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  1. Fearden50


    Thank you had no idea about the detection when In smoke thing thats awesome thank you.
  2. Fearden50


    Thank you guys all so much for the responses. I will be using these as reference points to improve my gameplay and be watching youtube all morning. I also believe I should get in a more active clan since I have never seen or talk to another clan member in my current clan.
  3. Fearden50


    I have tier 5 of 3 battleships and 2 CV and tier 5 to tier 7 of of all cruiser nations but the Russians and germans. I struggle with playing DD mostly due to not know how to properly use torps and the smoke screen mechanics. I do enjoy BB just really hate their horrible shell dispersion, drives me nuts. I will however take you advice on the DD play I only have the tier 3 wicks and then the premium ship the sims. So maybe I just haven't giving the DD a fighting chance.
  4. Fearden50


    I am not a new player but I feel like one I have about 600 games under my belt. I really need help with learning how to position myself in game I play cruisers mostly IJN and USN. I rarely survive a game I usually die in the first 5 to 10 minutes. I attribute these deaths to being caught out of position. Any help would be much appreciated.