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  1. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 24th, 2018

    I'm thinking of going a RoF and Fire chance build for DM, as it already has enough AA and it's presence alone should scare CVs from attacking me and nearby ships
  2. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 24th, 2018

    I think I'll play Tirpitz at Tier VIII, and Des Moines at Tier X.
  3. Hello Captains! With the new Patch of 0.7.4, Ranked Battles will be coming. Tier 8 for the first several ranks, then Tier X for Ranks 10 and up. So my question is what ships will you be using in Ranked, and why? What has served you well in the past and what do you anticipate the new meta being? Let's hear your thoughts! (NOTE: If you don't care about Ranked Battles, this ain't the thread for you. Please move along!)
  4. Who have you seen in game

    Good Game! I recall giving the BBs a taste of Asashio.
  5. The salt from this would be extreme...
  6. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 18th, 2018

    I swear you thrive off of community salt.
  7. Hello Captains! I was talking the other day with @SeaRaptor00 about German Cruisers and frankly I found I'm just not good a the line (I wish I was, but I don't feel like forcing the skillset). That said, I found that United States cruisers favored me a lot more. This brings me to my question this week: What is your favorite tech tree ship line? Why is it as such? Of course I can simply see what tree gets more play on the server, but I'm curious "why". Was it a Premium Ship that complementing the line to get you playing it? Maybe some emotional connection? National Pride? Let me hear from you!
  8. Forgot to grab a screenshot, but I detonated earlier in my Texas. First detonation I've gotten in about 5 months.
  9. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 9th, 2018

    I'm seeing a lot of notes for Patriot's Point. I didn't even have that one in mind, but it's now on my radar. Good suggestions, please continue.
  10. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 9th, 2018

    No apologies needed!
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 9th, 2018

    Continental United States is honestly the travel limit for a Player Gathering hosted by Wargaming USA.
  12. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April 9th, 2018

    They were heard. They were forwarded. But, contrary to popular belief, not that many people really care that much. It's lower priority at the moment.
  13. Honestly sounds like a bug with your phone software, not really the forums (owns an iPhone 6s)
  14. Hello Captains! I am curious, if we were to hold another large World of Warships based Player Gathering, where would you like it to be? As a reminder, we have a small one being held in Austin, TX on April 27th, 2018. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/who-will-be-there/ So a couple of notes about your potential suggestions to help find good ones: - I respect everyone with pride in their town, but for the sake of large community engagement we prefer to do these in large population centers. i can't tell you how many times people suggest we hold a Player Gathering in a small 20k person town in Arizona or the like. Full disclosure in case you were wondering: we have done a small scale player gathering in a small town before, 2-4 people showed up. We probably won't do it again. - I would prefer there is a popular ship in your region to hold the Player Gathering. Preferably, in our game currently in some fashion. Previous examples include: USS Midway, USS Intrepid, USS Lexington, and USS Hornet. - Give a good reason! Don't just say "come here because I'm here!". That's lame. Don't be lame. Give lots of reasons if you want! (Note: If you don't like Player Gatherings, then this isn't the thread for you. Move along. Don't be that guy!)
  15. Pigeon's Weekly Thought April. 3rd, 2018

    As I noted before, this entire comment ignores pretty much every other ship type on the field. That's fine , but I can't take the comment as seriously when your one demand is "My Battleship should have a counter play to this Destroyer that is not team reliant." Well....you have 11 other people on your team in various other ships. Use chat. Request Support. Communicate. Adapt. Use strategy. Demanding your favorite class to be able to take on everything at all times isn't beneficial.