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  1. SluggerJackson

    How's Your Puerto Rico Progressing?

    I should have mine Friday evening. Two Doubloons boosters, Directives 1-4, Daily Shipments, and Daily missions.
  2. SluggerJackson

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I finished directive 4 yesterday afternoon. I should have her sometime on Jan. 9th.
  3. SluggerJackson

    I'm new, just got a "Kraken Unleashed" What is that?

    Click Profile, and on the left side click Achievements. They are all listed there. Hover your mouse pointer over them for a description. Kraken is destroying 6 or more enemy ships in a single battle. Achievements are not obtainable in Co-OP battles.
  4. SluggerJackson

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I plan to finish Directive 4 for Token Booster 5. I could wait until I have enough daily tokens, but I'm hedging my bet.
  5. SluggerJackson

    How's Your Puerto Rico Progressing?

    I am set to get 35 of 36. I bought the Gorizia, and two token boosters. I will either get enough daily tokens to get the next booster, or I will complete Directive 4. I will get the Pierto Rico in the end. I am almost half way through Stage 5.
  6. SluggerJackson

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I have done the math, and I've used the spreadsheet. I can buy token booster 5 on the last day and still get the Puerto Rico.
  7. SluggerJackson

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    4th token booster applied yesterday. Now all I have to do is the Dailies until Jan. 9th, and I'll have enough tokens for Token Booster 5. Right now I am at 930ppm, and will complete Stage 35/36.
  8. SluggerJackson

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I finished Directive 3 this afternoon, and applied the 8k doubloons from the Gorizia to activate the 2nd Doubloon booster. I am so activated the 3rd token booster. After tomorrow's daily missions I can get the 4th Token Booster.
  9. SluggerJackson

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    If my math is correct if I finish DIR 3 on the 22nd, and earned all the Dailies, I will have enough Tokens to complete Booster 3 and 4. I will also have the Doubloons to purchase DB 2.
  10. SluggerJackson

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    I bought Doubloon Booster 1, and the Gorizia. I completed DIR 1 before the building started. I completed DIR 2 on the 17th, and have Token boosters 1, 2, and 3. I missed some of the Daily missions so I haven't been able to activate a 200 and 300 on the same day. Once I get DIR 3 done this weekend I will apply the 8K Doubloons from the Gorizia to the 2nd Doubloons booster. I know the 2nd Doubloon Booster is coming in late, but I have been finishing the Directives ahead of schedule. I plan on keeping up with the Dailies, and getting the Token Boosters ASAP. I am not planning on buying the 3rd Doubloon booster unless it is obvious that I won't reach the PR in time. Hopefully I realize that with enough time for the 3rd Doubloon Booster to be effective. If you hover over your Points Per Minute number it will tell you what stage you will finish by the time limit. I think I'm at 444ppm, and Stage 24. For DIR 3 I plan on using the Gorizia, and anything with Secondaries. You only need to complete 5 of the missions to get the Tokens.
  11. SluggerJackson

    what port do you use?

    I am currently using the Italian port. Otherwise it is Hawaii. I might switch to the modelling desk.
  12. SluggerJackson

    PSA: Genova Doubloon Compensation Started

    I just checked the web portal and I received mine too.
  13. SluggerJackson

    The what did you get from the T6 ship crate thread...

    I got W. Virginia 1941. I had the rest so I knew what I was going to get. I have not played it, but I think I will enjoy the BIG guns!
  14. SluggerJackson

    REQ: Sell Benham in Shop plz

    I would gladly grind this out if it was 600-700 Tokens, or if it was ran like the Cossack event. It is only 800 Token because they have overvalued the Savage camo, and a 10-point Captain.
  15. SluggerJackson

    What class is your main and why?

    I main Battleships, but I used to main Cruisers for awhile. I am currently playing Battleships the most. I enjoy brawling, and don't enjoy hiding behind islands/smoke.