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  1. DannyS76

    Thanks for Crown -> Florin conversion

    By allowing the conversion of crowns to florins a problem of having useless crowns has been solved. I state the obvious of course. Thanks for doing it. I used up all but 2 florins on signals and coin.
  2. I'm at your service. Sounds like a hoot, a whole lot of fun. I'm not great, but I have a great time.
  3. Fly/Strike/Win? I am absolutely enjoying this. I only wish the benefits were better in the Hall of Honor. I do like putting in the work to get there and the prizes for attaining each mission.
  4. DannyS76


    Someone let me know when a good time to start learning cv's will be. I now have 2 of them, but with all this, if I learn them, it changes again? On that note, I'd love to see bot cvs in the co-op games. Too hard to set it up? Guess my Carriers will just be sitting.
  5. In the ships competition called "Naval Battle", the quick guide says engagements take place Friday thru Saturday. Other references show Friday thru Sunday. Which is correct please?
  6. Why is it that every time I receive a Lunar New Yew container, all I get is camo? Everyone I have talked to in clan are the same. Purchase same and get virtually all camo? I wouldn't know about that one because I refuse to purchase one after hearing that. Anyway, Is this the plan for those containers?
  7. Co-Op bots do not have CV. In order to practice and get used to the new aa the bots should have cv in co-op and the training rooms. In co-op if we bring in carriers the bots can't so bb are substituted. One sided battle there. A cv does not equal a bb. Not good for training or practice.
  8. DannyS76

    I have been blocked

    If you hit a team mate more than once in games the penalty can be staying pink and not allowed to play anything but co-op for 8 games. Just do what they want and you will be fine. OH, STOP SCREWING UP. I'VE BEEN THERE....LOL
  9. DannyS76

    Stop with the bogus penalties.

    I stand corrected.
  10. DannyS76

    Stop with the bogus penalties.

    I fired them, he was making a ramming run at me in a much faster boat, so he ate them.
  11. I know I've seen others post this, but maybe WG will get the hint someday... I was just in a match and rammed by another player twice. The game warned him both times. Well, I decide to fire torps and do so...low and behold, here he comes at me again, ramming me. I didn't see him on mini-map he was so close and he ate my torps. I have never torped anyone before. Now I'm pink for 2 battles. The guy doing the ramming is off scot free. IF HE HADN'T BEEN TRYING TO RAM ME AGAIN HE WOULDN'T HAVE RUN INTO MY TORPS.
  12. DannyS76

    What Happened to my signals?

    Thankfully I didn't have to submit a ticket for this subject. I have received good service in the past on tickets and some bad service too. I do however understand that they can't take my word for it, but I also am not going to create mega print screen amounts either. Oh well, it's done. Thanks for input folks.
  13. DannyS76

    What Happened to my signals?

    Silly me, I applied the fix all. I rebooted. I am good to go. Now, how did that effect WG? I must have missed something, so sorry.
  14. When I last played ships a couple weeks ago I had all the special signals. Now, After this latest update, I have none. Someone plz advise as to what happened. Did I miss something in the news?