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  1. reposting since people have not seen it
  2. Ryuukazi

    The "Keeper" Tier 6 Battleship

    Arizona is my go to T6 BB, I have the Warspite and Normie, but play them only every now and then, Normie is the best for most operations imo. I sold the Fuso, Bayern, and New Mex mainly becuase I don't have a good captain for them.
  3. Ryuukazi

    Radar has ruined dd play

    Only 1 BB has radar, apparently you missed the "primarily" part, radar is mostly on CLs, with a few DDs. Been playing since open beta started, and sorry, I played 200 more battles than you. I don't play a ton of the Loyang at least not on this account, but I play plenty of radar ships and a ton of 9-10 games.