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  1. i hope for the abruzzi but since its been on test from before the roma and still not here my hopes gets crushed as easy as a devastating strike on a grober krurfust from detonation
  2. i was just asking no need to make a joke from a question that probably because of nda cannot be answered
  3. i want to ask what with wargaming not selling any ship since march 23 2018 and when do the next sale its gonna come because its gonna be 3 weeks at this rate and my credit card its in need to spend money
  4. Kobayashi Roma... Good credits?

    well doing 40k damage on a lose battle means around 350k credits winning you gain around 500k credits doing 60k to 80k damage means around 600k to 900k depending of winning or losing and how much do you supported your team doing 100k damage means around 1 million to 1.4 million so i must say yes its a good credits gainer from the words of someone who dont have a missouri but have a kobayashi roma
  5. No New Premium Specials this week?

    Im also waiting for abruzzi but i want to know what its this week promotion
  6. From my own experience in order from aggressive to passive: -hindenburg -minotaur/radar -zao -des memes|henry 4 -moska -minotaur / smoke
  7. Waiting for that Review

    I agree with placing it at tier 6. Nonetheless, I have no qualms buying it. Figured it would be soon. But I honestly can’t wait to grab and it try it out. well im also for the ship whatever state it comes. i have no problems playing an aosta, so ill have no problems playing an abruzzi, only thing that makes my minds lose my sleep its the probability that it becomes another t-61 delayed 3 months. (4th month now since it was announced in december). because i have dream problems whenever an italian ship its in supertest more so when it appears in a game so much that i have dreaming troubles till it appears in store and its docked in my port only then i can have a good sleep.
  8. Waiting for that Review

    And also because of this
  9. Waiting for that Review

    Because its gonna be good info to use it the most efficient way
  10. Waiting for that Review

    Italian fanboys here we are not here for a good ship we are here because we are italian pizzaboos ir fanboys
  11. Waiting for that Review

    Yeah LWM where is our review and when we must expect his sale I already has three italian i want my fourth
  12. My question is about the sales time Right now there is three french ships on sale till 23 march And there is the french campaign that rewards premium camos for french bbs And also a mission who starts on 2nd march who needs french ships t7-t8 So im gonna ask first are we gonna sell gascogne along the whole lot for french navy? Or we gonna get abruzzi while the three french ships are still on sale? Please write your opinion Im gonna buy both but wanna hear what do you say about who comes first
  13. as title says i dont know if its me or did wg buff ROMA dispersion because im getting many more citadels than before and more shells tend to hit target where they are aimed that or i played it so much that i got accostumed to how this ship playstyle
  14. I been here since cbt from april o may but i have a tendency that after a while i sell my accounts this is in fact the third one. The first one has the arkansas beta and its in hand of a old friend turned enemy and the second one with the arpeggio ships and the gremy nikolai I and fujin and kamikaze copys its in the hands of my old brother who got his account banned because improper name so now i have a third account with the italian ship released to date
  15. POLL: Community Feedback on Roma

    nah better tomato sauce for pizza or pasta