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  1. If you can, please help out
  2. The point is you DON"T know. That's the excitement of it. Should you stock up on Anti-Air flags for a potential CV battle or go full secondary build for some close engagements. Maybe you only went to built an AA CL or a concealment build BB. Only people with a lot of free capital can make these decisions, not the everyday player. Adding mid-game alterations rewards the former.
  3. This would require a LOT of re-balancing the game to account for mid-battle switching. Also this technically seems to only reward people with the free capital to constantly have switching modifications and signals mid-battle. There is a lot more gravitas placed into preparing for battle and going in with the battle settings you planned for as opposed to just being able to switch at anytime.
  4. Twas an honor and also a great accomplishment done by the Development team in StPB. A special thank you should also go to @Ev1n_NA for putting up with my nonsense for about seven months to get the ship into the game.
  5. One of these if very possible. Which is it? YOU DECIDE!
  6. Hello Captains and Commanders Hope to see you there!
  7. Subscribed!
  8. Greetings Captains! Have you noticed any issues in game with the new update? Please let us know here. Remember, if you are having issues or game crashes and you have mods installed, please uninstall them and try again. On top of that, we have a handy WG Check Tool to help out, so please check that out here: You can also check out my little guide on how to report a bug here:
  9. 1. Yes, and thank you! 2. Thank you!
  10. I can confirm that the 80%+ winrate is in Co-Op, not random. You currently have 117 ships on your account. All is well.
  11. To answer your question, if you are a DD, spawn, and don't move, you are technically hindering your team by not spotting, capping, counter-capping, and/or smoking the battle group. If someone runs into you it's likely an accident since they expect you to move. Neither party is right or wrong. If you are a CV, it can be seen as "acceptable" to not move as you're getting your planes ready and course plotted, but highly inadvisable.
  12. Hello All!!! The Time Hath come... So I want to take a brief moment to thank each and every entrant. We actually had enough entries to push us into the TWO WINNERS Bracket. These things are never Easy to judge as all entrants did something special worthy of a prize and praise, but alas we can only pick two. So, your winners of a USS Enterprise (my personal favorite ship for obvious reasons), a Port Slot, and 50x Sci-Fi Camos are... Excellent designs! Your prizes will be in your port shortly. Also a very special thank you again to everyone that entered, and I hope to see all of your fine work on the forums int he future!
  13. Hello All! Since NikoPower is out on vacation, I'll be judging this contest
  14. Hello Captains! Our Regional Publishing Director Aleksandr Nikolaev gave an Interview at MMORPG for our Second Anniversary. Give it a read here: http://www.mmorpg.com/world-of-warships/interviews/second-anniversary-celebration-with-aleksandr-nikolaev-1000012037