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  1. airbornebarbarian

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

    Range is irrelevant in Narai, it's a fairly small map with almost all engagements happening within 7-8 km and most of those being at or near point blank. Even Atlanta's 13 km range can cover almost a good quarter of the map, so if range ever becomes an issue, either you've gotten an incredibly fast team that's rolling through spawn triggers, or you're just out of position. Chumphon's placement at B tier is because of the poorer reload. Atlanta is almost entirely reliant on its DPM to melt through cruisers quickly due to the low individual damage of the AP even on citadels, so any decrease to that is a huge hit to its overall effectiveness in the op. Premium status wasn't part of the criteria for putting the list together, though it should certainly be a consideration for anyone looking to use the op to farm credits and fxp. Fiji's placement in S tier over Atlanta was a bit difficult but it came down to AP and torpedo performance. Fiji is so much more comfortable in the first section of the op before coming into the harbor; the improved pen angles and short fuse on the AP just annihilates the French cruisers better than any other ship and the additional penetration over Atlanta's 5" AP makes citadels at ranges above 5-6km far more easier to get. The additional torpedo range also makes it possible to torpedo the Missouri while going down the CV route, which Atlanta cannot do, and the angles just make taking out the CV far more comfortable than doing it in Atlanta. Lazo remains at B tier for me due to its poor reload and AP DPM for a CL. Its low torpedo alpha/DPM also means it will struggle to kill the Lexington in a single pass and it lacks the range to get torpedoes onto the Missouri if it decides to run the CV route. Its saving graces are its decent-ish speed and AP alpha, but that can only really take it so far. The quick cooldown spotter might be okay to snipe transports from across the map while running for the CV, but it's far too situational for me to consider it a big upside.
  2. airbornebarbarian

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    What part of showing evidence is sugarcoating? It's entirely possible to shut out your team from doing damage in the harbor section in just about any cruiser with torps. Any run exceeding 500k damage and 2.5k bxp virtually demands it, and there's plenty more evidence posted earlier in this very thread for other cruisers. But of course it's still just Weimar that is capable of doing it.
  3. airbornebarbarian

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    Yes, because it's definitely not possible to blitz the op in any other cruiser. Seriously, take any other decently fast cruiser with torpedoes and you can take the same route as Weimar has with similar levels of success, if you look earlier in the thread it's a point that's been proven time and time again. It's not an issue with the ship, it's a fundamental issue with the layout of the op and it's only been made easier with recent patches to the bot AI.
  4. airbornebarbarian

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

    I put a tier list together some time ago for fun for this exact question (well, both good and bad picks). Through the lens of a speedrunner for the op, the biggest metrics for a cruiser's success as a Narai runner and that I used to put the list together come down to 3 criteria: torpedo DPM, AP DPM, and speed. Good torpedo DPM means a ship can either put torpedoes in the water more quickly (Weimar, Fiji) or has high enough alpha to knock out bigger targets in one rack (Maya, Myoko). Conversely, poor torpedo DPM or a complete lack of torpedoes will almost always relegate it to transport hunting only, as pretty much the only way to consistently hunt the CV efficiently while still having enough time to get to harbor spawns as a cruiser is through torpedoes. AP DPM indicates how quickly a ship can melt through soft targets. Engagements in Narai happen at such short range and most of the bot cruisers are so lightly armored that lack of pen is hardly ever an issue. Low AP DPM typically corresponds to longer reload and with how quickly the run has to be done to maximize earnings, a slow reload can make aiming mistakes or a bad dispersion roll very punishing. This is especially true if you get a faster team that tends to mop up every ship relatively quickly if you can't get results on the first salvo. CAs are usually pretty bad in this regard since their longer reloads make follow-up shots difficult, and higher pen usually translates to more overpens if you miss the belt on lightly armored cruisers, and there are certainly no shortage of them in the op. Speed, while not really make or break, is very nice to have to get ahead of your team and get to enemy spawns before they are able to. This maximizes the amount of time you get to farm down ships by yourself. While important if you're trying to get big damage and xp, and is absolutely paramount if you find yourself in a damage race with another cruiser, some ships are so exceptional in the other 2 criteria that they break the mold in this regard (Fiji, Atlanta). However, particularly slow ships can make the run so unbearably slow that it can't be overlooked (Surrey). The tier list: For those that are not weird and don't have ship portraits memorized: S: Weimar, Fiji, Munchen A : Maya, Flint, Atlanta, Myoko (and clones), Yorck B: Chumphon, Shchors, Lazo, Abruzzi, Algerie, Helena, Boise/Nueve de Julio C: Belfast, Eendracht, Surrey, Zara D: New Orleans, Indianapolis, Gorizia, Toulon
  5. airbornebarbarian

    Things we'd like WOW to fix

    This is... patently false. Iowa had a 12.1 inch belt behind a 1.5 inch decapping plate with a citadel roof varying from 4.7 to 5.8 inches thick. Yamato had a 16.1 inch belt with an 8-9 inch thick citadel roof. The 15,000 ton difference in displacement and 6 knot speed difference speaks for itself as to where the extra tonnage was invested. Armor schemes for both are listed below. Also incorrect, US BBs have received nothing but buffs to their survivability since their addition into the game in closed beta. On top of their heal being improved to heal 0.5% per tick to 0.66% per tick, their citadels were lowered by one deck. On Iowa for example, the section of the 307mm belt that is above water is counted as part of its casemate armor when it should be counted as citadel armor in accordance to its design. Instead, Iowa's citadel is placed level with the waterline instead of above it. With the improved heal, as long as you limit the amount of torpedoes and citadel hits you take, US fast BBs have very high potential hp pools. What works in real life does not necessarily translate to working in the game. All or nothing armor schemes work great in real life because it ensures maximum protection of the machinery and magazine spaces and also ensures that (theoretically) there is enough reserve buoyancy in the citadel to keep the ship afloat if it maintains watertight integrity even if every other compartment floods. This falls apart in-game since hitpoint pools ignores things like the watertight integrity of the ship. Doesn't matter if a shell got through your main belt or not, if that hp bar hits 0, the ship sinks. This is where the "nothing" part of all or nothing hurts most. The Iowa and other high tier US BBs have massive superstructures that are liable to get spammed with HE and are dense enough to arm BB AP even when angled. Simply put, you cannot play US BBs overly aggressively, and frankly, that's in line with US naval doctrine for fast battleships. They were never built for slugging it out at close range, South Dakota proved as much at Guadalcanal. The ship survived but only after getting blinded and rendered combat ineffective at engagement ranges at or below 10,000 yards. To put so much emphasis on their armor protection is also to be ignorant of their greatest strength: their accuracy and cutting edge fire control systems. This is one instance where IRL performance lines up with what is seen in-game. The focal point of US BBs has always been their guns, Iowa has phenomenal gun handling and accuracy compared to just about any other BB at her tier. With her high top speed (the highest base speed for any tier 9 BB) and the slot 6 accuracy module, it is excellent at maneuvering into position and exploiting crossfires at medium-long range. Her gun performance well embodies what a "traditional" BB should do in the game, exert map control to limit the movement of enemy ships with the threat of an accurate, devastating salvo. I would argue that with the improved heal, maneuverability, and accuracy, Iowa is a contender with Izumo for the strongest tier 9 tech tree BB.
  6. airbornebarbarian

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    I made a post addressing the feasibility of this exact concept here, running through every single spawn point and trigger for every ship along the fastest route and determining how it can affect the run. In short, it hardly changes anything. At most, you may slightly delay a run but players who know what they're doing will still blitz it anyway with maybe one or two new obstacles that weren't there before. What you do accomplish is making the op more difficult for players who are not familiar with this op and more difficult for teams that do not have a fast cruiser attempting to blitz the op. Preloaded weapons will have no effect on games with players attempting to speedrun the op and will overall be a net negative effect on games with people just trying to play it normally. If you actually want changes that can prevent or discourage speedrunning the op, either make spawn locations for ships randomized so pre-positioning has some degree of risk to it, or revert the economic changes so hardcore ops grinders are encouraged to go back to making private games instead of going out into the random queue.
  7. airbornebarbarian

    Narai and Weimar

    As someone with extensive experience grinding every route of the op, with probably close to 6 million xp grinded in it across several ships, this would hardly makes any difference in my run and only serves to hurt those who are unfamiliar with the op or on a route that isn't CV. If you want to pull the "you're disagreeing only because you don't want it to change," card let me break down a typical CV run section by section, including what targets me and what I consider to be the largest threats on the run, so I can tell you precisely why I think this way. First, let's get a map on the board so we're in accordance with where everything is, as I'll occasionally refer to grid coordinates. For brevity's sake, I am also ignoring ships that I do not encounter at all, like the Nicholas guarding the convoy. Beginning section Duguay, Wyoming, Clemson At this point I've already positioned my ship to the far left of the convoy to head for the CV and am not in the targeting priority for any of these bots. Those who likely will get targeted are BBs or cruisers attempting to break off to cover transports. The Clemson, which usually does not survive long enough to launch torpedoes, will now have an opportunity to do so to my teammates that are presenting flat broadside to it while I am well outside of range. Iron Duke, Emerald, Nicholas The Emerald would be the only ship I would consider to be a legitimate torpedo threat in this instance, as it regularly targets cruisers going left to hunt the CV as it slots out from its island at E4. However, it is usually nuked off the map after firing only 2 salvos, and it might not be able to adequately lead me enough before I duck behind the two islands at C5. Let's assume my team is rather quick or I got a poor spawn and it did have the angles to get a clean torpedo salvo on me and I have to dodge, I'll lose time on that, right? No, British bot AI is biased to exclusively use single fire torpedoes, meaning that whatever spread it is able to shoot at me is easily dodgeable using only throttle, I lose perhaps 10 seconds tops. But this all happens if only a Weimar or other fast cruiser is already going ahead of the convoy. If you plan to make changes to the entire operation, you have to consider most likely scenarios. Yes, Weimar is a popular ship to grind Narai in, but they won't be on every team, and out of those that have one, not all of them take the CV route or are far enough ahead to become the Emerald's target. If every ship sticks together, it's usually a BB out in front of the convoy that is targeted by the Emerald, in which case they are in a poor position to dodge torpedoes as they are likely bow in and following the path of the convoy. Yes, an experienced player may be able to dodge out of the way nontheless, but a player unfamiliar with the operation could be crippled or nuked by a narrow spread of 8 single launched torpedoes. Nicholas is another possible threat, but by the time I'm in range, I'm usually between C5 or C6 and am already turned away from it, beelining for the 10 line. In short, its torpedoes lack the range and are launched at a poor angle to target. Iron Duke is almost always a nonthreat, it spawns too far away at its island at F2 and it usually targets the cruiser going after transports. Middle Section Missouri, Dallas, Emile, Emerald None of these ships will become any more threatening with pre-loaded weapons than they are in their current state. From Emile's spawn at F8, its torpedoes do not have the range by the time it first fires on me when I'm at C6-7 and even if they are in range when I make the dash across C8, they would lack the speed to hit me. Emerald all the way at G-F6 is never in torpedo range. None of the cruisers are a credible gun threat against me, pre-loading the guns won't change that as they're typically loaded by the time their guns traverse onto me anyway. Missouri's guns being pre-loaded also changes nothing. If the run goes right, it never has an opportunity to shoot at me as it is blocked by the island at F8 when I'm running through C8. If the previous wave was killed early and subsequently spawned Missouri early, I would be hiding behind the islands in C7 until Missouri is far enough along its route that I don't become a priority target compared to the rest of my team. Nicholas, Phoenix, Lexington By the time I intercept these three ships at E10, Nicholas and Phoenix's torpedoes are already loaded, so a pre-load makes no difference. Nicholas's are easily dodgeable, but Phoenix is probably the #1 cause of failed CV runs as it takes some degree of AI/mechanics exploits to properly dodge it. For me, I just run past it inside of minimum arming distance so it wastes its torpedoes while maintaining my speed. A bit like this World of Warships 2022-02-06 11-30-49.mp4 Harbor Section Dallas, Campbeltown Their spawns have already been triggered since the beginning of the middle section, but they only really become threats in this section. Campbeltown is rarely ever in a position to torpedo you, and even if it does, it's a wide spread of 3 torpedoes, some slight speed and rudder adjustment is enough to dodge. Wave 1: Bretagne, New York, Omaha, Farragut At this point, I'm already at H10 and passed or am extremely close to Bretagne's spawn. It's dead before it can even train its guns on me, and if it's not, I bounce it anyway with a 25mm upper belt. NY is much of the same story, it's dead before it can shoot me and I bounce the shot if it does anyway. Omaha and Farragut can turn into potential torpedo threats and this is the only time in the run where I think pre-loaded weapons can make some degree of difference. However, I am rarely inside of Omaha's torpedo range by the time I nuke it with AP anyway, and proper hydro management in the previous section, plus using the slow-down from the map border makes this not too difficult of a dodge to pull off as long as you're aware of it. Maybe a few runners will be caught off guard the first time they encounter it, but by this time they've already run damage numbers in the high 200s to the mid 300s depending on how their luck has gone, and it's far from impossible to work around this as I have just outlined. Wave 2: Queen Elizabeth, Indianapolis, Gallant By this time I'm around I10 and in a hard right turn to bring my guns to bear on Indianapolis. Not only does it not target me since bot AI tends to ignore extremely close targets, it's also blown out of the water before its guns can turn on me. QE is much of the same story, except I use my left side torpedo launchers that have since been reloaded. Gallant is a nonthreat as my team has, at this point, entered the harbor and put Gallant closer to them than it is to myself. Its pathing also forces it into a hard charge towards the convoy and away from my position. I'm also facing away from it, making it difficult to land torpedoes onto me anyway. Wave 3: Colorado, Shchors, Atlanta The final wave of the operation. Given how close I am to their spawns at J9-10 at this point, one would think I am at considerable risk of being torpedoed. They would be wrong. As AI targeting strikes again, none of these ships target me as I close to within proxy detect range, and only rarely does the Shchors ever shoot back at me. Colorado also doesn't see me as a priority target. On top of that, around the time they spawn in, I already will have to do a 180 turn to get all my guns to face them quickly. If they somehow target me or WG changes the targeting AI, all I have to do is wait a little bit to bait the torpedoes before beginning the turn. But again, all of this only happens if a Weimar or other fast cruiser attempts to blitz the op. Which again, is not always the case. If there is no cruiser beelining it up the 10 line, you'll likely have the transports cruiser or BBs from the main group beginning to push into harbor waves. Normally this is also pretty great fun, I've done this plenty of times in all manner of different BBs, but it relies on having a window to push in without worrying about a torpedo threat. Otherwise, you have to play much more passively to eliminate torpedo threats (i.e half the ships that spawn) first before pushing, and by that point most of the section is done. If you attempt to push into this group when they have torpedoes pre-loaded, you'll end up getting torpedoed by one of now five ships in the harbor that have torpedoes preloaded. The bottom line is, pre-loading bot weapons does not come close to addressing the issue at hand, it is a solution which fails to even somewhat address an issue that isn't even present in every run but negatively affects everyone else's experience on all runs.
  8. airbornebarbarian

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    3 seconds is not "much slower" for torpedo reload as you previously stated, it's hardly noticeable and with AR boosting it anyway, the reload is still insanely short on both ships. "Full build" in this case meaning running torpedo skills, which are necessary if you want to be able to properly leverage the op. Fiji has a high enough torpedo alpha to wipe out most battleships in the harbor with its single rack or leave them on low enough hp that they flood to death anyway, Weimar's lower damage per torpedo necessitates the second rack to be able to finish them off even though only 4 of its torpedoes are needed. In regards to range, I didn't mention it because Fiji has 8 km range, which is 2 km more than Weimar's. It's enough to comfortably torpedo Missouri while remaining on the fastest route to the CV while Weimar requires you turn off the route to close the distance, yet you still argue that Weimar's torpedo range is "too long." Unless you somehow worked at WG and were privy to a pre-alpha build of the game, I sincerely doubt you've even been playing for that long. This is not even to mention that Narai has only been around for a little over 4 years, and co-op in general for only a little over 7 if closed alpha patch notes are anything to be trusted. I seriously question the credibility of your statements if you're going to be taking liberties this extreme with verifiable facts. Spotlight's on you, bud.
  9. airbornebarbarian

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    Sure, I did a few runs today with some different ships to mix it up a bit. It's better than what I remembered, the first half of the run is much more comfortable with the smoke to help you. Also, in regards to you saying Fiji's torpedoes reload much slower than Weimar's, they don't. With a full build it's only 3 seconds slower on the reload, which for the additional damage you get is not that bad of a trade. I left a bit of damage on the table, but even for my Weimar's standards this is by all means a good run, anything past 500k comes down to luck imo. You know, if we're on the topic of what makes Weimar strong, I took a few other runs in different ships to address your points. Let's take Weimar's lesser known cousin, Munchen. It loses 2 torpedoes per salvo and has an 81 second reload with the full build, which is quite a ways down from Weimar's 61 seconds with the same build. I've never actually played Munchen before today, I might actually do runs with it more often since it can outrun Weimar by almost a full knot without requiring speed boost while also having higher dpm on the guns. I have no clue what "shoot too long" is supposed to mean, I'll assume it's range. So let's try something that has neither the reload nor the range. Shchors has 4 km torpedoes that reload in 100 seconds, or 90 seconds if you spec FTT, nowhere near the 61 seconds Weimar has with the full build. The Missouri spawn triggered late so I was unable to farm it to get to Lexington on time, there's definitely at least another 100k to be found on that run had everything gone right, but I suppose that's just the nature of the op. I think I know where I'll be getting the xp to move to Chapayev and Tallinn now. My point in all of this being, it doesn't matter what ship it is, anyone with a good knowledge of the op can dominate the charts if they know what they're doing. Weimar is an appealing option because of its kit, but there are other ships that are more than capable of tackling the op as well as it can if you know what to do - only a poor craftsman blames his tools.
  10. airbornebarbarian

    WEIMAR, the bane of Narai

    Oh hey that oxygen thief is me! Assumptions make an [edited]out of u and me. I've been running Narai for about a year before I knew about Vader Sama and his exploits. I've got over 2 million xp sitting on Atlanta, 200k on Fiji, and another 300k on Scharnhorst mostly from grinding the op. I know the whole op inside out through every possible route in just about any ship class. Vader and I often do talk with each other about Narai though. We have our differences in how we go about the run and build for it, though he's much better and more consistent than I am. To be honest, I don't really get the argument about a ship having to go down one secondary objective or another solely because of their spawn. Some ships are simply better at some objectives than others, and spawn has little effect other than increasing their travel time by a little bit. It's not preventing the team from winning the op, if anything splitting up based on a ship's abilities to complete certain objectives increase your odds of 5 starring the op. If a teammate spawned on the far left side in, say, a Helena or Belfast, I have no issue with them cutting across the convoy to handle transports so long as they don't collide with teammates, because I know they're better suited for the job and will not be efficient at CV. On top of that, if I'm a BB as you were, it has no effect on my game. I don't have to alter my gameplay depending on where the cruisers want to go. To continue on my previous line of thinking, if the team's cruisers go where they want and should be going, it also increases the odds that I don't have to waste time picking up their slack when they die because they were forced to take a route they couldn't reasonably finish. I took the route where I knew my ship would perform the best and the one that I was most familiar with, and I held up my end of what I said I would do, so what's the problem? Like I said in the beginning of the match, spawn point means nothing. Cool, I do too, botsmashing from time to time breaks up the frustration of randoms I might get and Narai is a great way of doing that and getting rewarded handsomely at the same time. Finding exploits in bot AI is always fun too, there's always a new quirk every week, and the revised PTS bots look like they'll change up the run meta next month in potentially exciting ways, too. Is that not just the epitome of what you had said earlier? Press W and shoot red ships, occasionally find ways to exploit funny bot AI, same as co-op. If they were capable of stomping the op, they were already going to do so anyway, there's no use in trying to micromanage where people should be going unless they explicitly ask for help. I've seen Fijis, Abruzzis, Atlantas, Shchors, and more all completely dominate the op in the same manner that Weimar is able to, Weimar just happens to be the best tool for the job with its torpedo loadout and premium status giving it better earnings and flexible captain placement for a dedicated build.
  11. airbornebarbarian

    First Game in Aoba

    Aoba was one of my favorite cruisers to play with and is one of my best ships stat-wise. She's incredibly flexible as a heavy cruiser and has the potential to hurt just about anything except CV squads because of poor Japanese AA. To answer your questions: 1. Is she Tanky? Not at all, Aoba is incredibly squishy and will melt with close range fire. She can be a front-line ship, but not in the way that is traditionally thought of. 2. What range is best to fight at? Within 11-14 km, optimally. As an IJN cruiser you have two key advantages, stealthiness (~10.5 km surface detection iirc with camo and CE), and a relatively slim hull. As a result you have the ability to pop in and out of stealth while kiting away to be a huge thorn in the side of an enemy team pushing up a flank. A good strategy is to push deep into an enemy flank, close up to within about 12km of the nearest enemy ship while remaining undetected before starting to turn away, and shooting when flat broadside. Showing your broadside will at such a close range will, obviously, attract the attention of every big gun in the general vicinity; but by the time they notice and get their guns trained on you, you're already pointed away from them and using your excellent turret angles to sling HE into whatever happens to be standing in your way. With good use of rudder you should be able to dodge most salvos and be able to take some of the heat off your team, if only for a little while. If a few hits are starting to land home and the heat is too much, just stop shooting and use that excellent concealment to disappear, reposition, and start again. This is a key tactic with any IJN cruiser and is a trait unique to the line, but it is especially easy with Aoba as, although she only has three guns, only her and Furutaka have good gun angles that allow you to fire all of your guns while remaining fairly angled. DDs (and very occasionally, radar) can spoil this by permaspotting you, so make sure you know relatively where they all are before you try it. I would highly recommend the Shot Timer mod from Aslain's Modpack as it starts a 20 second timer every time you fire your guns, which is the time it takes for the concealment penalty from firing to wear off. 3. Is she a DD hunter or Cruiser fighter? She is capable of doing both, although she is a better DD hunter than a cruiser killer as her AP is rather lacking. Above all, however, she is fantastic at burning down BBs with excellent HE alpha and a base fire chance of 17% per shell, which can be bumped up to a whopping 21% per shell with DE and flags. On top of that, Aoba has the best reload of any IJN CA with a 10 second base reload, a feature which is sorely missed for the remainder of the line. Be sure to never engage BBs in a prolonged gun fight and always kite away rather than charging directly at them, by kiting you give yourself the option of disengaging if it goes sour. Of course, her weak armor scheme means that HE to your rear end will sometimes mean your rudder will get knocked out (take propulsion protection instead of DC in the slot 2 upgrade), and she will regularly eat penetrations from overmatching BB AP and even the occasional lolpen citadel from the rear, so know when to tap out and disappear. 4. I have 10 pt Captain. What skills? Pretty much what other people have suggested: PT, EM, DE, CE with the first 10 Take SI (for repair party in later tiers) and AR after in that order. You very well could take AR instead of EM for the second skill if you want to buff late-game DPM, but personally Aoba's high rof for an IJN cruiser is already good enough.