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  1. Tibson

    Spending intentions poll

    The CV rework wasn't the safe approach but it was the right approach to fixing the long term viability of the game. In the grand scheme of things, they're definitely on the right track, and I have no issues supporting them by continuing to spend money on the game.
  2. It's a Wall of Text, so I skimmed through it. I'm not close to ready to join that view at this point. CVs are going to have to be asymmetric compared to other ships, but that doesn't mean they can't be balanced in their own way. As long as that single person isn't single handedly determining the outcome of the game, we are already miles ahead of the old system.
  3. Balancing isn't done. WG is looking for input. Instead of yowling like a cat scorched with boiling water, give them your balance feedback. This is already significantly better and less toxic than the old CVs, even in this half balanced state.
  4. Tibson

    0.8.0 im having a blast!

    The flooding changes are not in yet. They're either in ST or slated for the next release. But you're right about the spotting - which will go back closer to the old way in a couple of patches.
  5. Tibson

    Premium Ship Review #117 - Irian

    Totally agree. In my first game, I did more torpedo damage than I have in my last 20 MK games combined. It's a fun take on an old favorite.
  6. Tibson

    0.8.0 im having a blast!

    We have some vocal haters in our clan, but I'm with Tyb on this one. I've been playing "regular" ships as well as a little Langley, mostly in co-op to get used to the controls. I'm having fun so far, something that I could never say of the old system. It might not be well balanced yet, but it's already better by a country mile.
  7. Tibson

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    You would be incorrect. The wows team is vastly more responsive to issues and community feedback. It's very noticable and something I really appreciate.
  8. Go and play some world of tanks without sixth sense for a few dozen games in high tier and report back to the class. You will then understand why this is a horrible, game killing idea.
  9. Tibson

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/06/22/the-demographics-of-gun-ownership/ Ownership is probably higher where you live, but overall it's much lower. My stepfather owned something upwards of 40, largely shotguns. I have several friends with 8 or 10, but that's what collectors do. I own 3 myself but in my area that's unusual. I was just on a federal jury concerning a police involved shooting and I was the only one on the jury who had fired a gun, much less own one. So don't be so quick to pass off your experience as that of the country as a whole. But I'm just an idiot who thinks we need reasonable gun control laws so feel free to disregard everything I said.
  10. Tibson

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal. And thanks for insulting me as well.
  11. Tibson

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    I've been clear this is not about FFL sales, it's about private sales. This is from the ATF: https://www.atf.gov/questions-and-answers/qa/what-recordkeeping-procedures-should-be-followed-when-two-unlicensed There is no requirement to get ids nor to record the sales. Maybe I'm mis-reading something here, but it seems pretty clear. We're not going to solve this problem here. You guys are very firmly entrenched in the "not one inch" camp, which is fine but doesn't lead to very productive discussions because it quickly devolves into hyperbolic.
  12. Tibson

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    There is no legal requirement of the person selling the gun to ask for identification, nor to record the sale. If it's already illegal, just have the sale go through a FFL, get the background check and be done with it. Unfortunately, the people entrenched on either side refuse to budge a single inch. On one side you have the "Guns for everyone starting in the womb", and on the other side are the "No guns in meh country!" people. As in most cases, if you eliminate the extremists on either side of the discussion, you can probably reach a consensus that most people would be satisfied with pretty quickly.
  13. Tibson

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    I eliminated everything in your post that didn't directly address the ability of anyone in the US to cross their nearest state line and buy a gun without any sort of background check. This is real life, real laws with real implications to our society. Before you try to use more "unassailable rights" to bear any arms you want, at any time for any reason, you might want to stop and reconsider. The supremes were pretty clear that reasonable laws did NOT abridge on our 2nd amendment rights. For example, fully automatic weapons are illegal for most of us to own. I don't believe felons can have firearms either. It's legal to have "cooling off" periods. And I am a FOID card holder, and firearms owner. I happen to fall in the camp of "concerned owner", so this has nothing to do with taking guns away from everyone. It's about being smart with how we legislate them.
  14. Tibson

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    The gun show loop hole is large enough to drive a van full of out of state purchased guns through... This is the one that really needs to be closed. And you're absolutely right that Chicago's issues have endemic issues that aren't caused by the gun laws of neighboring states. But those laws do make a bad situation worse.