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  1. SluggerJackson

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    I can't believe that WG used the Snowflake event to determine that people enjoyed playing low tiers. They were giving away Coal,and Steel as an incentive. Of course people are going to play low tiers if you're giving away those resources. There is NO way that I am regrinding anything!
  2. SluggerJackson

    REQ: Sell Benham in Shop plz

    I would gladly grind this out if it was 600-700 Tokens, or if it was ran like the Cossack event. It is only 800 Token because they have overvalued the Savage camo, and a 10-point Captain.
  3. SluggerJackson

    What class is your main and why?

    I main Battleships, but I used to main Cruisers for awhile. I am currently playing Battleships the most. I enjoy brawling, and don't enjoy hiding behind islands/smoke.
  4. SluggerJackson

    Are premium camos worth it?

    I bought Tier 10 camo after I sold my premium CVs for Doubloons. I now make a profit in tier 10, and I am more motivated to play. I would not buy perma-camo for any other tier.
  5. SluggerJackson

    Soviet BB drop chances

    I bought two Premium boxes, and about a dozen token boxes. Still no missions. At this point I have enough Free XP I might just get the tier 8 when the tech tree drops. I will probably just save up for the Lazo. It was a lot easier when they made these grindable missions like for the British Destroyers.
  6. SluggerJackson

    With the CV return, which premiums?

    With the Arsenal in place I doubt WG will sell ships for Doubloons anymore. They have learned that people will spend money on tanks/planes/ships because of artificial scarcity. We've already seen what WG has done with the tier 9 Free XP ships. Once they realized that they made a ton of money on XP conversion they upped the price for the next batch. Players bought the Jean Bart for $90 even though they could have bought it with Coal. With Steel, and Coal being the main currency now I think Doubloons are only good for renewing Premium time, retraining Captains, and dismounting Upgrades. I could be wrong.
  7. SluggerJackson

    Where's the Gold?

    When 7.12 went live all of your Premium time is now both regular, and WoWS Premium time. I think you have to purchase regular Premium time after the switch in order to get the 25 Doubloons. After reviewing the article I don't think that the Premium time that was duplicated after 7.12 counts as regular Premium time for the Doubloons. I bought the Year at Sea with Doubloons and I haven't seem and Doubloons. Here's an excerpt from the article. "For example, let’s say that you have 10 days and 2 hours of Wargaming Premium Account. You spend 2,500 doubloons to buy 30 days of Warships Premium Account. At purchase, you will receive 11 (for the days rounded up) x 25 (doubloons) = 275 doubloons as compensation. At the same time, if you have 1 day of Wargaming Premium Account and 7 days of Warships Premium Account, then you are not subject to any compensation if you buy 30 days of Wargaming Premium Account." I think you only get Doubloons if you don't have any WoWS Premium time, but have Regular Premium time, and them buy WoWS Premium time.
  8. SluggerJackson

    New Directives for 8.0 : Carriers

    I can't wait to cash in my Midway, and Premium CVs. CVs were already a cluster F before the console rework, and I refuse to cater to WG's nonsense. I'd prefer that CVs be removed entirely, or converted in to a limited use consumable.
  9. SluggerJackson

    FYI: 1 year warships premium time for $47.99

    I have 24K Doubloons lying around so I might as well buy it in game. I spent enough real money on those Santa crates.
  10. SluggerJackson

    Poll On Part 4 of the PFE Campaign

    I've decided that my time is much more valuable than my money. If I can't get it done playing my normal amount then I won't be upset. All I know is that it is too much effort for a mediocre tier VI ship.
  11. SluggerJackson

    Warships Premium still 1.5

    Mine is spot on. 888XP without Premium, and 1466 with Premium. 888*0.65=577.2 888+577.2=1465.2. Rounded up to 1466. Seems like it is working for me.
  12. SluggerJackson

    how do you swtich to WS premium time?

    After the 7,12 patch any Premium time you had is now effectively WoWS Premium time. It still works for Wot, and WoWP.
  13. SluggerJackson

    Shop is updated New whale mision

    After seeing these prices I have decided to just play for the snowflakes, and maybe earn the Prinz. I burnt myself out having earned the Graf Spee, and DoY, and the last two special Captain campaigns. I don't have enough energy/time for this one. As stated previously I would have preferred that this be released next month. Good Luck to all!
  14. SluggerJackson

    PSA: More Info On PEF Campaigns

    The OP of 4019 steel is a typo. Read the news page. The Priz campaign is only 2019 Steel. The Steel Monsters campaign is 4000 Steel. 6,019 total. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/prinz-eitel-friedrich/
  15. SluggerJackson

    who even approved?

    IMO the two reasons CVs needed to change are cross-drops, and perma-spotting. I don't understand WG's explanation for why they got rid of the even tier CVs. They claim that it was too difficult to balance CVs, but now it will screw up MM, and I expect a lot of CVs will by bottom tier after the rework goes live. While the new plane mechanics look interesting I prefer the current interface. I also agree with other posters that part of this rework is to ready CVs for console. The best part of the rework is that I will be getting a pile of Free XP when I turn in my Midway, and a lot of Doubloons for my Premium CVs. I refuse to contribute to the CV fiasco.