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  1. I don't get it. Random play and I lose 24 out of 25 games. Is that random? I may not be the best player, but I'm at least average. This wears me out. This game has problems...and the developers might wonder why I don't invest in this game? I hope they consider this....
  2. ryyck

    Steel to coal

    How can I convert steel to coal. I'm trying to buy a commander,
  3. I've seen red and blue vapor trails made by the ships in combat. How do I earn one of these? Thanks
  4. ryyck

    Sell Back Ships

    I'm trying to sell back one...Bismark. I can't find the confirm button.
  5. How do I complete the sale with mods?
  6. ryyck

    Sell Back Ships

    I'm trying to sell back ships. I right click the ship in port...I choose sell with modules...but then I can't complete the function. Where is the confirmation button? Thanks.
  7. In regard to selling the ship...why is there an option to sell with or without the upgrades?
  8. Thanks...then I have to remove all the upgrades to allow the sale. I appreciate the help.
  9. I'm in the grind...but want to sell some ships. I've tried the right click...but cannot confirm. Are there rules and conditions for selling? Thanks.