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  1. I'm fairly certain that any unused duplicates will be converted to credits once the campaign ends.
  2. My Cleveland Captain had better STAY with my Cleveland. I'm not paying to re-train, and already trained Captain.
  3. Operations not worth the cost.

    I've only lost a handful of Operation missions. Some Operations are worht it for credit/Captain XP grinding, and some are not. I've had plenty of random battles that weren't worth the Signals/Camo
  4. Death explosion is bone jaring not fun.

    Post a screen shot of your Audio settings. Maybe someone can help. It took me awhile to find the proper adjustment for my liking.
  5. +1/-1MM would fix most of the issues.
  6. I'd rather they count as an inventory item that can be sold. I have 30 port slots, and 20 captain reserves that will never be used. I'll take 10K silver for each of them.
  7. I played this as my last game of the night. My idiot team managed to lose with ZERO stars! A Warspite took the longest route possible to the departure point while chasing an enemy ship. Meanwhile the rest of the team huddled together scared of the AI CV. I have never seen a worse team! Killer Whale is a very fun, and easy scenario. I have NO idea why people are playing so horribly.
  8. RADAR Minotaur beats Smoke Minotaur in a straight up fight. Hiding in clouds is lame! Plus I like to hunt DDs, and HIDING IN CLOUDS IS LAME!
  9. At what point do you guys call it a day?

    I can usually stomach 2-6 hours of game play if there's a Campaign, and a set of missions to complete. Otherwise I might play for my daily win bonus, and then quit. I don't have the patience to play much more. Idiot teammates, and games that last less than 10 minutes are unappealing. the rewards for Co-op play are too low to waste the camo/signals. Scenarios are fun, but sometimes boring. Overall the game has become stale, and less appealing. I will probably play a little more once the USN cruiser split happens.
  10. Lo Yang or Harekaze?

    Lo Yang. Dependable guns, and decent torps. Harekaze is too much of a mixed bag.
  11. Just Got Stat "Shamed"

    This game needs an option to disable chat. I know I can do it once the battle loads, but I'd prefer an option in the settings.
  12. My First 19-Pointer

    I prefer AFT over IFHE, but I understand why you took IFHE.
  13. She is a ship captain.

    WG should add female Captain portraits. They added female crews to WoT. I don't really see a problem either way.
  14. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders