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  1. dukerustfield

    ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    I don't like the Kronstadt very much. The shells overpen almost everything. I've overpenned Yamatos a bunch. The HE is lackluster. My stats in the Scharnhorst (T7 premium BB) are about the same as Kronstadt (T9 premium cruiser). In one respect, it's because the Scharnhorst is often facing lower tier ships and the Kronstadt is often facing higher. I'm annoyed to no end by the Stalingrad, which takes every weakness of the Kronstadt and completely removes it. I just came out of a game with 2 Stalingrads and a single one killed me in my Musashi at about 8 km range. I could barely hurt him. And I spectated and watched him decimate a Yamato. So effectively he took on 2 Yamatos at close range. Though I was about half health and the other Yammy was broadside fighting, so he got smeared very fast. What I really dislike about the Kronstadt is how totally random the guns are. Sometimes you can get multiple citadels on a cruiser. Or you simply overpen everything or miss. So I'll go for the whole game shooting and shooting and shooting and have 10K dmg. Then suddenly I shoot up to 100K. I don't feel like I'm in control, I feel like I'm praying to RNG. Even more than when I play BBs.
  2. dukerustfield

    Le Terrible

    Anti DD : The problem is, your T8. Even with reload booster, probably more than half the DDs you meet will straight out beat you in a fight. And remember, the firing angles are so bad you have to be nearly totally broadside to work it. That means you can suck down torps and can't dodge well or you'll have low DPS. I.e., if you jump an Akizuki you'll die. If you jump a Kiev, you might die. If you jump any T9+ USSR you'll die. etc. Suicide Torps: Most ships have some kind of secondaries and once you get close range, they auto-hit no matter how fast you're going. At medium range, it's just torps. A Kagero or an Asashio(!) are better at same tier. And higher tier IJN or USN are better, obviously. I find most of this to be nonsense. At 12K cruiser that don't have USN arcs can easily hit you. Cruisers with high velocity/flat trajectories can hit all day. I've hit Terribles with my Kronstadt that has junk dispersion. A few lucky hits and you're half health. Spammy cruisers or DDs can just fling out ammo all day long. I've gotten in Terrible vs Terrible fights and you're just filling the air with shells. I do. But it doesn't change that Le Terrible is my worst premium and I'm posting so everyone knows it's a crap premium. It is incredibly rare I see them in games. Word has spread.
  3. dukerustfield

    Le Terrible

    I have the ship. I have the premium french commander at high level. I tried anti-dd (hunt them down with RDF). Tried suicide torps. Tried max range HE/IFHE AFT. Whatever it does, it has no heal. It has junk conceal. It has HORRIBLE firing arcs that require you to get broadside to use all your guns and get most of reload booster. It's a very bad ship with a very inferior design. Yes, it can go fast. So can lots of ships that are far more useful.
  4. dukerustfield


    So I'm thinking about Jean Bart and Alaska. I have the Kronstadt and I'm kind of meh at it. I really dislike how it ultra fails at penetration and seems to be a pinata for BBs. I just don't play it well. Is the Alaska Kronstadt Mark 2 or not? I watched the videos but no one really addressed it. Am I wrong in seeing the Alaska has much better dispersion than the Kronstadt? I looked up wows fitting tool and it showed much better.
  5. dukerustfield

    French BB Bourgogne?

    This is Jean Bart with 4 more barrels. That's like...a lot. Am I missing something? Is there some quirky downside to the +50% firepower? That's a pretty gigantic increase over T9. Are the steel T10s all supposed to be lololol godlike (Stalingrad)? Cuz taking the "best" clan players and giving them the best ships seems excessive. And excessively like WoT, which was one of the biggest annoyances for me. Clan ships should be garbage. Because they've proven they're so good they can sail around in tinfoil boats armed with t-shirt cannons and still wipe everyone out. I mean, if they can only take them into clan battles, they can give them anything they want. But PUGs fighting Stalanium Stalingrads and Bourgognes seems detrimental.
  6. dukerustfield

    YueYang Build

    I have a YY from long ago. 19 point captain. Legendary module. I run radar because legendary takes concealment slot and you lose stealth, so I need a way to reveal smokers and dds with better concealment on cap. My overall stats are worse than average, but I only play solo and they are about average when compared to other solo players. This is my captain build. (I have so much cash cuz I got a Missouri.) Priority Target - I like having this because it's easy to miss bigger ships targeting me and about to kill me. I just like this skill on damn near every ship. It's a wake-up call. Preventative Maintenance - because this thing has guns/torps/modules knocked out quite easily. Last Stand - because of what I just said above. Adrenaline Rush - because as a knife fighter, I get beat up quite a bit and I might as well get rewarded for it. The "bonus" from being at half health is equivalent to Torpedo Arm Expert and BFT combined. Or the Legendary Module without the downsides. If you always stay full health, this is a waste. But if you're always full health, you play YY way differently than I do. It's hard to not have all of the above. Priority Target is maybe the only one I could drop. Survivability Expert - adds about 19% health. That's massive. I can't imagine not taking it. Torpedo Armament - 10% bonus to reload is nice. (I like torpy DDs and my Asashio is not only a dream to play, but an absolute terror.) Vigilance - We can't torp DDs. But they can, and will, torp us. Especially at close range knife fighting or on a cap. A single torp can easily kill us if we're fighting. It also helps the team. I've tried taking it off and found I died a lot more often to torps. Of the above, only SE is absolutely necessary. I like torping. Going from my stats and recent games, I do more damage from torps than guns. I have damn near identical # of kills using guns and torps + flood/fire. But the ppl I kill with guns are DDs and the ppl I kill with torps are cruisers+. But torps aren't an OMG MUST TORP NOW issue. Guns are. If I'm using my guns I'm usually knife fighting and I need to get out as much firepower as fast as possible. If I'm torping, I'm usually doing it from stealth and if I wait 10% longer, it won't kill me or save them. What I'm saying is, maybe taking Basic Fire Training over Torpedo Armament would be good. It would also give me negligible AA. But the reload time with legendary module is so fast on guns already and TA takes off almost 10 seconds. So I don't know. Concealment - Legendary Module takes the place of Concealment Module. That means I'm not as stealthy but I'm faster at torping and shooting. Losing this would really hurt concealment. I'm an average YY player. I like the fact I can fight damn near any DD (that goes near caps) and know I can win. Harugumo and Khabarovsk will beat me in a pure shooty fight, but they'll get hurt. And I can kill the radar cruisers come to assist, if they aren't behind islands. But what do you think?
  7. dukerustfield

    Radar Yang, Radar Mu

    I don't use the module, but I use the consumable. I got it for ranked and never went back. Smoke is pretty much negated because of the omnipresence of radar. Not only that, but one of the most important aspects of DD is spotting. And you can't spot in smoke, and you have to stay relatively still, which negates your great maneuverability. I also have the legendary module. And the legendary goes in place of concealment module. So now a lot of DDs will out-stealth me. So I need radar because I'm spotted. But yeah, I use it all the time.
  8. dukerustfield

    Stalingran & Kronshtadt 305mm 1928 HE

    The stalingrad makes the kronstadt look like a rusting hunk of T3 garbage. They aren't sister ships. Or cousin ships. Or even same species ships. If you took off Stalingrad's HE, and consumables, other than heal, it'd still be a ridiculously OP ship.
  9. dukerustfield

    10 Tips for ranked play beginners

    /Necro My stats have been hidden since you could hide them. My forum account is, I think, my old game account. Which is banned, actually. I'm rank 7 on current season.
  10. dukerustfield

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Her HE is really bad. I think even with IFHE. I had my best game ever in Kron even though we lost. Look at those citadels. I don't think I've ever had that much in anything. I was really beat up at the end against 4 ships. Then this Iowa comes up to me at 8K and way more health than me. I tried to ram him, figuring it was best I could do. But he stopped, I sailed past. My guns turn faster and reload faster. I broadsided him and did like 50K dmg! Instant delete. I got torped, shrugged it off. Then saw a buffalo angled at me. I took a risk and fired basically at his prow a bit to the side. We were very close. Deleted him. Players were going "wow, omg". The last guy didn't risk it and rammed me. They had an AFK I think so it was a win for them. But man, just when you get annoyed at the guns or your detection you start smearing people.
  11. dukerustfield

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    We aren't returning store goods without proof of purchase. We're trading opinions. If the opinion is wrong, comment. If the opinion is right, comment. However you want to phrase it, you evaluated me. A nebulous player. I could be intelligent A.I. in a government project. Or a 5 year old who got on dad's computer. But that doesn't matter. It's a discussion forum, not an interrogation forum. Not a job interview. You made no attempt whatsoever to address the content of what I wrote. You still haven't. I don't know how old you are. I don't know you're IQ. You could be retarded. Or psychotic. Or Korean. But if you type a great idea, none of that matters. Again, I encourage you to evaluate discussions on a discussion forum. I don't think anyone less than 40 years old should be allowed to post. Because you're children. You don't know Pac Man and the birth of Super Mario and pre-internet. You can't possibly understand games. So let's have all our ages verified. Salaries too. Poor people don't have good ideas. They can't afford to have them. Or, you know, you can look at the idea and not the poster.
  12. dukerustfield

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Your comprehensive analysis of gamers and games is astounding, but incorrect. Actually, only 22.14682% of gamers can read. And 114.8238927% are paraplegic holograms. Not only that, but I had you investigated and found you were a gerbil. Which, by itself isn't bad, but you're a gerbil cross-bred with a spider monkey. And that cannot be permitted.
  13. dukerustfield

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    You'll find a number of people hide their stats. Some have multiple accounts. This account was saved in my browser. Stats basically make the forums or games devolve into ad hominem debates. You didn't address anything I said. You addressed my stats, which you couldn't find. This is what I was saying. That's basically ad hominem, or the person, not the idea. If someone tells you not to set yourself on fire with gasoline, do you say, "hey, how many times have YOU set yourself on fire with gasoline? I don't take advice from just any non-self-immolator." I encourage you to evaluate ideas and not the people behind the ideas. I mean, there are exceptions. I value medical advice from doctors over janitors. But this is a computer game, not cancer.
  14. dukerustfield

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Exactly. I think Mo is quite a good ship. A great ship, even. But my Musashi can absolutely crush it. Mo's skill ceiling is way higher for sure. And when/if CVs come back, I will be running it more frequently. Musashi is about as low ceiling as you can get. It's just an island with enormous guns. I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I do, for a while I regretted gettin it, now I have a blast. It basically throws dump trucks across the map. That's how subtle it is. If you are spotted, anywhere, you can be hit with a dump truck. It's going to be pretty random to be hit, but you'll know it when it happens. Kronstadt is a way higher ceiling than both. But it's scary how similar those two ships are. It's a T7 Scharnhorst BB in a T9 cruiser space with more health and consumables who can run into T10 BBs who will smush you. I had a lot of fun with the Shiny Horse back in the day but got kind of tired of it. I think Kron can beat most cruisers if they don't have torps. At some point he's going to citadel you. I've fought Hindy/Zao and lots of Des Moines and ended up beating them all. Asashio is very potent. Just the presence of one on the map makes pretty much every red BB WASD full time. Which slows them down, reduces their firing angles, etc. If every enemy BB is 5% less efficient because of one ship who may or may not be AFK, that's pretty powerful. But you can just look at the data. My Asashio basically doubles the damage of any of my other DDs. Yes, he's playing different and doesn't cap as much/well, but he spots great. With cruiser meta ATM, there's less reason to bring it out. But like a year from now, I'll pop it out and people will be like, hey, what's that ship? And then, poof, all the BBs explode.