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  1. I prefer Premium ships. I am willing to grind some lines to tier 10, but I'm not going to keep a dozen 10-15 point Captains when I can just use one until tier 10, and then use Premium ships to train him. IMO "Premium" camo on tech tree ships is a waste of money. You can achieve the same results with other camo, and flags. Why do you need all that Ship XP? I understand that more XP per game helps to train captains, and fill your captain XP bucket.
  2. Det. flags, Yo! Use 'em.
  3. WG should sell the Texas Stars & Stripes camo, and donate it all to save this ship!
  4. I bought it. I watched the WiP videos, and the "nerfed" videos, but I don't care. I like the Duca, and I'll like this one. I am tired of grinding tech tree ships so I buy premiums instead. I'd still have spent the money converting XP to Free XP anyways. Tier V isn't a tier to get riled up about how a "ship isn't good", or "this is better than that". I just want to play the game!
  5. Why not just use a different captain? Upgrades are cheap enough to un/reinstall if you choose.
  6. The Smoke changes were necessary. Sometimes I don't even take the Smoke options for these ships. I think it is a gimmick, and a waste of time. I will still play mine as I always have.
  7. the only times I can about +2 MM is when I am a CV, or BB. Otherwise I don't really care.
  8. Since there was a discount I just made my own clan and invited my friends. Then I posted looking for other people that wanted the benefits, but not necessarily the social time. It has worked out well so far, and we are all reaping the benefits.
  9. I love my RADAR Lo Yang so I am glad to see the tech tree will have the same set up.
  10. I would prefer it. No reason for any more MODs. Smoke timer was the last one they needed.
  11. I chose the AA mod because 11% better dispersion at +20KM isn't going to net enough hits to matter. I'd rather have that AA for when I'm being focused by an enemy carrier.
  12. Unless smoke goes away more DDS need radar. I'd prefer that every ship has radar, than every ship has smoke.
  13. I will attempt to complete the missions for the free ship. While I'm tempted to buy it anyways I don't play tier 5 enough to make it worth while.
  14. I made my own Clan just so I didn't feel like I was wasting the Oil I earned, and it is a fun diversion from the regular game.
  15. 100 from one, and 25 from another. That is how I received mine.