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  1. I would ask that you bring back duplicate ships in Naval Community Super containers.  I enjoyed playing the black ships but when I purchased or won most of the ships I get special signals only.

    In playing submarines, the detection range of the sub by surface ships is much too long. At periscope depth, they are nearly invisible.  What you have now is great for aircraft that can see down into the water when about 3Km away.  Of course, using hydroacoustic search would reveal the submarine out to about 5 Kilometers.  Control of the masts while submerged would be great to further control visual vulnerability.  Masts down, and the sub would be undetectable visually by surface ships,

    Also in playing submarines. All WWII subs had the ability to shoot with a gyro offset + or - 90 degrees. Some of WWII American and German subs were lost due to the gyro locking up at hard rudder.

    The game has a fundamental error in that the British super ship aircraft carrier HMS Audacious is actually a contemporary of the US Midway class.  The super ship should be HMS Malta. See wikipedia. She would have been the first aircraft carrier to have a jet squadron.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malta-class_aircraft_carrier




    Captain USN(Ret.)

  2. i don't know if your the rite person BUT i can not access test server.  on my W.W. screen my GAME INSTANCE tab dos not work.

    in the past i would just hit the play button on the TEST SCREEN announcement and would be sent to the test server and play..

    if i have the wrong person please let me know.. thank you


  3. It is not mentioned, because the details of the company's internal processes, or the relationships of individual staff members, are not for public consumption. I've been here for 10 years and have been through every seniority level. In that time I have seen many people come and go, for various reasons both personal and professional (including disciplinary). We certainly have our fair share of organizational problems, just like all big companies do. However, I'd take personal internet testimonies with a grain of salt and be wary of what you extrapolate from them, because they are reflective of someone's feelings and opinions on a topic or problem, but usually don't show trajectories - i.e. how that topic is being or has been addressed. Please don't expect us to have dialogue with the community on internal topics not directly connected to the development of World of Warships. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Your proposed solution is certainly a possibility, though an extreme one. We'll make that decision based on the results of this and future testing stages. However, I would just like to challenge the majority argument you put forward, because the majority community opinion is not defined by posts on community channels (as these as populated by a minority of the active player base), but by the data and survey responses gathered from people who have participated in testing. Sending winback emails is standard industry practice, so you're sure to get one eventually. Bye!
  4. Ev1n_NA

    WG Saint Petersburg CEO comments on CC exodus

    Thanks for posting our position on this above. I was just about to link to it. We're not spinning anything - we're just sorry that a personal opinion was injected into the community space, where it didn't belong. Just to clarify, the person in question is not the CEO of Wargaming. They are the manager of the Wargaming Saint Petersburg studio - their opinions should not be extrapolated to apply to Wargaming's strategy for any of it's products. I will close this thread now, because i can see speculations and extrapolating, while I don't see the point of discussing this further than the statement above. Then i will go back to working on the things that I believe matter more and support our commitments, hiring for my community team, disclosing drop rates etc. o7 Ev1n
  5. Commanders! Due to a technical mistake a special combat mission chain for Twitch 250k subscribers anniversary became available to all the players, not only to those who watched the streams for a total of 2 hours. Unfortunately, we had to temporarily cancel the chain. All players who already completed the whole chain or some parts of it and received the Supercontainers will keep these rewards and will be able to obtain this mission again after joining our Anniversary stream. If some players couldn’t complete any part of the mission – we are inviting them to join our stream on Twitch where they will be able to receive the mission! More details about the stream can be found here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/stream-rewards-0108/ Besides, all players who made any progress in this chain will receive 250 Community tokens. They will be invoiced by the end of next week. Thank you and Happy World of Warships Anniversary!
  6. Ev1n_NA

    Deduction: 16,000 doubloons

    Sorry about that. This activity was apparently related to a bug where some accounts received multiple instances of compensation for completing the current Dockyard (multiple invoices of 16k). Our system initially flagged a list of accounts with invoices with the same characteristics and doubloons were debited, then the team worked through that list, verified the transactions and re-credited those that were correct. Nothing else on your account should be affected nor should this situation reoccur. As far as i understand the bug was isolated to a few accounts and the team are working on it. Best,
  7. Do you guys run any mods? If yes, please try vanilla (without them) and see if it continues. If it does, please send us a Customer Service ticket with a description of what happens, a replay of the battle and a WGCheck file (which you can get via WGC). That would help figuring out what's wrong.
  8. Ev1n_NA

    Skip bombers need a change

    You think it's too easy to land hits due to the angle of attack, or that the alpha + fire% is too high?
  9. Ev1n_NA

    What Are "Battle Performance Bonuses"?

    What would you like to see in there and how far into the future do you think would help? (don't say as far as possible, please :) )
  10. That is not what i wrote though. What i said as that just like you are now vocal about not wanting subs, since alpha we have had people across the world voicing an opposite opinion - that it would be cool to have subs in the game. Except for the longest time we didn't know how to deliver that and therefore said we had no plans to do so. You (and a few others) seem to think that because you are very vocal about submarines in the forums that means that majority of players do not want subs in the game. Let's for a second entertain the notion that 50% of the people who visit the NA forums every month share your opinion - which they don't. The amount of unique forum accounts who visit the NA forums every month (on average) is ~1.7% of the unique active accounts who play every month on the NA server. The amount of people who actually react to anything on the forums (post, emote, etc) is around 40% of that number of monthly forum visitors - the rest just read. So please unhorse for a second. At the same time, when we tested the concept of subs with the Halloween mode, the majority of active players across the world participated in the event. A large sample of those players got a survey and most players answered positively to the implementation of subs they had played. This was repeated with every iteration of sub testing. Interestingly, with the first iterations of the sub test the survey results were more than 50% negative and players cited specific gameplay items they didn't like. Over the subsequent iterations the survey results went to about 50/50 and then to mostly positive (still with minor balance concerns being quoted) and they have remained positive. Yes, i get that it looks to you that a lot of players around you don't like subs, and that is indeed your feedback, but the simple fact is that this is not the only channel to gather feedback and you are not the only voice that matters. We did already test guided and unguided missiles - before the introduction of Neustrashimy. In that early test guided missiles were effectively kamikaze carrier planes with high speed and inertia that always scored citadels with insane damage. Fun, but broken. Unguided missiles were basically HE shells with a really big payload, slow speed and a weird ballistic arc. Boring and almost impossible to hit anything. We might test more iterations of those mechanics in the future and who knows - maybe we'll find a way that works, is fun and not broken. Personally, I doubt it. I'm sorry that you don't like the way the game has developed. Maybe in the future we'll develop a part of it closer to the paradigm that you specifically care about and you can enjoy more of that.
  11. Ok, I get that for you this is frustrating, but for others its not and most players gave positive feedback on this type of thing in the past. We'll see how it is this year - if most people feedback is negative, then we will modify it next time. There might be an additional condition to those achievements that you guys haven't considered. :)
  12. Ev1n_NA

    player profile changes?

    Thanks for reporting this! The portal profile is not tied to game updates, but we did have a portal release a few days ago. Seems like either something in that release broke that part of the profile, or the API isn't providing this data to the site. Let me check that with the team and report back why the functionality is gone.
  13. I Just Wish Customer Loyalty Meant Something to You guys I spent a lot of money on this game wanting to keep it going it is my favorite PC game so I want to support it..

    but loyalty means a lot to me

    And you gotta do right by your CC's

    1. landedkiller


      They don’t reply on their status walls a lot, best to just submit a ticket to their customer support and see what they say on the matter.

  14. Ev1n_NA

    Delayed Account Deletion

    The point is that we can't prevent an EU citizen from playing on NA, so therefore we need to enforce GDPR and CCPA equally on all servers, since they are entitled to their data protections wherever they choose to play.
  15. Ok, you guys actually made me read the code of the achievements. Yes, for now there is no bug officially recorded in the queue that is related to achievements and according to all the evidence that I've seen in this thread they are counting correctly. :) Have fun! :D