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  1. JVD1955

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

    The Lottery odds are better then yours with 75 winners..... no thanks .....
  2. JVD1955

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    Players are too crazy in regular matches.... and they are down right bat crapcrazy in ranked matches..... reminds me of WOT players I left awhile ago. Very hostile
  3. JVD1955

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    WOW'S is making the Russian Navy Great over all the nations that had real Navies .... I remember all those really outstanding Russian navel battles too !!!!!! Well done Comrade WOW
  4. JVD1955

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Well at least we know where the SON of the guy that invented "NEW COKE" is now working at !!!!!!
  5. JVD1955

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    If or when you bring out SUB'S, please don't allow them in REGULAR PLAY.... put them in a special battle mode please.... Like with ranked, or special mission .... give some of us a out on this deal.
  6. JVD1955

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    But I won't have any silly Research points left to buys those future goodies, which seeing how "cheap" management is with these DIGITAL great things in the future .... So I just ignore this stuff .....
  7. JVD1955

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I looked in the "RB" and there was nothing worth grinding for as far as these invisible GREAT things to buy at the RB...... I used my points on flags...... to me it looks like a GROCERY STORE SHELF in Venezuela !!!! only crap left .....
  8. JVD1955

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Just one more direction to ignore....... if sub's comes out in regular play, I'm out of here for sure !!!!!
  9. JVD1955

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    No problem, I just ignore this RB.... just like clans and divisions.... Again not a whole lot for the player that plays alone with no mic or interest in shooting crapwhile playing....
  10. JVD1955

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Sorry, not interested to start all over with the GRIND .......
  11. JVD1955


    I'm wondering why there is no longer a player counter in port screen ????? If I knew there were only 2k players, I wouldn't waste my time till more signed on ..... I'm not thrilled to play 5 vs 5 matches because there's not enough players... bring back the counter please....
  12. Guess if a customer isn't 100% sure of inviting some one to play when the 1st question asked by your survey, Then you just stop any other survey questions to that customer..... Instead of maybe asking "WHY" your not interested ???? Is there a PROBLEM ????? No, you guys don't want to hear possible problems.... ok, fine..... No longer will I ever take a survey again .... Great customer service
  13. JVD1955

    On the positive side for DD's

    As if all the radar ships painting DD's aren't bad enough now we have 2 CV's at t 10 level...... great plan m8"s at WOW............
  14. JVD1955

    Arsenal Launch Feedback

    So, lets screw the people that don't have team speak, or want to be bothered by clan play ..... and really think the mm for RANKED battles is acting like HAL 9000 ........... Too many idiots this mm put together, and I ended up losing more stars then I started with !!!!! so the hell with Lone Wolf players like me and it seems like a lot more out there too.... P.S. the KARMA system ????? another silly joke !!!!!!!!! I had 205 Karma and in 1 week I lost 15 Karma.... I accept 2 negative Karma's i received but the others I don't know how when I finished at top of group and didn't say a word to anybody during match and i end up losing Karma.... wth ??????? How can that be ?????? plus it's been a very long time for getting any benefits from having good karma
  15. JVD1955

    If karma means so little...

    Don't know what full moon was out this weekend, but I started out at 205 karma and ended with 193......... i admit i deserved a minus 2 karma, but i lost karma when i capped, finished 1st on the the team many time and didn't say anything on chat then boom, i find out someone gave me bad karma..... something needs to be done if you finish high and don't say a thing in game chat that idiot can just deduct karma..... karma might not mean crapbut it bothers me when i get bad karma not deserved !!!!!!!!!!!! also i don't play dd's t-7 or higher..... radar is impossible (way too many ships have it up there....)