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  1. Kinda surprised that no 2018 plans video ever came out this year or is one still being made? (waiting on Haida and Alaska)

  2. Recent changes in the update that is affecting Laptop users with low graphics cards that is making the game unplayable do to a Aslains mod being uninstalled during the update.

    " Texture Compression " which allows the Laptop players with lower graphics to play the game, until this mod is able to be reinstalled by user then they can't play or participate in the battles.

    Just a thought on my part from other players affected by the update, that are talking to me, any thought's about when this can be fixed in game with another update would be greatly appreciated.




  3. Did you seriously just compare people dying slowly of chemical poisoning to our Devs testing a new carrier build and you not being comfortable with their balancing? Dude...lighten up.
  4. As intersting as this thread is to read, I do have to jump in here and say pretty much nothing in this post is true. Carry on.
  5. And also silly things like how "Radio Location was going to kill the game" or "Stealth fire needs to stay for the balance of the destroyers"... Not everything yelled about is a beneficial thing or a tire-fire. Sometimes, you're going to have to trust the experts. Yes, the professional people that balance the game are experts. You're free to disagree. Doesn't make the statement any less true.
  6. It's comments like this that justify my trust in the balance department more. Assuming the playerbase as a whole is more in tune with the game than the people that work in the base code of it is a comment with SO much to unpack it's not worth getting into.
  7. No. Why should players have access to tools to make balance judgements? We have a whole department for that.
  8. If I'm being honest, I want the size increased and on more ships.
  9. Good Morning Pigeon and fellow Captains, just a quick note on the Patches and Emblems that I have observed so far since the intro, a lot of players want the option to turn on/off and some want them completely gone for the dumbest reason, ( being reported in game ) because a player got killed in a battle and the emblem shows up as to who killed you, kind of a IN YOUR FACE thing which some players don't like, I don't have a problem with it, but I have not been reported with a ticket ( yet ). Just a thought for discussion here.

    Pigeon I think you are seeing reports already on it from Conway and Radar but not sure yet.



  10. No apathy at all. I have not heard of removed posts from this thread unless something insulting or non-constructive was said. That said, the Mac Wrapper is, as noted, an unofficial installation. Our recommended system specs do require Windows installation, but the Mac Wrapper is there to use. As it's an unofficially supported application, there is a not a lot of troubleshooting we can actively do for it. Sorry about any concerns you may have encountered with this.
  11. The Pigeon's Mess

    My Maiden Voyage in Musashi:
  12. I like this idea a lot. I'll send it up