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  1. Pigeon_of_War

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    So Doolittle Raid, the Boat?
  2. Pigeon_of_War

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    1. Well, long story short you'll notice a title change in bottom of my name. Less active on the forums and more active in the background, helping to make the game a better experience for all of you. Lots of upkeep to do, but I still pop over here occasionally. So they likely won't make a comeback in a weekly format. 2. This will be explained in more detail at a later date. Sorry about the confusion.
  3. Pigeon_of_War

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    *Thumbs up for inside joke*
  4. Pigeon_of_War

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    They are places I cannot speak of.
  5. Pigeon_of_War

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Welcome to 2019! New Year, New Ideas submitted. Keep the interest high and the ideas constructive. I hope to continue to hear more from you all!
  6. What this person said. I sympathize with poor internet connections and it causing penalties, but the root cause of the issue was already stated by the OP, so they should work towards attacking that if it is within their power.
  7. Pigeon_of_War

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    It's probably the most realistic map ever created, ever.
  8. Pigeon_of_War

    Signal Flag Menu - Suggestion

    I love it. I'll push it forward and see how far we can get.
  9. Hey Pigeon, 


    On behalf of ANZAC clan im just gonna post here how disappointed in the customer service regarding the clan wars cross server test. Lots of ongoing changes and last minute cancellations to the scheduled time zones, which I get its a test and sometimes things bug out etc. Unfortunately a lot of these times where we selected the server to drop into were cancelled. Members stayed up late etc to make the time, only to find out the session was cancelled when the session time came round to starting. Much worse was being told later it was only advertised on REDDIT, not the game launcher or in game message. 

    Pretty disappointed to then have played games on NA, and schedule drops into SEA server only to have the session cancelled, and when submitting the ticket to support getting told we don't meet the requirements. This just seems to lack authenticity when we in fact were ready and present in the game waiting to drop in, and due to ineffective communication to us as a player base we missed out on all the rewards. Not a good way to build confidence with, and also respect for customers.

    Hopeful that posting it here will have the same effect previous members raising issues with you has had.

  10. Pigeon_of_War

    The Pigeon's Mess

    Sometimes, when you play some Ranked Sprint....you just wreck some botes Thanks for the help @Phoenix_jz!
  11. Pigeon_of_War

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    UPDATE! New recipients! Replay attached for those curious of the battle. 20181026_162824_PJSC005-Furutaka-1926_10_NE_big_race.wowsreplay
  12. Pigeon_of_War

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Hello! Read below on how to get the REAL THING
  13. Pigeon_of_War

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    Good stuff so far! Please keep it coming!
  14. Hello Captains! Operation Dynamo and Operation Cherry Blossom are historical operations in our game. I wanted to ask the collectives opinions what historical operations you would love to see in the game next? Keep it lively and full of constructive feedback.
  15. Pigeon_of_War

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Not to get into a long winded discussion, but can you support why IJN torps should be stronger? To note, I'm not saying they will get weaker are stronger, but I cannot see why they should be stronger.