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  1. So then why don't the T8 CVs planes get a 400% health buff? T8 planes get shredded even against other T8s while my T6 can easily make multiple attack runs even against T7 ships. It feels like my Ranger is able to deal twice the damage of my Shoukaku because the planes aren't getting wildly shredded.
  2. Please tell me the secret because I can't even get mine turned around for a second pass before they are all shot down.
  3. Buddha1369

    The problem with CV cycle flooding

    I have yet to get my TBs to survive long enough to make two attack runs let alone spread out flooding. And I haven't recieved the same either. I doubt this will be a serious problem especially with flooding damage being nerfed by ~80%.
  4. Buddha1369

    Post CV first impressions here.

    What tier were you in? Some higher tier planes can actually stealth torp.
  5. Buddha1369

    something seems broken with AA performance

    I am pretty sure the game is not crediting plane kills properly. I obliterated two flights of planes with no allied ships within 15 km of me but it only credited me with 3 plane kills. Try comparing the plane damage to how many kills you got.
  6. A full xp refund? What's not to love?
  7. Buddha1369

    Post CV first impressions here.

    After a few more battles in the Shokaku I can honestly say I would be dealing more damage with a Kagero that could only use its guns. The unlimited planes are pointless when 70% won't even survive the first attack run and the rest die before you can even get turned around for a second.
  8. Buddha1369

    Post CV first impressions here.

    The only time I managed to make more than one attack run with a squad was against a T6 DD in my T8 CV. The damage output is terrible and even if any planes survive your first run they get shot down before you can even circle around for another pass. Maneuvering to avoid the flak is nearly impossible and has little affect on survivability. Truly terrible but I've already gotten ~190k fxp and I will probably get another ~330k and 5k doubloons trading this garbage in. I barely played CVs before anyway so I'll count this rework a win.
  9. I am more than a little tired of trying to fire my guns only to have the screen freeze up because my cursor is caught on the window boundary or my taskbar pops up because my cursor is along the bottom edge of the screen. There is no good reason for the mouse cursor to leave the game window in the middle of a match. Your other games do not have this problem. Whats the deal?