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  1. Hello @Animacolligio! Here is the direct purchase link. Please bear in mind you must be logged into your account to see it https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/14151/
  2. Pigeon_of_War

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    New Addition!
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    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Update! We have new wiki editors!
  4. when is more Canadian ships going to be added


    1. LadyAnesjka


      You mean the row boat's and paddle rafts ?

  5. Hello @Admiral_Bacchous I did see it on your account. Make sure you signed up to ID.Me and also signed in with your Account Management Page. The article has instructions. Once you do these things and log into the game, it should instantly appear on your account. I hope this helps!
  6. As a former Army Combat Medic (478 Combat Engineer Battalion), I gotta give respect to my Corpsman brothers and sisters. Keep your platoon/squad close and your aid-bag closer!
  7. Hey @Wingslinger So long as you are verified in your Account Management page and log into World of Warships, the rewards should register. We did notice an initial issue where sometimes the rewards did not appear in the Notification Center but check your port and Flags to find them. Also, try to Exit and Restart your client to force it through. I hope this helps!
  8. Olá capitães! Queríamos que você soubesse que o evento agora é gratuito para participar! Lembre-se de confirmar presença no link fornecido no artigo. Espero ver você lá!
  9. Hello! @ Odimet and @ Brooklin82. I am looking into the issue you are having with the ticket purchases. Can you please contact me via PM so we can examine you this further? Thank you!
  10. Pigeon_of_War

    Amazon Recruitment Winners

    Hey @hebnight and all! We updated our Recruitment Rumble article to show the instructions on how to get Amazon Credits. It can be found here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/prime-for-victory/ As noted in the article, if you still have questions or concerns, please send a Customer Support Ticket. I hope this helps and thanks for supporting World of Warships!
  11. Just to inform you Ota-san passed away on 19 Jul 19. Sorry to inform you. I do not know how close you were, but thought you would like to know. 


    M.A. Stark

    1. Margret_Ann


      I apologize for using this media, but I had no other means of contact. Ota-san will be cremated on the 24 July 19 and on the 25th will be turned over to the Shrine in Furano. Thank you for taking the time to befriend her she had very few. 



      Any questions or comments I am at


      M.A. Stark


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    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Thanks for the ideas! We can investigate these for a possible future.
  13. Se você tiver outros problemas, envie um ticket de suporte.
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    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Always @Crokodone
  15. Pigeon_of_War

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Possibly. I will keep this in mind, but no promises.