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  1. And more problems this morning with the Test Server, I guess WG can't take anything that the Player base as true, at least that is the way the problem's are going on about the PT Server from yesterday and last night and this morning, every time you see a post from someone from WG ( Dev, Mod, Staff ) about the issue, they close it, but still want feedback about it, What the Hell.

    They know they have a problem with Main guns firing on there own and ships with no control in the WASD, why not suspend the Test Server until the problems or bugs are worked out.

    I guess they put profit above Team Kills, how are they WG going to Justify the TK's that were not players fault due to a bug or Team Damage done by a team by running into each other? They won't, they don't care about it.

    I pulled my Clan out of the PT Server after two members in one battle did Team Kills, they were upset and really Pissed off, because they had no control over it. Now WG is still allowing the PT Server to run with all the issues.




    ( Not going to run PT Server today )