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  1. Degli Abruzzi

    the italians need the basic to be fun to play buy them being a newbie and you will fail miserably even in the cesare they are ship for knowing players with a playstyle
  2. Degli Abruzzi

    im one of those who live in another dimension abruzzi its a ship for people who know what they do you have to know how to play at least 3 lines of cruisers to know how to exploit it to be fun its like a fusion of german british russian and french cruisers its a ship with german damage and fire chance french torpedos and citadels russian armor and gun positioning and british rate of fire and shell velocity that aside i would still prefer abruzzi over boise just because i cant seem to make work any american or british cruisers and also for training italian commanders for the day wargaming decides to launch the regia marina - italian navy i already have 2 19-points commander 1 with 18 points and 2 with 14 points on the way to 19 points
  3. Degli Abruzzi

    The problem with that has to be with some reviews that have the biases opinion that if the ship its bad on some key areas its an auto-crap and the fact that many players prefer something op to something average Also if not for the guns the hull its no worse than most t7 cruisers but it has heal as a bonus Otherwise i enjoy the ship because as you say its the underdog if the t7 cruisers
  4. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    Well i sold my account to my brother because i commit an infraction and banned his account And the money was payment for his new video card So it wasnt exactly an account sold It was more that you break you pay but pay your debts along the way
  5. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    anyway my point was directed to people who dont think and believe everything the CC say or write not to the CC his reviews are useful and instructive if you have a brain to understand what they say or write but the plebe (joke) thinks of them as if they were the bible on the middle age
  6. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    i mean when the first version of the ship the one with cruiser dispersion and 1.5 sigma got released to the CC comments about that version being op and then WG nerfed it to the actual dispersion with 1.9 damaged the first ship sales because the dispersion ring and armor
  7. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    that its exactly my point too many CC point the hards fact but almost none point the soft points and people today are taking LWM review or any other CC review almost as a religion. people who thinks on their own are almost none if lwm says in its review that a ship is lowest than gudbote almost everyone thinks its a bad ships by defect and almost everyone start hating the ship look at what happened to cesare at first in his first review the ship was not a good ship so people dont buy it because it was bad but then the ship to the few people who bought it started to be overpowered but when the word reached the mind of people its was too late to buy and in x-mas those who couldnt buy it decided to buy it but it was at the second chance because people took the review to the chest and dont thinked for themselves and just followed the word of our might reviewers @LittleWhiteMouse @Lert
  8. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    i believe in LWM reviews but last year i took two review of him to the chest and missed two goo ships wich i obtained latter they are good for the informative point but people believe in them like the bible in the middle earth the problem its not that lwm reviews are bad the problem its people who dont have a mind for themselves to think for them and believe everything who the other people told to them on in this case LWM to them in my case i read them for informative point and then i decide in the abruzzi case its the only t7 that works to me aside scharnhorst because smoke mechanics dont work for me and t7 premium ships are smoke world hood and nelson are not my type of ship not because they are bad but because they dont fit my style of fight wich ironically the abruzzi fits but this its a smurf account so when i sold my old account the scharhorst have already leave the shop
  9. im not a "jarron de porcelana" i was asking because in some matches i have met with some people who really hate anyone who has an italian ship so i wanna know if that its the popular word or just the 1%
  10. i just wanna know what its the people opinion about the regia marina ships we have in game edit 1 : added the hate question that i forgot to put on the original
  11. i dont have battle pictures but you can have this post with my pictures also this picture to show my stats with abruzzi on pvp battles the ship is good enough to battle and to me any review dont make the ship the justice he deserve just because abruzzi is easy to citadel as any cruiser on t7. its just a ship for people with a brain and a playstyle that its not the same as your standar cruiser and i will not compare it the french or german or russian cruisers as they are more long range its more like the american or japanese in style if i have to say i will compare it to a fusion between aoba pensacola the t6 duca and new mexico or colorado gun firing angles
  12. Ironically abruzzi fits my playstyle because i have trouble with smoke mechanics but i know how to blind fire an enemy in smoke, that leaves belfast and most dds out of question, nelson hood are not my playstyle and in scharnhorst case i prefer gneisenau bismarck and torpitz Also i dont play cv so kaga and saipan are also out Also i prefer 380mm gun ships in t7-t8 over 400mm+ ships now that leaves me with roma gascogne richelieu ships in with i excel but everyone else hates. alabama its a good ship but i have trouble sometime making him work Same at t6 i have more success on dunkerque and duca d'aosta than arizona and degrasse @g1itch
  13. im starting to get the feel that this is starting to get off the rails of the original intention so so lord @Gneisenau013 give us our judgement and make your decision be hear along the seas atte many thanks for all those who posted
  14. ifhe is a must but you will still do consistent damage if you hit weak armored part of ships then when you get ifhe you will capable of doing damage
  15. oi myoko has myoko and the american ones has almost the same range the range its a standar for t7 the only one who had more range are the german russian and french because that his job