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  1. Hello! Can I get the Coo of Boom flag on my account CIS (nickname: osteon)
  2. Pigeon_of_War

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Final Count: 213 flags on the NA Realm.
  3. Pigeon_of_War

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Final Payout Done! Thanks for the well wishes, feels awesome to know you all wanted to be participatory members of the community. Wave the flag proudly!
  4. Pigeon_of_War

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Actually I am not sure how I missed you. Apologies, I will get you in the next round!
  5. Pigeon_of_War

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Hey Captains! I just wanted to give a quick update that 54 Flags from this thread have been paid out. One or two of your posted screenshots but used the wrong ship, there are still four days to correct this. Also, it has been very warming to read your good-byes so far. The sheer positivity here will be remembered fondly. Good job to those that have the flag now and good luck to the rest!
  6. Pigeon_of_War

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    An Update was added, and one that was a long time coming, honestly.
  7. Hello Captains! I wanted to start out saying that the last six years at Wargaming and my four years working on World of Warships have been some of the best years of my career. I started at Wargaming of America in the Emeryville, CA office back in 2013 and it has been such an exciting ride from being a Customer Support Agent to the Assistant Producer of World of Tanks NA to finally the Regional Publishing Producer of World of Warships NA. Well, six years is quite a long time, so it has come time for me to move towards a new adventure. I will be going to another gaming company in the very short future. Feel free to follow my Twitter if morbidly curious: https://twitter.com/stanhazlip With that said, now is the last time to claim the Coo of Boom flag. While working of World of Warships, I developed some clear favorite ships that I love for one reason or another. This contest is simple one to get the flag, and it is open to anyone willing to try to get it. In order to preserve those that had to do something outstanding for the community to get it, I will not be marking names on the Coo of Boom Flag thread. Parameters: Post screenshots of a battle where you Won and came in Top 3 by Base XP. Victory and Line Up screens required. Battle types: Random and Co-Op Ships that can be used: - Enterprise - Haida - Scharnhorst - Bismarck - Cleveland - Clemson Date Time frame: About Now-ish until Dec 23, 2019, 0900 Central Time. Submissions after then are disqualified. A little over a week. Rules: Please follow all the Forum Rules and Guidelines. Also please note I, as always, will be the sole discretionary giver of this flag and approval of submissions. I will miss the constant flow of the World of Warships community, publishing the game, and watching the excitement of players at player gatherings. I am looking forward to joining the game as a player with the rest of you! Thanks for the years of fun, and I will see you around the gaming space!
  8. Pigeon_of_War

    Mission Accomplished! - Save USS Batfish

    Hello @Animacolligio! Here is the direct purchase link. Please bear in mind you must be logged into your account to see it https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/14151/
  9. Pigeon_of_War

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    New Addition!
  10. Pigeon_of_War

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Update! We have new wiki editors!
  11. when is more Canadian ships going to be added


    1. LadyAnesjka


      You mean the row boat's and paddle rafts ?

  12. Hello @Admiral_Bacchous I did see it on your account. Make sure you signed up to ID.Me and also signed in with your Account Management Page. The article has instructions. Once you do these things and log into the game, it should instantly appear on your account. I hope this helps!
  13. As a former Army Combat Medic (478 Combat Engineer Battalion), I gotta give respect to my Corpsman brothers and sisters. Keep your platoon/squad close and your aid-bag closer!
  14. Hey @Wingslinger So long as you are verified in your Account Management page and log into World of Warships, the rewards should register. We did notice an initial issue where sometimes the rewards did not appear in the Notification Center but check your port and Flags to find them. Also, try to Exit and Restart your client to force it through. I hope this helps!
  15. Olá capitães! Queríamos que você soubesse que o evento agora é gratuito para participar! Lembre-se de confirmar presença no link fornecido no artigo. Espero ver você lá!