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  1. SG_Kage

    Why cap Exeter mission at T8.....

    Eddy and Fiji will do nicely! Or any US DD up to tier 8. I don't see this mission being that hard. Some of the others maybe, but not this one.
  2. SG_Kage

    Da Credits! - not so bad

    When you only have time for 6-8 games a day? And you don't have the PEF?
  3. SG_Kage

    Da Credits! - not so bad

    As a true F2P kinda guy, I'm finding this the very rough. I don't have a Missouri or Jean Bart. I don't have premium time other than the 24 hours I just got from completing the last collection. Most of my ships are mid tiers. This is rough unless you are paying or have paid for boosts.
  4. 2 games in my Salem today. 133 hits and 140 hits. Both games I set only 4 fires. That comes out to less than 3% fire chance. Seemed to be the going rate lately. And I'm shooting at everything. Not just tier 10 BBs.
  5. Are we going to see unlimited DFAA to counter the endless waves of planes? Late game is going to be a free for all for CVs now. No more deplaning. HE spam will thin out AA. And escort cruisers will have burned up their DFAA. I think Fara is right in saying that this isn't a nerf.
  6. At that point, I launch fighters and move my boat to stay behind the team. After 5 minutes or so, I'll launch my first strike and it may even be a carrier snipe depending on how things have developed. Then I wait and see what ships have been HE spammed and target them later on in the game because most of their AA has been wiped out. Still not fair if you ask me. But playable if you are patient and observant (which I rarely am).
  7. You should have avoided the Massachusetts like the plague. They are almost always set up as a secondary build with BFT and AFT. Both of those skills translate into AA as well. It's better to try and drop a Bismark or a North Carolina. I like to play my tier 6 CV from time to time and I understand the trials of being the only tier 6 in the match. But a lone tier 8 BB may not be the most vulnerable target you could focus on.
  8. SG_Kage

    Code within

    That's a lot of hits for only 10 camos.