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  1. The New Division Tab is AWFUL

    You can move the tab where ever you want it, but after a game it goes back to the bottom of the screen. Unneeded, and completely obtrusive to the UI. Please change it back to its previous state.
  2. I Free XPd to the Midway a couple of weeks ago. Now I regret it. Perhaps the Dogfighting expert skill will not be valuable if USN tier 9 fighters, are going against IJN tier 10 fighters.
  3. Badges Are Frustrating

    Badges are fine. Their location, size, and duration is irritating to me.
  4. Division interface

    Why is WG mucking up the UI? First the annoying patches, and now a relocated division panel that didn't need to be moved. Do they actualy play the game they are designing?
  5. Roma!

    While I'm tempted, I too, spent too much on the Santa boxes. While I got a good haul, and all the ships I wanted I can't realistically afford a $55 battleship. I'll gladly pay Doubloons when she's in the tech tree by 2020. I love the tier 5 Italian BB, and am working on a Captain right now. Overall I think she's decent, but lacking in AA. I feel that good AA and tier 8 is important. Definitely a beautiful ship, and I look forward to sailing her.
  6. Division interface

    Screenshot required. The Division chat is in the "task bar", and the Division window is in the upper left. Perhaps you moved it?
  7. Can I shut off badges?

    They take up too much space, and I can't X out of them. If the emblem was 1/5th the size it might be better. Perhaps placing it at the bottom on the screen. Right now it is a HUGE emblem in the middle of the screen. No reason for it IMO.
  8. Musashi Grind Thread

    33K right now. Gave up when I heard the rumored 920K Free XP cost. Bought a Midway instead, then free xp'd a tier 7 Pan Asian DD from the free Fushun. I will probably get the, now 750k, Musashi if I can prevent myself from spending Free XP
  9. Finish the Yamamoto campaign collection, and you can change the credit camos to blue. It doesn't help with the premium camos, but at least they aren't green.
  10. Just finish the Yamamoto campaign collection, and you can switch the credit camos from green to blue for all of the Japanese ships.
  11. Musashi in port

    They had one before the new year. I expect it will be months before we see another one.
  12. Musashi comes out tomorrow?

    There is a misconception amongst MMO players that reaching maximum level requires a player to be "good" at said game. After two years of playing WoWS many players have "failed" their way to tier 10. It is no mistake. Tier 10 game play is just as "bad" as tier 5 game play, and that is fine. It WILL happen as the game matures, and more people play for a longer period of time. Whenever I see these complaints I always wonder what the end goal is. Do you want a skill-based MM? Ranked games filter out players based on skill somewhat. Skill-based MM would only stratify the player base, and lead to longer queues especially at high tiers. This is a game for everyone to enjoy regardless of skill level. If you want "Elite" style game play then join a clan, and participate in Clan battles.
  13. Atago/Takao are horrible. Why does it matter?
  14. North Cape Mission 5 planning

    75K is doable in two days maximum! When you're looking at 250% xp per battle, and the Daily win bonus it is easily doable in a session. I had a couple of 16K games. Clearly there are some 1K games in there too, but 75K is completely doable in two days if not one. I got lucky with the 90K damage using my Kamikaze, and the 10BBs really isn't an issue if you can get one or two every other game. Overall both campaigns were doable by an idiot like me. People that can only play a couple of games a night should not expect to complete an event like this, and shouldn't be complaining. Buy it in the Premium shop if you can't finish the campaign, and stop blaming WG.
  15. Nerfing Low Citadels

    How do you play with all that **** on your screen? **** Content moderated by JayStark02