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  1. what a dumb idea from WG never actually taking the time to model USS Alaska which would have had a stronger showing since it has been requested since beta days and is similar to this design. Not one but two cruisers with 305 mm guns are kidding me wargaming. We asked for one ship over and over again and yet you all thought we wanted some fantasy crap. I'm a bit disappointed in you @Pigeon_of_War @SuperNikoPower @Sub_Octavian count me out with putting money in until you fix this mess. Your the ones responsible for gathering community feedback yet your irresponsibly ignored what the community requested. I'm sure the Russian community will be overjoyed. but what about the EU, NA, and Asia communities for a company that is a global one you sure do a good job not catering to some of the biggest audiences. As some have pointed out they're British designs that got built American designs that got built  yet you go with not one but two Fantasy cruisers only existing on paper. While I like your game I don't take kindly to seeing the kind people on these forums getting ignored for one of their biggest requests USS Alaska. Stop messing around with fire it burns and broils.

    1. Sere_Pj


      @landedkiller I agree with you, Alaska should be here, the other one I don't understand at all is the USN Seattle a pre WWI ship that look like a St. Louis WHY? And still no replacement for Missouri, unless they just figured the USN Mass. is just compensation, Helena is okay but still nothing great about it, and as for the Dallas, not seeing it either.

      WG seems to concerned about there own ships right know, I heard from a friend on the EU server this morning they saw a Russian Crusier Kronshtadt which if I remember right was never completed either half Russian and the other half German Tirp Main guns, so I just assume we are left with just guessing what is coming into the game.

    2. landedkiller


      thank you I appreciate it