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  1. Sorry about the lack of responses! I'm still around and I've been reading all of the posts. Unfortunately this may not occur because Salem is a different ship to Des Moines. I agree that would be fun, but for my money Tier X would be too much. Hopefully never....isn't that right @LittleWhiteMouse ?
  2. The Coo of Boom Flag

  3. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    This Thread finally came full circle. I'm glad it did
  4. Soon, there will be Haida

  5. Soon, there will be Haida

    Hey Captains! Soon you will have the opportunity to acquire one of the most venerated ships in Canada, HMCS Haida. I recall last year receiving LOTS of feedback to get this ship into the game, in this sub-section of the forum particularly. @LittleWhiteMouse in particular was was extremely vocal about this ship. Thanks to talking to lots of colleagues at the development studio in St. Petersburg, lots of patience from @Ev1n_NA , and a lot of hard work from our historical research team, the ship will soon be in the game. It was an interesting journey to help make this ship happen, and I hope you all enjoy it when it does arrive!
  6. The feature itself will have more information delivered in due time. For now, a lot of info can be found in our article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/introducing-arsenal/
  7. In a perfect world, this seems like a good idea for people to be more understanding of the potential short-comings of a new player. In a more realistic world, this would mark players to be immediately judged and could make them targets of unwanted attention they otherwise would not get.
  8. No problems! There's years worth of feedback here, so I don't expect everyone to source through them all.
  9. Hello Captains! As a follow up to the last Weekly Thought, what games did you see at E3 2018 that struck your interest, and why? For me personally, it was DaemonXMachnia, Smash Brothers Ultimate (You are not ready for my Ganondorf or Captain Falcon), and plenty of others. I want to hear your thoughts, and Please keep this constructive and no advertisement of said games (As in, "you should all go play this for X reason!" That will get deleted.)
  10. Possibly one day. I'd love to see it myself. I've suggested it several times myself, so we will see.
  11. Adding a Tier IX slot to any Tier VIII ship automatically makes it very powerful, because you're giving it a larger set of potential improvements.
  12. This Camo may come back one day.
  13. It might come back one day. So to answer your question: maybe.
  14. Hello Captains! I'm trying something a little unorthodox today. I want to know what games you are looking forward to be announced at E3, and why? For those that don't know, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is a large press conference held once a year for companies to announce new hardware and software to the press and retailers et large. It soon become a more consumer focused event, but press and media concerns still take priority. I'm not oblivious in knowing that World of Warships is not the only game many play, as I for example spent a large chunk of last week playing mecha and jet comabt games. So let me know, what games on on your E3 horizon to see? Please keep this constructive and no advertisement of said games (As in, "you should all go play this for X reason!" That will get deleted.)
  15. The Coo of Boom Flag