 as the cruiser version of roma and t9 as a upgraded version of that. If we take that into consideration can we expect a italian version of alsalce but with 4 triple 381mm in the possible t9 italian bb and if we continue that trend we can assume the future t10 italian bb is gonna be the montana but with the up.41 high velocity 406mm. As for the italian t10 cruiser i have no idea where do they got that idea.

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    my first 19 pointers was the jacques honore on the republique before that one my biggest commander was 16 points my second commander in 19 points is the roma captain and my third one is another italian but i dont remember if the cesare or duca. my latest 19 point commander is the khaba commander
  14. i made calculation starting from 30 to 25 of june and i got around 600 tokens if you play every day with the 500 points team remember that you get a bonus every day when you choose a team according to how much points you got last day you got 18 points if you got the daily 500 points plus depending of how many points you made in the day you get 2 to 8 more points at team selection screen plus bonus points if you are in the winning team so in a way you get around 25 to 35 points per day you get 20 days getting 25 points to get 500 points also the price for kutnetsov is right considering his talent "will of victory" gives you a british heal for around 25% of your hp when you are down to 10k in the russian bbs and if you combine that with your heal you get up from 10k to almost 40k making you capable of fighting again

    Stronk Russian Battleships: First Impressions

    fdg started or at least the design on what is based but stopped since materials where needed in other areas of the war (operation barbarossa "cof") also izumo is also constructed in the form of yamato since izumo is one of possible ways yamato could have ended. as for the russian bbs the only faked are t3 t5 t7 and t10 maybe t8 but since vladi is the izumo of the sovetsky soyuz