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  1. Question... If you buy the starter packs to you get access to the next phase or do you have to wait and make no progress until it becomes available for everyone else? I am very confused... when you buy a starter pack does that complete phases or tokens that missions give... how close are you to completing if you buy 10 phases? I have complete through phase 3 so buy the ten pack would put me at 13? can begin progressing from that p[point immediately. I am not spending money on this untill I understand exactly how this happens. REPLY
  2. Severn_Jove

    Santa Crates

    What is a roll Back??? Do you lose days of progress toward mission and rewards gained other than Santa containers?
  3. Very disappointed in this years Snowflake pay outs.... I will be I am cutting my WOWS spending this year as a direct result of this years event.... Been collecting ships all year for this event alone... VERY DISAPPOINTED.....
  4. Update!!!! WOWS did a great job of communication and solved the issue to my satisfaction... It was the pie in the sky solution but I am pleased with the solution that was implemented. Thanks to all who responded
  5. what sol..... i should be able to exchange it letter happens less than an hour ago.
  6. I opened only one container then realized my mistake. I just tryed for the fifth time and the ticket finally went in although it did not a category that matched and there is no "for other issues option"
  7. have been trying for an hour.. I keeps giving me error messages. There is not a category for my specific problem I have submitted tickets before with no trouble.
  8. I just mistakenly purchased the wrong package in the armory for doubloons I bought the resolute and rapid premium containers x12 and wanted the Black Friday premium containers. I did not realize the mistake until I opened the first container. I have tried three time to submit a ticket but each time it tells me some sort error. 13800 Doubloons is a lot of money I just want an exchange. How do I contact support for this issue? Please..... Severn-Jove N/A server.
  9. Severn_Jove

    What are these research spin-off missions?

    never mind I found them thanks
  10. What are these research spin-off mission I keep completing? JuSt completed one for tier 6 battles ships.
  11. Severn_Jove

    Twitch Bits Feedback (Bits N' Ships)

    I watched Twitch a lot. Now that I do not see anymore twitch crates I have saved the computer time for other stuff. Would like to see twitch drops come back.
  12. Severn_Jove

    Twitch Prime Port Not Working

    Don't worry I have watch streams for nearly 24 hours and still have not gotten one but got three for my first 7 hours of watching. Chance must be really LOW not a good experience so far.
  13. Severn_Jove

    "do not collect" collection?

    can someone answer the question what does the stop collecting button actually do?