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  1. Tibson

    Tips for a new CV player

    Spend an hour in the training room learning the mechanics of maneuvering and dropping on stationary and moving ships. This is especially helpful for dive bombers.
  2. Tibson

    Best destroyer?

    This is absolutely true. I occassionally pull out my Clemson or Gremy and enjoy a game or two of low tier fun. If you haven't played down there recently, you may have forgotten just how ineffective low tier cruisers and BBs are. It's easy to charge BBs at those tiers because of long reloads, crappy turret rotation and accuracy that makes the baby Jesus weep in agony. It's hilariously fun for the DD, not so much for the BB. But at upper tiers trying that same move simply gets you dead.
  3. Tibson

    [ALL] ModStation

    Is there a trick to getting the dynamic crosshairs to show up in game. I've tried installing a couple of different ones but they never seem to show up in the settings. I turn the default dynamic crosshair on but it's still the only one available.
  4. If your map analysis and risk/reward evaluation were good, you would be winning more. WoWS is all about reading the map and making strategic decisions. If good players are abandoning you, there is a good chance the situation has changed but you aren't able to pick up on it. I think you would be shocked if you listened in to the voice chat of most divs sporting good players. Farming damage is typically the last thing discussed and only comes up after the game is already decided. Are there some exceptions? Sure. It's extremely common for the Asian reroll clans to farm from the back. The thing is they tend to be really effective at it. Aggressive pushes into their teammates screws up their farming and is an effective way to beat them. But that's the sort of analysis you need to improve on if you want to win more often.
  5. There is little to complain about in this picture. You actually had multiple ships cross the mid line!!!! And a cruiser push into a cap!!!!! This is waaaaaay more than some teams accomplish. I've seen the dregs of humanity on my team, and this is not it.
  6. Tibson

    Clan Battles

    If your clan isn't aligned on its goals and priorities, this sort of thing will happen. Set your priorities and make sure you're recruiting people who agree with them. We were running 3 teams all night, which is pretty typical of our level of participation.
  7. Tibson

    Co-Op Complaints.

    I guess that rules out randoms!
  8. Tibson

    Alaska Current Opinions 10-2019

    Think of it as a hybrid between a Baltimore and an Iowa. It's comfortable to play and is a nice change of pace if you enjoy those two lines. I've also found it can comfortably train either a CA or BB captain. Either standard build will work acceptably in it.
  9. Tibson

    Pink abuse?

    Of course they won't do anything. This is a YOU problem. Stop firing torps from behind friendlies. Problem solved.
  10. Tibson

    WG staff

    After 50 T6 CV games in the last few weeks, I experienced ZERO games with 3 CVs on a side. This is not an issue, at least at T6.
  11. Literally not a single game played by the OP in any cruiser higher than T7, nor in any DD higher than T8. I stopped reading at the point where you claimed the over powered nature of the Neptune and the godforsaken Buffalo. The Buffalo? You are top contender for the stupid post of the day award. May god have mercy on your soul.
  12. Tibson

    Unicums get preferential MM?? Really?

    @Ducky_shot. Umm. I think you're being trolled hard. Which I find both amusing and ironic all at once.
  13. Tibson

    Ark Royal leaving shop?

    I can't speak to operations, but grinding Furious at the same time as picking up Ark Royal gave me a good chance to compare them. The quick answer is that I averaged >30% more damage in the Furious. I also averaged 50% more kills in the Furious. I didn't find the extra planes on the Ark made up for how slow and weak they are. Especially when uptiered, having an entire squadron eliminated before even a single strike was launched was an all too common occurrence. YMMV
  14. Here is an excellent book that will help you get over your tinfoil hat fetish. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1375114.At_Dawn_We_Slept The level of planning and communication necessary for Roosevelt to pull off that sort of subterfuge was simply impossible at that time and place.