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  1. I'm Pigeon_of_War and this is my Favorite Discord on the Citadel.
  2. So, for those looking for clarification: I already gave you all the clarification needed. The instructions are there and what you do with them is a part of the test to be a Wiki Editor. In reality, Wiki Editors have a lot of freedom and trust given to them. When I assign them a task, I trust it gets done with minimal direction (I'm a busy bird). That's it for now. Good luck to you!
  3. Hello Commanders! We have a lot of work coming up for the World of Warships Wiki. We need your help! I need a new Wiki Editor to join the team to help with wiki article creation, maintenance, and upkeep. The Official World of Warships Wiki Team is a small bunch of dedicated players that have been maintaining the World of Warships Wiki since May of 2016. I only have one spot available, and your entry will be judged by the other Wiki Editors as well as myself. Here's the entry that needs to be created: Describe, in 500 words or more, how to play Des Moines properly to a new player in Random Battles. By New, I mean someone with less than 200 battles on their account. Your entry will be judged on grammar, accuracy of the subject matter, spelling, ability to display understanding of the subject matter, ability to convey understanding of the subject matter, and prose. Benefits of Being a Wiki Editor: - You get to test ships sometimes months before release for article creation, same as a Community Contributor - Automatic invitation to the Community Contributor Clan - Automatic reception of the Coo of Boom Flag The Rules: No plagiarism. Automatic disqualification if noted. Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest ideas when you post it on the forum, as outlined in the “11. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service. By submitting your entry, you agree to the Wargaming Official Rules. Any violations of the above rules will disqualify your entry. Also, bear in mind I reserve the ability to make the final judgement call. DEADLINE: Wednesday 11/22 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.
  4. All older combat vessel could stand to do it some restoration. I think the difference with Texas and Haida is one of them is actually sinking as I type this... That said, I would not bank on their being a donation drive for Haida anytime soon. Feel free to directly donate it via it's website, if you desire though!
  5. The "reports" was one person, in one thread, that said something he/she made up. I mean, you're getting it from now two employee sources, so if you want to believe a random person over us, I suppose that's your decision.
  6. So to follow up, @Sub_Octavian said some things the other day:
  7. Clearly
  8. Keep adding if you have ideas! The contest is about to reach the halfway point!
  9. We the NA office in particular was on a three day weekend for Veteran's Day. This is also, and I'm being perfectly honest with you so i hope you can appreciate it, a lower priority item. It will get fixed. Some patience is needed.
  10. We are aware of the issue. Your patience in the upcoming fix is appreciated.
  11. Oh and for the my quick list of five most perfect games ever made: - Tetris - Super Mario World - Super Metroid - Capcom vs. SNK 2 - Undertale
  12. This is quite possibly the most non-constructive post in this thread. I see it a lot and I think it's long past time it get properly addressed for the poor piece of commentary it is, in hopes of hedging it off to not be said against without some degree of scrutiny and scorn. I also want to use it as an example as to why to prevent future posts like this: - "FIX IT" = Fix, what, in particular? I am all for the criticism that the game is not perfect (it's not, I can personally count on my hand only 5 games that are "perfect"), but if you're going to say the words "FIX the game" or some line of reasoning like this, please do everyone that reads this thread the courtesy and collect your thoughts into a more concise ideals of "how" or "what you think needs fixing". -"Before adding more stuff to it" = This sort of mentality might apply to a game that in Alpha or Beta, but World of Warships is over two years old. It's going to keep getting content added to it and the vast majority of other players do appreciate this. Players do like the new tech tree ships. Players like Halloween mode. Players like the new premium ships. People liked earning Okt. Rev in a marathon for free. Placing the brakes on more content in hopes of reaching a arbitrary state of "fixed" in a constantly online game is not wise or beneficial for anyone. -" That breaks the game EVER MORE" = Perhaps we can agree that it's completely subjective that the game is "broken". It functions as advertised, so I personally can't agree with this sentiment in any capacity, but I am willing to admit I am completely biased. -" Simple as that" = Everytime you click the left mouse button to fire one volley, over 12 different calculations are done server-side for that one shot. From shell speed, angle of flight, potential armor impact based on shell speed, penetration based one enemy ship angle, continued penetration based on number of layers the shell must penetrate, module damage, and more. This is just for one shell, and one button click. There is nothing simple about World of Warships, its balance, its design, etc. To think otherwise is to under-appreciate the years of work placed into this game by very dedicated people, present company included. Please just look at our WoWS Wiki in the mechanics section just for a visual of the scope and scale placed into this game. TL;DR; In the future, more constructive feedback in this section of the forums is appreciated. Simple and base comments like "Fix the game" will no longer be tolerated and will just get removed.
  13. Doing great! how are you players doing?
  14. Update to the flag recipients