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  1. But where are the OP Canadian CL's? That's what I want to know. It would fun to argue why the Ontario/Quebec fires too fast, bounces too many shells , sets too many fires etc.
  2. CanadianArmoured

    The Noble Craftsman - Poetic's Albemarle Review

    I have not had great success in the Albemarle. My main issue is that everyone seems to target that ship as soon as it is spotted, even shooting over closer targets. many times I will deliberately be at the back of the main force and still have 4 or 5 ships targeting me when I get spotted. The super heal is good except once I start taking damage I rarely have time to use it as the volume of fire is too much. angling helps at close range but any plunging fire from the bigger guns just seems to drop straight through the ship. Ill keep trying but either I'm playing it completely wrong or I've been hacked and there is a giant "shoot this guy now" banner floating above my ship
  3. CanadianArmoured

    USS. Enterprise

    My favorite shot of this ship
  4. CanadianArmoured

    Commonwealth CL/CA tech line proposal

    I fully support the Ontario and Quebec being introduced to the game. In fact, I insist!, dont make me use my Canadian powers of politeness of overwelm WG into submission.
  5. CanadianArmoured

    Commonwealth BB tech line proposal

    YES...to the ships, Especially the Acadia, But I think the Commonwealth tree should be more of a knife fighter than a sniper. tankable armour, great secondaries, great heals, great accuracy at mid to short range. Just like the Perth and Haida. Basically make it so when then reds see the Acadia they all pile on cause they know they cant let it get close. The Q.E.s are t6. The only Canadian mods I have heard for them were strengthening the hulls for ice, which I asked a naval engineer about and he said it involved more bracing inside the hull and an extra layer of armour at the waterline, and raising the 6 inch casement mounted guns. The 6 inchers were replaced with turrets later anyway. So a Canadian Q.E. could have a bit more displacement and torpedo protection due to the hull strengthening, a slightly different armour scheme due to the moved 6 inch casemate guns, and a great heal cause Canadians get crapdone. T7 though faces T9 and there are a lot of 16+ inch guns up there and all the fast BBs. maybe buff the turret traverse and reload due to the great crew training? I havent found any proposed speed upgrades yet for the Q.E.s that would put them even close to 28-30 knots. If anyone has any or can lead me to anymore info on the Q.E.s and their evolution I would appreciate it.
  6. CanadianArmoured

    Devonshire T6... ???

    I also live in Canada, and while I'm proud of our Navy and its accomplishments I do recognize its limitations. That said Canada rules and WG needs to put in as many Canadian ships as possible. First the Uganda/Quebec then Ontario at T6/7. Now that's out of de way (lol), The Devonshire and Exeter rof and lack of armour keep them in the lower tiers. Thank god they have heal or these things would just show up and die.
  7. CanadianArmoured

    Tier 7 Bottom Tiered Again?

    For what its worth, just played 10 straight battles with the Haida and the MM was Top tier 1 Mid tier 4 Bottom tier 5 Unless I needed to play 20 battles to get the 40% bottom tier I sense shenanigans.
  8. CanadianArmoured

    Best Tier Gameplay

    T 7 used to be the best IMO but power creep has kinda ruined it. MM is supposed to only bottom tier you %40 of the time. im going to test that today. I get bottom tier most of the time it seems unless i play t10.
  9. I was just wondering "what if" Bismark had run into two older battleships like Warspite and Valiant after blowing up the Hood. Would Lutjens have bailed because of being outgunned or would he have tried to blast the older ships? Just a thought running through my head.
  10. CanadianArmoured

    Which one?Atlanta or Enterprise?

    Haida have fun pushing same tier DDs around
  11. CanadianArmoured

    ST, California & Marceau

    Actually the Ontario, Uganda/Quebec would be a 3 turreted Fiji with better AA, especially the Ontario with its extra DP turret. Same hull, same guns ,same torps. Literally rip off the X turret, replace it with AA and up the speed by 1 knot and you have Crown Colony Class Celyeon/Swiftsure sub class ship
  12. CanadianArmoured

    USS Puerto Rico and VMF Poltava - Dev Blog

    What they need to do is bring out a new RCN CL premium. Not enough Commonwealth ships in the game.
  13. CanadianArmoured

    ST, California & Marceau

    I agree. Except it should be a new RCN CL premium. Named after a former African colony or Province? Dunno just throwing out ideas.
  14. CanadianArmoured


    I think DeWolf should be a unique commander for the Commonwealth tree with an emphasis on ship handling and maybe stealth? Baked in +4% dispersion, maybe a baked in Incoming fire alert, Improved vigilance, and improved Marksman. Just another suggestion to feed my Canadian pride
  15. I second the Ontario! Time to push and campaign for it!! WE need more representation!! Put it at T7 with the Haida. The Indianapolis has only 9 guns it does fine. give it the creeping smoke, Sonar, a good heal ( cause Canadians are tough) Neptune guns, Edinburgh Torps and a modified Edinburgh Hull. Every Canadian playing will buy it