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  1. admiral_beto

    Degli Abruzzi

    the italians need the basic to be fun to play buy them being a newbie and you will fail miserably even in the cesare they are ship for knowing players with a playstyle
  2. admiral_beto

    Degli Abruzzi

    im one of those who live in another dimension abruzzi its a ship for people who know what they do you have to know how to play at least 3 lines of cruisers to know how to exploit it to be fun its like a fusion of german british russian and french cruisers its a ship with german damage and fire chance french torpedos and citadels russian armor and gun positioning and british rate of fire and shell velocity that aside i would still prefer abruzzi over boise just because i cant seem to make work any american or british cruisers and also for training italian commanders for the day wargaming decides to launch the regia marina - italian navy i already have 2 19-points commander 1 with 18 points and 2 with 14 points on the way to 19 points
  3. admiral_beto

    Degli Abruzzi

    The problem with that has to be with some reviews that have the biases opinion that if the ship its bad on some key areas its an auto-crap and the fact that many players prefer something op to something average Also if not for the guns the hull its no worse than most t7 cruisers but it has heal as a bonus Otherwise i enjoy the ship because as you say its the underdog if the t7 cruisers