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  1. Concordance

    New Ship

    The correct translation would be this ship has "top tier AA at Tier 10", with Akizuki guns instead of heavy cruiser guns. Radar and Type 93 mod 3 torpedoes (Harugumo torpedoes). From the picture it seems it can fire an 18-gun broadside. TL; DR: 1.8*Harugumo. Puts Worcester to shame.
  2. Concordance

    Daring. Why?

    Inb4 WG make a Daring with one Torp launcher and TRB, then calls it the Vampire.
  3. Concordance

    Are RN Destroyers worth the grind?

    T5-T6 ones are bad. End of the story. Jervis has some respectable firepower and OK torpedoes --- at T7. When up tiered things get more difficult, but the ship is still good imo. Lightning is broken in the right hands. You play like an IJN DD with better guns or Akizuki with better concealment. Unlimited smoke and great agility to get you out of anything short of constant radar. Defensive hydro is very useful for screening as well. Imo she uptiers pretty well due to her concealment too. Daring is played very differently to the Lightning. Your obscene amount of damage is locked behind floatiest shells and low penetration. The bad concealment is troublesome. The torpedoes are very useful, just far less so than the guns. I haven't figured out the art of Daring yet, as the impunity given by Lightning's concealment is not available. Have to say though, if you can find the enemy DD isolated, he is going to die.
  4. Concordance

    Daring. Why?

    As someone that skipped the Jutland, do you guys think it's worth to buy her back? I also prefer the version with no heal but good concealment --- that is the upgraded Lightning. This Daring feels very different to the Lightning, more like Grozovoi. I guess I really need some time to get familiar with her playstyle... Her guns and heal look so good, they always make me overly aggressively and ended up dead.