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  1. Mad_Mandolorian

    Unable to Access Research Bureau

    what about the anchorage? completing dockyard events gives some research points, which as per WG "Obtaining Research Points in other ways, e.g. through Daily Missions or Dockyard events, also qualifies one for the Research Bureau." so shouldn't I have gotten it then?
  2. last summer I purchased the Anchorage because and strictly because it came with 200 research tokens which would unlock the bureau early as I at the time only had 3 tier Xs, however it didn't unlock the bureau but it didn't think much of it. now I have 5 tier Xs (Worcester, Des Moines, Somers, Hindenburg, and GK) and I still don't have the bureau which by what I've been told should be between customizations and big hunt in the Armory but it's still not there, is there anything I did wrong or do I need to submit a ticket to wargaming? Edit: ok Somers don't count but what about the research points from anchorage?
  3. Mad_Mandolorian

    Worst Tier 10 Cruiser

    Worchester is the worst, it has ALL the problems of mino but practically none of the upsides, worse DPM (if only slightly) no smoke to hide in making you fully reliant on WGs horrible island placement, has worse rudder shift so you cant even dodge shells as well, no torpedoes, and its radar is a joke, if a ship is within 9km you are probably going to die anyways a radar mino has more range, and if you dare to do anything about its pathetic 16.7km range you get accused of meming. and while you CAN get your detection down to 10km you're going to be shooting as mush as you can so your detection might as well be 16km so ANY undetected enemy DD 155km off your flank will keep you perma spotted. the HE is something it has over the mino but with a 8% firechance with IHFE and DE and a 50% fire penalty of teir 10s pretty much every other cruiser is a better Firestarter. the air time of the shell are actually worse then the mino's so good luck hitting anything short of a BB at long range. also its legiondary upgread is an active downgrade worse then ether of the gun options. and if the enemy does come close you have terrible gun arcs, only getting 33% of your guns unless broadside on, which somewhat negates the "improved" US AP that has at most 100mm of pen at all but point blank range dont get me wrong you CAN do well in a Worchester but i cant help but think, any other cruiser would have done just as well, afterall every ship does great when the enemy ignores it and thats about what you need to make the Worchester work
  4. Mad_Mandolorian

    Light Cruiser Tier list

    Just another guy complaining on the internet, all of these are my opinion, Worchester is the only one i own A Minotaur (smoke): +Smoke, +Best DPM, + Stealth, +Torps, +AP, -HE, -Radar, -Armor enough stealth to get wherever you need to go as well as smoke to make your own island, not to mention a ton of long range torps topped off by the best DPM in the game Smolenx: +Smoke, +Range, -Radar, +/-armor mediocre HE offset by high rate of fire and extraordinary range along with smoke B Kitakazi: +Smoke, +HE, -Radar, -Not a CL, +/-armor while not a CL it does the same job, and is better at it then most CLs with smoke, sub 1.5 second reload and jap's improved 100mm HE pen C Mino (Radar): +Radar, +Best DPM, + Stealth, +Torps, +AP, -HE, -Armor Swapping out the ability to hide in smoke for a 10km radar, trades consistent ability to shoot for the ability to surprise DDs, only worth if you dont own another radar cruiser A.Neslky: +Range, +Alpha, +Accuracy, +Radar, -Stealth honestly not sure if this is a light or heavy cruiser but it hits hard and has long range common of Russian railguns D Worchester: +AP, +HP, -Armor, -Range, -Torps the most HP for a light cruiser just means more for the enemy, the super heavy AP only helps at point blank range, the 9km radar is honestly not worth losing out on the spotter it replaces, but if you don't take the radar your team blames everything on you for meming Colbert: +Range the Colbert doesn't really have any upsides, but it has enough range to not have to deal with most downsides, if you do get cornered you are screwed
  5. Mad_Mandolorian

    harugumo is OP!

    if a harugamo sits at max range and does the bare minimum of dodging, just ryling on shell dispersion it will can out traid any other ship in the game, a team of harugamo could not lose to any fleet becuse each ship would win at least 1 1v1 each
  6. Mad_Mandolorian

    What Am I doing wrong ?

    i do pre drop, i do maneuver to avoid flakk, i try to target lone ships (although most games everyone is within a US ship's AA range or are capable of shredding squadrons by themselves) but then I cant aim and only a handful of ordnance hits so i dont know how to do massive amounts of damage CVs supposibly do, and I have no idea how im supposed to start 12 fires in 1 match for mission 2 of hit hard (my max is 4 and agenced AI)
  7. Mad_Mandolorian

    What Am I doing wrong ?

    so how would you recommend doing? flying 10k in a streght line agenced tier 8+AA? magically fixing RNG?
  8. Mad_Mandolorian

    Jutland is awesome

    been having issues fighting the Jutland, most recently getting He spammed from full health in my hipper any tips on what to do? if they pop smoke it seems they can melt anything short of a BB in a matter of seconds and return fire (do to smoke) is ineffective
  9. Mad_Mandolorian

    Let's talk CV Rework!

    my biggest issue is that the best counter to CVs were other CVs, with the new CVs even if the CV player tries to support their team, the enemy planes can avoid their fighters and ruin some poor ship's day, while WG did nerf the attack power of CVs, they did not buff any of it's counters and indeed practically removed it biggest one, that being fighter squadrons. Now that CVs control 1 squadron at a time I see no reason fighters cant be put back as a playable squadron, letting CVs focus on support, and before you start screaming "Airspace denile" that's what your escorting fighters deployable should be for, to slow down and weaken the fighter squadron so you can (hopefully) complete your run
  10. I've been playing wows for a while now, (I admit to taking a long break last summer) and have focused mostly on light cruisers. I've noticed that I'm having issues combating Gun focused destroyers, they'll kite to maximum range, dodge my fire and hail down return fire and while I do still land hits they can out dps me meaning they often win the engagement. After one too many deaths it got me thinking, What can a CL do that a DD cant? AA for one, but if a CV wants you dead you're dead regardless of ship, CLs also heave more health but DDs lack citadels, are faster more mobile and smaller targets, CLs tend to have more guns with a slightly larger caliber (although now that some DDs are getting 130+mm that debatable) but DDs have much better rate of fire meaning the shots/sec tend to be in the destroyer's favor. CLs might have longer range but DDs are stealthier and hold a distinct advantage at long range. The CL may win close range gun duals but all DDs have torpedoes and more importantly the speed and stealth to dictate the engagement. so ultimately am I missing some critical flaw in DDs or are CLs relegated to being consumable batteries for BBs, not daring to shoot lest they be spotted and citideled, or burned alive in open water by DDs doing the CL's job better than the CL ever could?