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  1. Mr. Pigion of war. I  know it is neither my place and an infringement on your a Mikis relationship. I just want to upfront. Miki has not been heard from in several day. She could have been arrested tor involuntary treatments; Then another possibilist is a suicide attempt that suscuided.  This could explain the lawyers already involved. I Miki and sister kinda a. She offered my room and board ad no cost. Said us Japanese needed to assist when er could.. We both attended anti-depression counseling and suicide awareness. Miki gave to everyone money was no object she worked very hard I just do not have the answer Any way she has deed this house and all the contents. A note saying she wants me to enjoy the game as she has left the accounts and numbers, (please do not feel if have any desire to take these from her. I had no interest in the is game until Miki taught me it. I do apologize for any hurt feelings and bless you allt